Bible Object Lessons

When you have a hard time connecting Biblical truths to real life, try an object lesson.

Finding quality Bible lessons for children that are hands-on, creative, fun, and easy to teach can be a challenge.

If you teach children

  • In a multi-age setting
  • Desire to “go deeper” with some of your older students
  • And want simple Bible lessons that you can practice the night before church (we’ve all been there!)

then this is a resource you will return to over and over again.

Why is it important to teach the Bible as a whole story? Because if we don’t, Bible knowledge and Truth becomes disjointed with holes. Why Jesus had to come and struggle in the garden makes no sense if we don’t understand what happened in the first garden. Why Jesus is the answer for humanity makes no sense if we do not understand Abraham and the entire story of the nation of Israel.

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Below you will find an index of chronological (Old Testament to New Testament) Bible object lessons that are easy to prepare and simple to implement, but bring about practical discussions with your children.

Adapt each lesson to fit the needs of your home or church.

Find the Bible lesson you need quickly!

The Bible is divided into two major sections, the Old and New Testaments. Each Testament is divided into small sub-divisions. You can find ALL of the lessons on Future Flying Saucers in one of those divisions below.

Simply click on the tab you are looking for and you can easily navigate to the lessons available there.

Caught in the

What to teach next spiral?

Here are three lessons from the Gospels you can use to jump start your object lesson Bible teaching plan. All you need is a funny joke, a baby picture, a white board, and this download.