How Do You Teach Theology to Kids?

Is God a spirit?

Does God hate sin?

What did Jesus do for us in our sinful condition?

How can I please God?


Do you know how to answer these questions? Do you know the scriptures that back up your theology?

With so many questions and messy ideas that swirl around our children on a daily basis, it is imperative that we teach our kids the answers to important theological questions.

Where does one start to teach such things?

Jesus' Trial

A popular post here on Future.Flying.Saucers is Teaching Biblical Truth to Children – A Young Child’s Catechism. Because I am passionate about teaching Truth to children, I have created a Subscriber FREEBIE of that post for parents, or children’s workers, so you can easily print the questions out and use them with your children.

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Biblical Sacrifice ~ Why? {Object Lesson}

Biblical Sacrifice


  • To review the purpose of the Old Testament and the sacrificial system
  • To list events of animal sacrifice
  • To describe how Jesus is the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world

Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; a stuffed sheep; use some of the pictures from Draw the Bible to review Old Testament events if desired

Geography: Israel

Background: Throughout the centuries, millions of sheep, goats, and bulls have died. They were killed with the sole purpose of taking the sins off the people. It was required by God’s Law, but now it is not. How come?

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7 Steps to Turn America Back to God

**Friend, if you do not believe in God and have no desire for our nation to reflect Christian values, then do not bother to read this post. It will do nothing but frustrate you and I have no desire to cause strife among those who do not believe as I do.

On the other hand, if you do agree with Christian values, then know that the following words are written in love and pointed more towards my own faults and failures than yours.

In His Grip,


“We are a Christian Nation!”



We are not.

Turn America Back to God

A majority of people in this country might *claim* to be Christians, but claiming and actually living it, are two different things. Continue reading

The Perspective of the Unemployed {Guest Post}

Today you will find my friend Whitson ending the Broken Hearts, Fueled Passions Series. Whit and I went to high school together and we sang in the same ensemble. I find it fun to see how God uses, changes, and develops those we’ve known over the years. I always knew Whit was a smart young man, and seeing how God has grown his faith and love for others brings joy to my heart.

While it is always bittersweet to end something wonderful, it is exciting to see what God has next. Enjoy the last of a great series!



It is not natural, does not feel natural, and will not be by choice. If you’ve never been laid off or unemployed as an adult, you won’t fully understand the impact it has on you and those around you. I had no idea what unemployment was like. I was successful, in the top 10% of my profession in performance and income, and worked hard to stay there. For a decade, I enjoyed the benefits of high performance and managed the costs to achieve it. Continue reading

Encouragement for Today – Stand Still and Sing

Encouragement for Today

He was terrified! Huge armies were coming toward him and he had no idea how to defend his people.

In desperation, he declared a fast for all of his kingdom. His nation gathered to seek the Lord.

The King stood before his people and prayed earnestly to the One True God. He reminded God of the nation’s history and the evilness of the enemy. He claimed powerlessness and weakness.

Every man, infant, woman, and child humbled himself before the Lord. Continue reading

Broken Hearts, Fueled Passions ~ The Series

Everyone has something that breaks his or her heart. You never know who needs to hear your particular story. Because God has created the church to be a “body” of believers, not every person has been given the same talents, gifts, desires, and passions. This is a huge world and God wants His gospel proclaimed in every street and avenue. There are many streets and avenues. Not everyone can travel to the same ones.

And not everyone has the same “voice”.

Broken Hearts, Fueled Passions The Series

Each person who contributed to this series spoke of differing passions, challenges, and Truths. But all of them follow the same God. Enjoy! Continue reading

The ABC’s of Bible Study for Children


You all know that teaching the Bible to children is my passion. When Dusty from asked for writers to help her with this ABC series, I jumped. What fun! I know my teaching stye isn’t like many, but I hope you will follow her series and enjoy the Letter B, which I wrote.

Here’s the link for Letter A if you’d like to read it! Continue reading