Are You a Servant or a Vanderbilt?


Have you ever been to the Biltmore House built by the Vanderbilt family? I had never been, so this was a new experience for all of us.


I must say, Sweet Cheeks summed up our first impressions when she stepped off the bus and sighed, “Wow!” I had prepped the kids by telling them they would be going to a real castle. Of course RB wanted to know if knights would be there. I had to quickly explain that this was a more modern castle, not one with kings, queens, knights, and dragons. Continue reading

Interview with Brian Dollar: Recruiting Volunteers, Involving Parents, and Teaching Tips


As part of the KidMin Mentoring Course, I am excited to bring you an interview with Brian Dollar from High Voltage Kids Ministry. I pray that you will be encouraged by his words and pick up practical ideas that you can use in your Children’s Ministry.

Brian Dollar Interview

FFS: Hey Brian! For those who might not know you, please tell us a little about yourself.

Brian: I am the Kids Pastor at First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, Arkansas since 1999.  I also founded High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources in 1998, which creates and provides Kids Church Curriculum, Music, Games, Videos, and more to churches around the world.

I have had the privilege of speaking at many Kidmin Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, etc. I have a passion for passing on what God has enabled me to learn from my years of ministry and learning from other Kidmin Leaders! I am also the author of I Blew It!”, “Kidminnovation”, and “Talk Now And Later.

I have been married for 18 years to Cherith and have two amazing children – Ashton (age 16) and Jordan (age 14). Continue reading

A Christmas Tradition You Don’t Want to Miss: A Cradle for the King!


Christmas traditions are important in my household. What about yours? The tree, lights, candles, goodies…maybe advent calendars and goofy sweater parties. Whatever the tradition, I’m always on the look-out for new fun activities. The goal is not to replace the old traditions, but to add to the choices of traditions.

Christmas Tradition Cradle for the King

Some years certain traditions don’t fit with the practicality of life, or perhaps a box is opened and grief or loneliness causes certain emotions to be too strong. So having a repertoire from which to choose from can be a blessing.

Some years we use advent books such as Jotham’s Journey. We’ve also had fun creating a Jessie Tree by adding ornaments each day. Continue reading

What I Didn’t Learn in Seminary


When I knew that God was leading me to a church vocation 17 years ago, I knew I would go to seminary. I wasn’t raised by a pastor. I wasn’t excited about church as a child. I went, but I went because it was a safe place from me. I had never heard of seminary, but knew I was going.


Years later, I attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am thankful for those few years and the lessons learned. But now in ministry 15 years later, I didn’t learn all I needed to. Continue reading

Creatively Resourcing on a Small KidMin Budget


Unlike other ministries within the church, Children’s Ministry is very materials-driven. By that, I mean that you can purchase curriculum for an adult class, make sure you have coffee and Styrofoam cups, and you’re good to go!  Sure, for Youth you need sporting equipment and lots of pizza, but how often do they have to buy crayons, markers, glue sticks, construction paper and all the other classroom staples? Hardly ever, right?

KidMin budget

That doesn’t count all the crazy theme and event stuff we do that requires all kinds of materials from 4’x8’ insulation panels to build backdrops to (dare I say it?!) glitter. Given the constant change and many events we do in kidmin, we need to be creative and resourceful in obtaining our supplies so that we don’t blow our budgets on “One Hit Wonders” – things you use once, then throw away. Continue reading