Cain and Abel Object Lesson


Sin is a big deal. People don’t like to admit that, but it is true. If it wasn’t such a big deal, then why did Jesus give up His life for us? Even during the beginning of civilization, blood sacrifice represented forgiveness and redemption. Knowing the difference between the offerings of Cain and Abel helps us to understand Jesus a little better.

Cain and Abel

Scripture Focus: Genesis 4:1-15


  • Cookie sheet or shallow pan
  • Vinegar (put a few drops of red food coloring in and stir.)
  • Red food coloring
  • Baking soda (put 2-3 tsp. in cup)
  • Small cup (I used an applesauce cup. Use a permanent marker to draw and angry face on the cup.)
  • Lego people

Background: Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden fruit and they were no longer welcome in the garden. Sin caused a broken relationship with God. Because of the sins of Adam and Eve, women now have great pain when they have babies. There is disease and heartache. Men must work hard in order to provide for their families. God placed hatred between the snake and the children of the woman. But one day that serpent will bite the heel of one of her children, and then that Child will turn around and crush the head of the serpent. Continue reading

Adam and Eve Object Lesson


Have you ever had anyone ask, “Why do people do bad things?” Many say there isn’t an easy answer, but is that correct? Those of us with a biblical worldview understand to go to the Bible first when tough questions arise. How would the Bible answer this question? This Adam and Eve object lesson will help.

adam and eve object lesson

** This lesson is adapted from the original found at Mad About Jesus.**

Scripture Focus: Genesis 2-3


  • Candle (Don’t use one like I used. Instead, use a short, fat candle that is not easily tipped over. The kids got really excited during this activity and almost knocked over my candle!)
  • 3 small balloons filled with air
  • 1 balloon filled with water
  • Wet washcloth
  • Candle lighter


No one knows the exact location of the garden of Eden. But we do know the location of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Continue reading

Creation Object Lesson


There are times when Christians are accused of not thinking logically. Christians are accused of not looking at evidence. What these accusations are really doing is pointing out that Christians have a different worldview. Instead of looking at the world and then making decisions, Christians look to the Bible first and then make decisions about the world around them.

Creation Object Lesson

Scripture Focus: Genesis 1 Continue reading

Teaching Creation Resources


The study of Creation is vital to Christianity. The first chapter of Genesis is packed with theology that brings up questions in our heads.

Because of its importance, Bible teachers must be sure to focus on the aspects of Creation and explain why it is foundational to a Christian’s worldview.

Creation Resources

Therefore, I have searched the web and found some of the best lessons, activities, games, and helps for teaching the concepts of Creation. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find something to help you teach the first few chapters of Genesis to your kids at home or at church! Continue reading

How Seminary Blessed Me and Why You Should Go

In Part One, I explained what I did not learn during seminary. Seminary for me was Southwestern Theological Seminary from 2002-2006, and it was well worth my time and money to attend. It may not have taught me everything I needed, and with culture always changing, how could it. But it did prepare me in so many ways.


Four Reasons You Should Go to Seminary:

Continue reading