North and South: Tensions, Contrasts, and Love

I really hate saying goodbye. And saying hello to new places. Which is a shame since I grew up a missionary kid and have moved around a. lot.

There are all these bare walls, cardboard boxes, and unspoken rules that make no sense to you, though everyone else gets them.

Introvert’s nightmare.

I think that’s why North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell appeals to me so much. Gaskell really gets culture shock, which is one of my oldest companions.

North and South

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About North and South

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A Sorcerer and an Ethiopian ~ Acts 8


  • To explain that the death of Stephen began the persecution of the early church
  • To list events from Acts 8
  • To compare the characters of the Sorcerer and the Ethiopian

Acts 8Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form, Bible, FREE printable Character Venn Diagram

Geography: Israel; Jerusalem; Samaria; Gaza

Background: More and more people were joining the early church each day. And because there were so many people seven men, or deacons, were chosen to serve the people and one was Stephen. Stephen was the first martyr of the church.

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Pride and Prejudice: First Impressions

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” ~ Jane Austen

First impressions. We all make them when we meet people for the first time. Growing up, we’re told we never have a second chance to make a first impression. And in the early 19th century, Pride and Prejudice was a novel that used unfortunate first impressions to show an accurate portrayal of social customs through wit and characters.

Pride and PrejudiceI’m not exactly sure when this novel became my favorite. Perhaps it was in college after watching the BBC version of the movie for the first time which whetted my appetite to read the book. Whatever the reason, I’m a “later in years” fan of Jane Austen’s works. Now I have read the novel quite a few times, watched each movie at least once, and I even had a group of ladies with which I would watch the BBC version of the movie once a year on MLK Day. I can’t wait until my daughters are old enough to read the book!! Continue reading

Book Review: Cry of Hope by Emily Chapman

I am so excited to share this review with you!! Mainly because the author used to babysit my children!!

Cry of HopeCry of Hope ($9.99) is written by Emily Chapman, who will be a homeschool graduate this year. Emily loves Jesus. She has taken her love of the Bible and her love of history and merged them into a sweet novel. Emily started writing Cry of Hope when she was twelve and it is so fun to watch as her dream becomes a reality! Continue reading

The First Martyr ~ Acts 6-7


  • To explain the definition of “deacon” and “martyr”
  • To list events from Acts 6-7
  • To compare the character of Stephen and the character of the “enemy”

Stephen Acts 6-7Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form, Bible, Character Information

Geography: Israel; Jerusalem

Background: The Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples in the upper room and more and more people joined the new church. Miracles and preaching caused an uproar in Jerusalem. The apostles were persecuted, but they responded with thanksgiving. And more and more people were joining the early church each day.

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The Light Princess ~ Brilliant Wit

The Light Princess

One thing I love about British literature—and just British culture, in general—is the quirky sense of humor we often see in their books and entertainment. Those in the British Empire have a way with words, and it often takes some deeper thinking about words to understand their puns and symbolism. I’ll test the waters here a bit by saying that I think they’ve got “proper” English down, and reading something written by a British writer always challenges my vocabulary. Continue reading

The New FFS Look Means a GIVEAWAY for You!

Hello to all of the wonderful FFS Readers!! For those of you who are new, WELCOME!!

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SMILE! It’s Friday! #16

***It’s been one year since I’ve added to the Smile! It’s Friday! series. I thought today was a good day to add another fun, family story.


He stuck his head through my open bedroom door. His face told me he wasn’t happy.

missing candy“Mama, did you eat some of our Halloween candy?” I continued to look at my computer screen and type. Continue reading