How to Become a Secret Initiative Servant {Growing in Godliness Series for Kids}

We are always told we should do random acts of kindness. How come? Helping our children know how to take the initiative is a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness. {Deuteronomy 5:32}godliness initiativeScripture Focus: 2 Kings 22 and 23; James 4:17 Continue reading

How to Keep the Holidays Biblical

I have the wonderful blessing of guest posting for my friend Heather who owns Click on through and read how to keep the holidays biblical.

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We are in the middle of the holiday season. I find myself overwhelmed at times because my family and I cannot escape pumpkins, scarecrows, cornucopias, turkeys, red, green, lights, sparkles, snowmen, glitter, trees…

And the list goes on……..

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Where is God in the Mundane?

God in the mundaneGod ~ I’m a mom.

I want to know you more. I want to see your face.

In the scriptures you:

  • split the sea
  • threw fire down from heaven
  • made the sun stand still
  • surrounded cities with fiery chariots
  • closed the mouths of lions
  • sent angels as messengers
  • healed the blind
  • raised the dead
  • died on a cross
  • resurrected after three days
  • ascended to heaven…..

Where is the mundane in those events?

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When Lightening Struck! The Story of Martin Luther (Review)

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My friend Danika Cooley at has written a young adult novel based on the life of Martin Luther. I was given a copy of When Lightening Struck! to review and I have to tell you, I really think it’s great!Luther short Continue reading

Why Should We Follow Directions? {Growing in Godliness Series for Kids}

I stared at the little face wondering when the body would move. I had given the instructions at least two times and the actions still had not been completed. Helping our children understand why following directions is important is a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness. {Deuteronomy 5:32}follow directionsScripture Focus: Genesis 6-7; Proverbs 3:1-2 Continue reading

Our Family’s Jesse Tree {Review}

Have you ever heard of a Jesse Tree? If not, then please allow me to tell you about the Jesse Tree and about this wonderful book created by Jen Frost of Faith and Fabric Design. Are you wanting to begin a new family tradition or do something different in your children’s ministry this Christmas season? Try a Jesse Tree!

Jesse TreeJesse Trees have been around for a long time, but it hasn’t been until recently that I have seen these used in homes on a yearly basis. The Jesse Tree is named after King David’s father, Jesse, and based upon the prophesy of Jesus found in Isaiah 11:1-4. Continue reading

WonderWorks aka The Upside-Down Building {Review}

Who hasn’t seen the upside-down white building when in Pigeon Forge, TN or Myrtle Beach, SC? Maybe you saw one in Orlando or Panama City, FL? There are also two others in New York. I’ve always wanted to go to the upside-down building, and WonderWorks graciously gave me 5 tickets for my family to experience the WonderWorks Indoor Amusement Park!

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How Family Friendly is Dollywood? {Review}

I grew up going to different theme parks. My husband and I have gone to some theme parks as a couple. Until recently, however, we have never taken the theme park leap with our three children. Usually we visit a local attraction or we go to a hands on science museum.

Dollywood was gracious enough to give me 2 adult tickets ($62 + tax, each) to visit the Theme Park. My husband and I have wanted to go to Dollywood for some time. With these tickets, and three more that we purchased, we became “theme park parents”. I have many friends who tell me how great Dollywood is, but I needed to see for myself if it really does live up to its reputation.

Is Dollywood really as family friendly as it claims to be?Dollywood Field Trip Continue reading

Martin Luther: Reformation Day GIVEAWAY!

I am so excited to tell you about a new book written by my friend Danika Cooley! I use her Bible Road Trip curriculum with my kids and I have reviewed it for you in the past. Now she has written a novel about Martin Luther. I’ll be doing a review of that book as well, so as I finish reading it, YOU read a little more about the book and enter the GIVEAWAY!

Martin Luther 1When Lightning Struck! is the story of Martin Luther, the Father of the Reformation, written for young adults. Continue reading

Being On Mission Takes Effort {Growing in Godliness Series for Kids}

What is our purpose in life? What was the purpose of Jesus? Helping our children know what Jesus’ mission was is a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness. {Deuteronomy 5:32}

Mission EffortScripture Focus: Luke 4:17-19, Luke 22:42, Isaiah 61:1-2 Continue reading