The Mystery of Jesus: The Road to Emmaus

Road to Emmaus


  • To recognize Deuteronomy 29:29
  • To list events of Luke 24: 13-35
  • To describe what God does when He “opens” someone’s eyes

Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; 3-4 copies of different mystery children’s books

Geography: Jerusalem

Background: Jesus has died. He was placed in the tomb. The disciples were scared out of their wits and were hiding in some room somewhere. Then Sunday morning came and the women reported that the stone was rolled away and that there was no body in the tomb. Peter and John ran to the tomb to see for themselves. Then all of the disciples locked themselves in the room. After all, would the Romans or Sanhedrin be after them next?

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Broken Hearts, Fueled Passions: It Began With Lent – Plus GIVEAWAY!!

This article focuses on the persecuted church. How familiar are you with it? Do you pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who, on a daily basis, know that believing in Jesus is dangerous? These are convicting questions for me.

My friend Bonnie has a wonderful testimony to share with you. And if you read to the end, you’ll see a nice surprise Giveaway!!

Broken Hearts

It began with Lent. My church does not accent the giving up of something for Lent. It was something I had heard many people talk about, but not something I had ever done until one Easter season several years ago. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I knew I wanted it to be a private thing, and in a small house with three people, giving up things like a particular food or television program wasn’t a choice that could stay private. My family would have supported me, I didn’t question that for a moment, but I felt God drawing my heart toward doing something differently that year, I just wasn’t sure what. So I prayed and asked Him to show me what it was He wanted me to give up. Do you know what He showed me? Continue reading

The Passion of Jesus



  • To list events from Luke 23:26-56 and John 19:17-42
  • To recognize that Jesus willingly went to the cross
  • To compare and contrast the thieves and Jesus

Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; a picture or model of a lamb

Geography: Jerusalem

Background: The ministry of Jesus is at an end. After three years of traveling, preaching, teaching, healing, and casting out demons, the Jewish leaders arrested Jesus through the help of Judas, one of Jesus’ own disciples. After a mock trial, beatings, mockings, and betrayal, Jesus carried His own cross as far as He could. He was unrecognizable after the beatings. His blood flowed down his body and into the sand as he struggled up the hill called Calvary. Can you picture it?

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{Enhancing Your Marriage} Right Attitude ~ Right Love

Welcome to Session Six of Enhancing Your Marriage! This online study is based upon Judy Rossi’s study of the same name. All quotes, unless otherwise noted, will belong to her. We have a lot of hard questions to ponder this week.

What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy? ~ Judy Rossi

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Broken Hearts, Fueled Passions: The Brokenness Between Performer and Worship Leader

Today’s post is written by a dear friend of mine. Not only in Andrea a friend, but she is the Worship Leader at my church. She has sung her way into the hearts of many and her passion for the Lord is seen in different ways as she serves the church and the community.

I pray you will be blessed by her testimony!!

Broken Hearts

Looking back…..

The earliest memory of me singing in public was when I was about two or three years old.  In the little church I grew up in, it was not out of the ordinary for mothers to take their little ones to sing in the choir and on this special homecoming day I stood beside my mother attempting to sing.  After the first song, they had me stand in a chair so that everyone could see me. THAT was not what I wanted. I began to cry, and I was sent to sit with my father.

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Christian Worldview 101: Missional Living

Welcome to Day 5 of Christian Worldview 101. I hope this crash course has given you something to think about. I know that I am constantly trying to keep my walk on the straight and narrow road of Jesus. I mess up all the time, but it’s today’s topic that helps us to hold each other accountable as we do this Christian Worldview lifestyle.


Think about the mason jar from Day 3 again. Once the peaches are eaten, and the jar is empty, there is sticky juice in the jar and it must be washed before it can be reused for fresh peaches. It is emptied, washed, and then reused. The jar is filled, spilled out, emptied, washed….the cycle goes on.

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Christian Worldview 101: Are You Wearing Contacts?

Christian Worldview. We’ve discussed what it is, why it is important, and that it helps us to be set apart from the world. If we are to be set apart from the world, what exactly does that look like?


I don’t wear contacts. But I have plenty of friends who do. And I am told that every now and then, over the years, you have to have the prescription changed to fit the changes in the eyes. I also have had friends whose contacts have slipped, or won’t fit correctly. Then they must get some new ones. What about having a lost contact lens? Has that ever happened to you?

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Christian Worldview 101: Why is it Important?

Welcome to Day 2! Last time we discussed WHAT a worldview is. So why is having a Christian worldview, a biblical worldview, important?


Everyone has a worldview. That worldview will answer three basic, important questions.

1) Where did humanity come from?
2) What is wrong with the world?
3) How is this fixed?

Ask anyone these questions and their answers will tell you his worldview.

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Christian Worldview 101: What is it?

There are many “churchy” words thrown around at times. One of them is WORLDVIEW. There are many different worldviews. What is it? Why is it important? For the next 5 days, please join me as we work out our salvation and see what we can transform in our minds.



I read a statistic that stated only 9% of adult Christians hold a biblical worldview.

One out of every ten Christians claims to have a Christian worldview.


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