Special Needs Ministry {Children’s Ministry Series}

Special Needs Ministry is a huge issue in today’s churches. It’s not a bad thing, but it is something that KidMin Leaders need to think about. Many of you have sent me messages asking, “How do I get my kids to sit still? How do I help those kids who need a little bit of extra help? How can I improve?

These are *great* questions and ones that cause me to respect my fellow leaders of children because we must always be willing to improve ourselves so we can better serve those to whom we minister.

My friend Mandy Kelly (Worshipful Living) has some thoughts to share with those of you who minister to children who have a variety of different special needs. I hope you enjoy her tips and be sure to visit her blog and share some FFS Reader love!

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How to Accept Advice and Instruction {Growing in Godliness Series for Kids}

Why is it that we have such a hard time accepting advice and instruction? Pride? Arrogance? Self-righteousness? This lesson will explore the Bible story of Rehoboam and what happened when he refused sound advice. Being able to handle correction with a good attitude will help us take a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness. {Deuteronomy 5:32}

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Making Your Bible Lesson Relevant {Children’s Ministry Series}

Many of you have thanked me for attempting to make each of my Bible lessons relevant to kids today. I so appreciate your encouragement!! Some lessons work better than others, but all parts of scripture can teach us something if we think about it, and listen to the Spirit.

My sweet friend Ticia, from Adventures in Mommydom, is here to share ways to make your Bible lesson relevant to kids. After all, we want our children to see the value in learning about God and everything about him.

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7 Tips for Keeping Engagement During Your Bible Lesson {Children’s Ministry Series}

Many of you have emailed me saying, “I can’t keep the kids’ attention,” or “I lose them halfway through the story.” I get it. Even well prepared, seasoned teachers with perfect groups of kids fail at teaching sometimes. Of course, I’m not sure who that teacher is, or where those perfect children exist.

We all need to work at our teaching and classroom management skills. I’m excited to have Joy Feemster, Children’s Ministry Blog, here to share some great Engagement Tips with you!

children's ministryThe boys in the back row are punching each other, some of the girls are giggling and whispering, there are eyes rolling in places around the room..let’s face it, you’ve lost them! It’s time to step back, reassess and see what can be done to keep your kids engaged with your lessons. Continue reading

Family Discipleship GIVEAWAY!!!

I so appreciate those of you who return again and again! Thanks for being patient while I had technical difficulties this past week. I *hope* everything is back in working order. Thanks for the emails!!

I hope you read the review from yesterday about WiseDecor.com. OH, how it seems to be a great product! Be sure to check them out!

Pointing our children to Jesus Christ is the most important thing we can do as parents. Having the good news on the tip of our tongue at all times is a powerful way to do that. Sometimes it isn’t easy. At the very least, it takes intention and a clear view of the gospel in our own lives so that we can present it to them at each turn.

Family-Discipleship-Facebook-GiveawayThe Family Discipleship Facebook group has just completed reading Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thomson. It has been a truly sweet time of hard questions, great discussions, and a recommitment to guiding our children in the light of God’s grace. Continue reading

Review: WiseDecor Wall Lettering

I’m not a great home decorator. It’s not something I spend a lot of time on. In fact, I’d be ok if I could decorate my house with books…everywhere. I love words. If you’ve been around FFS for any length of time, you know how I love to pick apart scripture and learn what God wants us to know.

wall stickersDid you know you can hang scripture on the wall? Not in frames, but as in a HUGE sticker? I had never really seen this before, but the girls and I through the Family Discipleship Facebook group had an opportunity to review such a product!

WiseDecor Wall Lettering allowed each of us to choose one wall word set to review. Excitedly, I began to look at my walls and figure out where I could put one. Continue reading

The ‘Drop and Run’ – Special Needs and KidMin {Children’s Ministry Series}

Do you teach children who have special needs? Maybe they are in your own home, or they come to your church. I think this is a branch of kidmin that is often forgotten. It is not on purpose, but I have found that unless special needs kids make their way into your home, or ministry, then you have no reason to change.

But when the child arrives…it is necessary to make appropriate changes.

Katie shares a scenario with us today that could appear in any children’s ministry. Perhaps this has happened to you. Perhaps you are the parent. Either way, God calls us to share the gospel with everyone.

special needsHave you ever seen the ‘drop and run’? You can almost see the fear on their faces when they come to drop off their child. Continue reading

Gettin’ in the Groove: Purposeful Routine with Children {Children’s Ministry Series}

With so many awesome ideas “out there” in Children’s Ministry, it is easy to get caught up in something new. But is that what is best for our kids? I think changing something in ministry because it isn’t working is one thing. Changing something because it’s the “newest” thing, is another.

That doesn’t mean trying out new ideas is wrong. What is does mean is that many kids need routine: a scaffold, if you will, of basic, known, expectations.

Cheli Sigler, from www.chelisigler.wordpress.com, is here to help explain routines and how you can tweak your basic teaching structure to better minister to your kids.

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How Much Do You Love God’s Law? {Psalm 119}

You pull out the Bible because you are supposed to; or perhaps there is dust. Maybe you are organized and have a nice check off list for Bible reading. Maybe you open the Bible and throw your finger on a verse and begin reading.

But it’s dry.

You think, “Why do I not get anything out of this? What am I missing?

Psalm 119You land on a genealogy or the law of God given to the levites in Leviticus. (sigh) Or, you are reading through the muck of a letter by Paul and his words dance back and forth on the page and you have no idea what he is talking about. As a matter of fact, who *is* Paul?

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7 Tips for Building Communication with Your Volunteers {Children’s Ministry Series}

Children’s Ministry is not something one does alone. It takes a village to run a ministry and that village must be “in the know” of certain goals and visions for everything to work properly. So how do you communicate to your team effectively?

Werner, a seasoned Children’s Minister, is offering 7 tips for building communication that you can begin to use today. Enjoy!

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