The Tower of Babel Bible Lesson


Why are there so many languages if all people came from Noah’s family? Where did Ham, Shem, and Japheth end up living? And why should we care about this today? The Tower of Babel is more relevant than you might think.

Why are there many languages if all people came from Noah's family? Why should we care about this? The Tower of Babel is more relevant than you might think.

Scripture Focus: Genesis 10-11


  • 1 Copy of the Language Cards (Print these on paper or cardstock and cut the cards apart.)

Background: Noah’s family was saved from destruction by using the ark. After the water receded and the ark rested on top of Mt. Ararat, God placed the rainbow in the sky as a sign of His covenant to never destroy humanity with a world-wide flood again. God also told Noah and his family to multiply and spread out over the earth. Continue reading

Children’s Ministry 24/6


You jumped through all the hoops, or God dropped this kid’s ministry opportunity in your lap. You may be unpaid, or make good money like a schoolteacher. No matter how your ministry life starts, it is guaranteed to be “full speed ahead” and your life now can be defined in one word: BUSY. At first the busyness is fun and joyful. Then it  fast-forwards to month fifteen of not more than a half-hour here or there to stop and take a shower. Your answer to: “How are you doing in ministry?” is redefined to a new word: “Tired.” How do you fight to keep serving in ministry in a joyful, spiritually healthy way and still successfully lead the Next Generation to Christ?

children's ministry

Start Small

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Noah and the Flood Object Lesson


The story of Noah isn’t a beautiful poster of a man with cute animals. The flood event was the response from God after the people had grossly sinned. This Noah and the Flood Object Lesson will help our kids describe why God flooded the Earth, how God saved humanity, and why God always chooses a remnant.

Noah and the Flood Object Lesson

Scripture Focus: Genesis 6-9


  • 2 cups of water in a closed sandwich bag
  • 9 children volunteers

Background: After Abel’s death, Cain left his parents to live in another part of the world. Adam and Eve had another son, Seth, and people began to spread across the land. As more and more people were born, they forgot about the God who had created them. Continue reading

The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer


Quick! What is the name of the last good Christian movie you have watched? Book read? What Bible study are you in the middle of right now? How are you putting God’s word into your heart?

armor of God

Whether you study God’s word on your own or with a small group, be sure that you are doing it. Here’s one to consider if you need something new.

I recently finished Priscilla Shirer’s study The Armor of God ($15.28) from B&H Publishing/Lifeway.

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The Importance of Inviting Environments in Children’s Ministry


In the last few years, environments have become a huge focus in my kid’s ministry. I can’t emphasize the importance of having inviting environments enough. Our environments often play a big role in the first impression families have when they walk into our ministries. They may have already formed negative or positive feelings about our kid’s ministry before they even speak to volunteer at check-in based on the feeling and appearance of our environments.


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