Interview with Sam Luce: Volunteers, Communication, and Curriculum Tips


As part of the KidMin Mentoring Course, I am excited to bring you an interview with Sam Luce from I pray that you will be encouraged by his words and pick up practical ideas that you can use in your Children’s Ministry.

Sam Luce


FFS: Hey Sam! Tell us a little about yourself.

Sam: I attended Portland Bible College in Portland Oregon where I graduated in 1997 with a BA in Theology, upon graduation I became the children’s pastor at the same church for over 18 years. I have done children’s ministry for the last 20 years. In those years, I have seen kids ministry grow and change tremendously. Continue reading

The Problem with Pride and Perfection in KidMin


It was 3:30am when I unlocked the door to my condo, stepped inside and thought, Do I want to get a couple hours of sleep before getting ready for church, or should I just stay up since it’s almost morning anyway?

I had just finished decorating the children’s church area and I was quite pleased. Everything was exactly how I imagined it. The kids are going to be so thrilled, I thought.

Sounds like a great Kids Church accomplishment, right?


perfection in kidmin

While the end product was what I wanted, what I didn’t highlight was that I had spent my entire Saturday at the church. I spent from about 10:00am until 3:30am (that’s right—17.5 hours) making and setting up the décor. Alone. Nobody was there to help me and, frankly, I was content with that. After all, if I did it all myself then I knew it would be exactly what I wanted.

I didn’t realize that what I saw as success was ultimately failure. Continue reading

Interview with Jeffrey Reed {Lifeway Christian Resources}


As part of the KidMin Mentoring Course, I am excited to bring you an interview with Jeffrey Reed a LifeWay Kids Ministry Partner from Lifeway Christian Resources. I pray that you will be encouraged by his words and pick up practical ideas that you can use in your Children’s Ministry.

Jeffrey Reed Lifeway Interview

FFS: Hey Jeffrey! So let’s start easy. Tell us about yourself.

Jeffrey: I live in Spring Hill, TN with my wife and 4 kids. I’ve been a pastor for over 30 years and in KidMin half of that. (the BEST half) I’m a church partner in Kids Ministry for churches across the country. (work for LifeWay) I’ve served with the Kids team since moving to Nashville in ’13. LifeWay kids serves about 30,000 churches. We {Lifeway} got nominated for a Dove award this year with our Kids Worship Project. We {Jeffrey and family} helped launch a church in January.

I contribute to our blog site with about 7-8 others from the kids team. Continue reading

Make It Relevant: Teaching the Truth to a Mixed-Age Group


But God, I don’t teach KIDS!!

This was my argument with God at the beginning of this ministry year. You see, we had just moved (again) overseas courtesy the US Navy, and we were still getting our bearings. I knew that there was AWANA here, and I had been in contact with the couple who had gotten the program up and running last year. I was excited about getting involved with T&T again – the 3rd-6th graders are my favorite group to work with! I love being down in the trenches with them – playing games & working on handbook sections, encouraging them & getting to know them.

mixed-age group

And then it happened. At the planning meeting at the beginning of the year, we were brainstorming ideas for council time, which is the large group teaching time. For our AWANA program, council time is for the entire group – 3-year-olds up through 6th grade, all combined, plus our Jr. High & HS volunteers who are also going through one of the Trek studies. As the leaders were talking, I heard it – that nudge in my heart that said, “Jen, you need to take care of the teaching this year.” And that’s when my initial reaction came: “But God, I don’t teach KIDS!!Continue reading

Family Discipleship Giveaway for Pitchin’ A Fit


For the last couple of months, the Family Discipleship team has been hosting a book discussion on Israel and Brook Wayne’s new book Pitchin’ A Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed Out Parenting (New Leaf Press, 2016). Many of you have joined in, and we’ve had some great conversations. Hopefully, reading through the book has helped spark new thoughts on patient and nurturing parenting. If you haven’t had a chance to read the book, I highly recommend it.

$100 Family Disicpleship Giveaway 2

We’ll be wrapping up our discussions of Pitchin’ A Fit July 24th (2016), and we wanted to celebrate with a giveaway. Our next book discussion will start September 5th. We’ll fill you in as we get closer, so be sure to join the group! Continue reading