The Crippled Lamb ~ Christmas Book Lesson

Books are great conversation starters, and this one is no different. The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado can be found at your local public library or church library.

The Crippled Lamb** If reading this book to a group of children, be sensitive to the fact that this deals with physical disabilities, being an orphan, and feeling left out. Talking about God’s sovereignty, purposes, and goodness can be hard ideas for children to grasp. Continue reading

Free 1975 Santa’s Christmas Village {Printable}

Did you have one?

The village came in book form. It is called Santa’s Christmas Village and it was published in 1975. Each of the parts could be punched out and fitted together to form a little snowy town. It is out of print now and very hard to find.

Santa's Village1I remember building that town every Christmas and placing it on the fireplace hearth. I asked my mom the other day if she still had my Christmas Village. She isn’t sure, and I’ll have to wait until the summer to go up into the attic to look for it.

But even if it has gotten lost or thrown out, now my kids can make one as well.

I found a link where someone has scanned all of the pages from the book and made them free for public use! {THANK YOU Kara!!} It’s a part of the Community area of the Internet Archives. To see a copy of the cover, you can go to Kara’s blog page. OR you can pay $100 to get the book off of Amazon. *Yikes!*

I have printed out the pages onto card stock. While it isn’t the same as the pretty glossy punch pages of the originals, the figures will still work. {You could print on photo paper!}

DSC_0008 (2)We’re still in the process of cutting out each house, person, and tree, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to print and make your own with your kids this Christmas.

Carefully look at the little instructions throughout the pages so you can see how to put the figures together. Unless you’ve done it before, it can be confusing without the directions.


Santa's Village

Wives and Daughters: Real People

I’ve been immersed in 19th century language so much lately, it’s beginning to be a joke in my family. Between telling my mom she’d better “have the plumber in to see about” something to asking her if she’d do quite well without me while I went to sit with my grandmother. (In my head I called it my grandmother’s rooms, though it’s just the dining area off the kitchen where anyone might go.) I’m pretty sure I’m sunk.

I’m entranced by the turn of a phrase that helps to conceal a thought so that it sounds so much more polite than it was meant.

But for all this artifice and subterfuge (I promise I’m trying to stop!), Elizabeth Gaskell uses the language of her day to create very real people responding the way very real people would in the same situations.

Wives and DaughtersThe Story

Continue reading

SMILE! It’s Friday! #17

Happy Friday FFS Readers!!

We are TWO weeks away from Christmas.


That should bring a smile, not terror because everything is not completed. **grin!**

This week’s SMILE is one from my face that I want to share with you.

If you aren’t familiar with Phil Vischer’s What’s in the Bible? series, then you need to be. It is a fantastic DVD series which begins in Genesis and works through to Revelation and there are all kinds of crazy characters along the way.

I am a Sunday School Lady “Wanna Be.”

So here is my smile:

If you click on the image below it will take you to the Guest Post that I wrote for the What’s in the Bible? blog.

I’m so excited!! Believe me when I say, “I’m grinning from ear to ear!” I am so honored to have written for them. Enjoy!

Christmas What's in the Bible? 2Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!!

Make a Poster Map of the Roman Empire (Acts)

As we study the book of Acts, it becomes apparent that maps are helpful. The early church is spreading over the known world. If we want to have a deeper level of knowledge about what was going on, then we need to *see* the scripture as the gospel travels worldwide.

Roman EmpireChildren need this as well as adults. Many of Paul’s travels make more sense when you know where he is located. Acts 9:26, I think, is the verse where Bible students need to begin pulling out their maps and pens. The church is about to “explode” and it is so fun to watch the map as scripture is studied! Continue reading

When Did You Last Turn Down an Invitation?

I do it every year. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, or maybe I just really love the people in my life, but every year I host a Christmas Party.

Christmas PartyThere is a lot involved to prepare for such a shin-dig. Time, effort, resources, money, planning, set-up, clean-up.

I wasn’t going to do a party this year. Know why? Because I was tired of extending the invitation. Each year it’s the same. I draw up a list of those I am going to invite. The list expands and grows as more faces flash before my heart. Continue reading

Saul’s Conversion ~ Acts 9 Object Lesson


  • To explain that we are all to be vessels for God
  • To list events of Saul’s conversion
  • To share the gospel

Acts 9Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form, Bible, a vase or other empty container

Time Needed: 30-45 minutes

Geography: Israel; Jerusalem; Damascus

Background: Persecution of the early church had begun with the death of Stephen. And so the Christians fled from Jerusalem. They went to Judea, Samaria, and to even farther lands. Philip went to Samaria and preached Jesus to the people. There he encountered the Sorcerer, and then he was led to meet an Ethiopian.

Continue reading

Why Should You Use a Kindle When Homeschooling? + GIVEAWAY!!

Do you use a Kindle when homeschooling? I have to admit, I really don’t. I do have a kindle and I do collect books on it….but that’s about it.

KindleWhen my sweet friend Marcy over at Ben and Me invited me to be a part of the giveaway with the Review Crew, I quickly said, “Sure!” with the thought, I’ll work on my kindle between now and when the post goes live.

Then jury duty hit in October, and November was used to dig my family out of the mountain of dishes, clothes, and a half-way unscheduled life.

I still do not use a kindle in my homeschool. Continue reading