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It’s the New Year! It’s time for changes. It’s time for focus. It’s time for making resolutions that never come to fruition……

Wait. What?

Excellent Bible TeacherIf you come to this blog often, then you know my main focus is on creating solid Bible content for parents and children’s leaders. Teaching the word of God is one of my greatest passions. Continue reading

Paul Begins the First Missionary Journey ~ Acts 13


  • To explain that people will either choose God or Satan. Not choosing one or the other equals not choosing God.
  • To list beginning events of Paul’s first missionary journey and the meanings of the colors of the Wordless Book
  • To discuss how people will try to stop us from telling others about the gospel

Acts 13Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form, create a Wordless Book if you do not have one already (or you can use a bracelet or other form of telling the gospel with the colors.)

Time Needed: 30-45 minutes

Geography: Israel; Antioch; Jerusalem; Seleucia; Cyprus; Paphos; Perga; Antioch in Pisidia

**If you are doing the MAP activity as we go through Acts, please move Paul as he travels to the locations mentioned in this chapter.

Background: Saul, the great persecutor, had been converted and accepted by the leaders of the new church movement. Peter had a vision and learned that Greeks and gentiles were to be a part of the new church. The believers have spread from Jerusalem to Samaria, to Ethiopia, to Antioch, and there are those who do not like this new religion. Continue reading

NEW! A Family Discipleship Group You Do Not Want to Miss!

Hello FFS Readers! I want to let you know about a new Facebook community put together for parents interested in discussing family discipleship.

Family DiscipleshipThe Family Discipleship Community has admins from six Christ-centered blogs committed to family discipleship (in no particular order):

  • Thinking Kids – Danika blogs about theology, the Bible and Christian history for kids, and she wrote Bible Road Trip for kids, preschool to high school.
  • Proverbial Homemaker – Tauna has a new curriculum (Sound Words) for preschool to 2nd grade coming in February, and she blogs about all things homeschool, homemaking, health and theology at home.
  • Kids in the Word - Amanda’s site focuses on discipling children in Scripture. She has a great team of writers committed to encouraging and edifying parents. She has some great notebooking journals available.
  • Adventures in Mommydom – Ticia is the queen of hands-on learning. She has a great free Bible curriculum you’ll want to check out, and amazing ideas. Also, she loves history.
  • Future Flying Saucers – This is me!! And as you know I offer Bible object lessons for home or church use, and ideas on marriage, parenting, and teaching kids. I’m also really fond of regency literature and homeschool unit studies.
  • Raising Boys Homeschool – Joyice writes about homeschooling, discipleship, Christian resources, African American history, and parenting.

There is also a great team of friends joining us at the Family Discipleship Community. We have Christian authors and bloggers coming together to discuss how we can best point our kids to Christ. I am so excited about the growth of this group!!

Each week, we’ll have a tip, a discussion topic, and more! Beginning next quarter, we’ll have a book club as well. Once you request to join the group, don’t forget to agree to the group rules and guidelines and the statement of faith.

I hope to see you over there as we learn how to better disciple our children.

Peter, Angels, and King Herod ~ Acts 12


  • To explain that prayer is powerful
  • To list events of Peter’s escape and Herod’s death
  • To discuss angels and how we perceive them versus what the Bible says about them

Acts 12Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form, different angels, or pictures or angels, you might have around the house

Time Needed: 30-45 minutes

Geography: Israel; Antioch; Jerusalem; Caesarea; Tyre; Sidon

Background: Saul, the great persecutor, had been converted and accepted by the leaders of the new church movement, but gentiles were still not seen as people who needed Jesus. After a vision, Peter had been brought to Caesarea by Cornelius, the Centurion, where Peter learned the truth that gentiles can be filled with the same Holy Spirit as Jews. When Peter returned to Jerusalem, he informed the church leaders what had happened and they welcomed the new converts to the early church. Continue reading

Little Women: Imagination and Wonder

I wanted to be Jo March. Yes, its true.

Little WomenOkay – I’m not much of a tomboy. I don’t climb trees, I’m not athletic at all. But I’m dramatic and dreamy. I love to write and my brain is forever springing to life with a new idea, a new sentence that bursts a dam of words that come tumbling one after another that fill pages and pages.

So, in that sense, I am Jo March. Continue reading

Peter and Cornelius ~ Acts 10


  • To explain that God shows no partiality; all people are to hear the gospel and are accepted by Him through Jesus Christ
  • To list events of the meeting of Peter and Cornelius
  • To share the gospel

Acts 10Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form, Bible, Pictures of people who need to hear the gospel. {I used information from The Seed Company, which is a nonprofit that seeks to translate the Bible into heart languages. You can watch videos as well.}

Time Needed: 30-45 minutes

Geography: Israel; Joppa, Caesarea

Background: Persecution of the early church had begun with the death of Stephen. And so the Christians fled from Jerusalem. Saul, the great persecutor, has been converted and accepted by the leaders of the new church movement, but gentiles were still not seen as people who needed Jesus.

Continue reading

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Not One, But Two

Have you ever felt like you act differently in certain company? Maybe you put on a certain face when visiting family, but another when you are out with your friends.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeThat is exactly the case in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. A prominent lawyer of the time, Mr. Utterson, documents some strange happenings in London. In particular, he discusses a series of unusual circumstances surrounding his client, Dr. Jekyll. Throughout this novel, Mr. Utterson seeks to understand Dr. Jekyll’s mysterious behavior and his connections to the murderous Mr. Hyde. Continue reading

How Should We Interact With Students? (How to Become a Master Teacher – Part 4)

** DISCLAIMER!! I am NOT a Master Teacher, but I do desire to be one some day.**

All quotes (except scripture) come from TEACHING: the heart of God’s redemptive program by Rev. James M. Hatch. I encourage you to read What is Teaching? PART 1 and What Should be Our Teaching Standard? Part 2  and How is a Master Teacher Recognized? Part 3 first.

Master TeacherIf you remember, a teacher is to be like a train engine. The cars link to the engine and it is the job of the teacher to lead the cars, the students, to the final destination. Continue reading