Solar Eclipse Bible Study Pack


Are you prepared to watch the solar eclipse?

Maybe you have the science covered, but what about how the eclipse glorifies the Lord?

Solar Eclipse

In this 12-page Solar Eclipse Bible Study Pack, you will receive a simple-to-teach Bible lesson from the book of Romans and activity pages to help reinforce spiritual concepts. Continue reading

Esther’s Courage Object Lesson


Being a Christ-follower can be difficult because sometimes we might be persecuted for what we believe. Use this Esther Bible lesson to teach children that God gives us faith and courage to handle any situation when we trust entirely on Him.


Focus Scripture: Esther 4

Materials: Ceiling fan, or ceiling tiles; string or yarn; tennis ball {Tie the string around the tennis ball and then hang the ball using the string from the ceiling. It should be 2-3 feet from the floor. Be sure to have room for the ball to swing in the room.}

Geography: Persia, Susa

Background: The people of the Northern Kingdom had been scattered by the Assyrians. Those of the Southern Kingdom were taken into captivity by the Babylonians. After 70 years, Zerubbabel took the first group of Jews back to Israel and rebuilt the temple because of a decree made by the new Persian King. Thirty-eight years after the temple was completed, a young Jewess name Esther found favor with the next Persian King and was crowned queen of all Babylon. Continue reading

Zerubbabel Rebuilds the Temple Object Lesson


Sometimes being a Christ-follower is difficult because we can be mocked and discouraged by other people. Use this Zerubbabel Bible lesson to teach children that when God gives them a task to do, it is much better to obey Him, than to listen to discouraging people.


Focus Scripture: Ezra 4

Materials: Blocks of various sizes and shapes; small table

Geography: Persia, Jerusalem

Background: The people of Israel split into two kingdoms. The northern kingdom of Israel had no kings that feared the Lord. In time, their enemies conquered Israel and scattered those tribes throughout the known world. The southern kingdom of Judah had eight kings who followed the ways of the Lord. Because of this, God’s mercy was extended for a time. However, eventually all of the people and the leaders went after other gods and the One True God allowed the people of Judah to be exiled to Babylon. Continue reading

Our Standard of Measurement for Life Object Lesson


Discuss the history of measurement with this object lesson as you teach children why we need a measure, or standard, for living: The Bible.

Scripture Focus: Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13, Proverbs 20:10

Materials Needed: paper, pencils/pens, scissors, Bible

Bible Object Lesson:

{Have the kids trace one of their feet on a piece of paper and cut it out. Depending on the number of kids, this could be done individually or in groups. Have each person or group measure the length of the room with the foot they cut out and record their findings. You might want to do this also to provide a bigger contrast.} Continue reading

Honesty Object Lesson


Honesty Object LessonHow honest are you? Are “little lies” ok? What does God think about lying? Explore these questions and more in this Honesty Object Lesson based on Adam and Eve from Genesis 3.

Scripture Focus: Genesis 3

Materials: 2 pieces of Construction Paper, glue stick


God spoke and created the earth, the heavens, and everything in them. He created a beautiful garden. From the dust, God created a man in His image and breathed life into him. It was not good for man to be alone, so God created a woman from the man’s rib. God placed the man and woman in the garden. They were to tend the garden.


  • Have you ever been so worried about getting into trouble that you have told a lie?
  • What is a lie? [A lie is when you don’t tell what actually a happened. It is always best to tell the truth when asked.]

Continue reading

KidMin ToolKit Giveaway


Leadership is a HUGE trending topic in businesses and in churches.

When I asked a bunch of KidMin leaders what some of their favorite leadership resources were, Orange and Andy Stanley were at the top of the list.

ministry leadershipAs a ministry leader, we need to stay current with trends and leadership strategies. We want to be innovative and creative. When we strive to “do a new thing,” we are biblical because God is always doing something new.

He never seems to do the same thing twice.

Have you noticed that? Continue reading

Ministry Leader: A Warrior on the Front Lines



You are the one who…

  • Cleans up.
  • Smiles through the sweat.
  • Sets up tables and sweeps the floors.
  • Puts up decorations.
  • Plans lessons for 20.
  • Cooks food for 50.
  • Picks out play dough from the carpet.
  • Changes the light bulbs.
  • Checks the sound board one more time.
  • Designs the power point presentation.
  • Tracks the attendance.
  • Leads worship with the children.
  • Puts ice on boo-boos.
  • Wipes little noses.

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The Prodigal Son Surprise Bible Lesson


Scripture: Luke 15: 11-32

Materials: Copy paper box, craft paper, party hats, stickers, labels with memory verse printed on them, graham crackers, Popsicle sticks, small plates, icing, markers/crayons, The Storybook Bible

Memory Verse: “For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” So they began to celebrate. Luke 15:24

Pre-class Preparation:
1. Using a copy paper box (or similar size) and craft paper (or blank wrapping paper), wrap the lid and the box as separate pieces. Once you wrap the “gift,” place all the supplies for today’s special snack inside the box.
2. Research the links below for ways you can share today’s passage to best reach your group.

Prodigal Son Opening Activity: Decorate a present
Welcome each child to your class and invite them to help decorate the present lid and box. As they decorate, encourage them to share a time that they received a surprise. Tell them that today we are going to learn about how a father was surprised when his son returned home. Continue reading

The Lord’s Supper Object Lesson


Lord's Supper Object LessonResources: Video about “the Lord’s Supper”
Materials: bread, grape juice,12 cups, small toy prizes, shaving cream, candy, ping pong ball (Put a toy prize or a piece of candy into each cup. Include some cups with shaving cream in them. Have paper towels handy.)
Scripture Verse: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, John 6:51
Target audience: ages 5-9 Continue reading

How to Incorporate Gospel-Centered Object Lessons to Your VBS


God is good to provide so many opportunities for VBS to impact little lives and big ones throughout the summer…and the rest of the year too. One of the biggest blessings of VBS is that it is an opportunity for the gospel to be shared. Check out this article for more encouragement regarding VBS and the gospel!

Just think. You have been given the opportunity to share the best news of hope with the kids and possibly even the parents that you come in contact with through VBS.

Some publishing companies get this…and some don’t. Sometimes you can follow your prepackaged material and have awesome gospel connections. But many times you can’t. Often a Bible story or lesson is reduced to a story with a moral. This isn’t all bad. But it does miss an opportunity to encourage yourself and the kids you are teaching with the truth and the hope of the gospel.

At VBS you can’t afford to miss opportunities like this. You have new students in your church and in your class. You may only have ONE DAY with that student. Make sure that he leaves having heard that they have HOPE through Jesus!

Here are three simple steps that you can use to incorporate the gospel into any prepackaged lesson. Be sure to read to the end to get a printable with 5 more ways to share the gospel at VBS!
Continue reading

The Divided Kingdom of Israel Object Lesson


How important is a nation’s leader to the spiritual well being of his nation? In this Divided Kingdom of Israel Object Lesson, explore that question and the examples of kings, prophets, and the people.

Focus Scripture: 1 Kings 11:28 – 12:16 {Events towards the end of this lesson come from 1 Kings 14 – 2 Chronicles. Many interesting things happen during the divided kingdom, including adventures of the prophets.}

Materials: Dominoes; table on which to build domino train {Try to use the type with straight sides. I used ceramic tiles and they didn’t work as well.}

Geography: Israel, Judah

Background: IF Solomon walked with God faithfully and was obedient, THEN God would establish his throne forever. BUT IF Solomon and his descendants turn from the Lord and worship idols THEN God will cut off Israel from the land and reject the temple and Israel will be a name of ridicule. Continue reading

Solomon Asks for Wisdom Object Lesson


Education is important. But what good is knowing how to do something when you make poor choices? In this Solomon Asks for Wisdom Object Lesson kids learn what wisdom is and how to get it. It’s not that hard, yet it means going to The Source of wisdom and not doing things OUR way.

Solomon WisdomScripture Focus: 1 Kings 3:1-15

Materials: a pair of eye glasses (not sunglasses); graduation hat and/or robe {Dress up so you look “wise”.}

Geography: Israel, Solomon’s kingdom

Background: King Saul made selfish, disobedient decisions, and Samuel told Saul that God had rejected him as king. Once Saul died, then David was king of Judah for 7.5 years, then he became king of Israel for 33.5 years. During his reign, Jerusalem became the capital and Israel became a GREAT NATION. The tabernacle was brought to Jerusalem, as well as, the ark of the covenant. God was with David, who had a whole heart for God. David became great and was given victory after victory. David was a man after God’s own heart. Even in the midst of horrible sin, David accepted his shortcomings and the consequences he knew he deserved. Continue reading

Anointing King David Object Lesson


Many children think that if they act good on the outside, then it doesn’t matter what’s going on in their hearts on the inside. But God cares quite a bit about the heart. In this Anointing King David object lesson, children will learn that God sees their hearts and they have to decide what they want Him to see.

Scripture Focus: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Materials: Candy box filled with yucky treats (onions, stinky socks, banana peels…); a clear candy or cookie jar; yummy treats (optional)

{I bought a Whitman’s Sampler for the box and Heller and StraussTutti Frutti candies for the fruit shaped candy and glass jar. I spent more money on this object lesson than I normally do, but when I found the candy jar, I couldn’t resist!! It worked pefectly!}

Geography: Israel, David’s kingdom

Background: The people of Israel told Samuel that they wanted a king so they could be like “all of the other nations.” Saul, who was literally a head taller than everyone else, had been given the keys to a kingdom. He had the opportunity to lead the people of God and help Israel become a great nation. Instead he would have the kingdom ripped from his grasp. He made selfish, disobedient decisions, and Samuel told Saul that God had rejected him as king. Continue reading

How One Voice Can Influence the Many


Do you ever look around and wonder how you can make a difference?

Do you ever wonder if you’ve made a mark on mankind?

Think about the people who made Stonehenge. They created something that everyone knows about and thousands go to visit every year. Those ancient people created something that lasted.

Have you ever been a part of something much greater than yourself?

Now that I am almost to my mid-forties, these are the questions that swirl around my head at times. Usually when some life-shattering event happens.

On Tuesday, March 21, something life-shattering happened. A blogging friend of mine, Mandy Kelly, lost her life in a house fire along with her husband and two of her four children. Mandy owned the blog Worshipful Living and she shared her thoughts on Special Needs Ministry here on FFS.

When I found out about her death I sat stunned and scrolled down, down, down through my Facebook feed as other blogger friends found out the news. Continue reading

Samuel, the Ark, and the Philistines Object Lesson


Samuel, the ark, and the Philistines Object LessonDo you ever blow the dice before a game? Does your favorite team rub a rock before charging down a hill to play football? What habits of “luckiness” exist around you? In this Samuel, the Ark, and the Philistines Object Lesson children will learn that God is not a good luck charm and that blessings come from obedience.

Focus Scripture: 1 Samuel 3-6

Materials: a “lucky” item, like a rabbit’s foot, or a ball cap

{The Bible Atlas and Companion is a fantastic resource. It has beautiful maps; and for this lesson there is a map and a picture of the ark of the covenant.}

Geography: Shiloh, Ebenezer, Ashdod, Gath, Ekron, Beth Shemesh

Background: During the years of the judges, there was great sin and darkness. Once Joshua died there was no leadership, no king, and no government. Each tribe did it’s own thing. The people fell into gross idolatry and gross immorality to the point that “everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” BUT God did not forget His promise to Abraham and He was at work through a young Moabite lady named Ruth. Through Ruth, God would bring about a king and THE King.

The Israelites had the tabernacle where the priests and levites ministered to God. But even there, God’s voice was silent because of the amount of sin in the land.

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