Bible Object Lessons for Kids

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When you have a hard time connecting biblical truths to real life, try an object lesson. 

object lessons
object lessons

Life is too short for mediocre lessons

Be an effective Bible Teacher

Use Object Lessons to help children ignite a love for God with their whole hearts with age-appropriate activities and fun conversations. 

Improve the biblical literacy of children

Teach Christian Worldview using Object lessons


Want to start a weekly family Bible time? These object lessons will help you get started!


Need an object lesson to go with a specific Bible story? Browse stories here.


In charge of chapel or release time? These lessons are educational and fun!

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Welcome to Future Flying Saucers

I'm Anne Marie!

As a parent and a church leader, I know how hard it can be to teach effectively and find “no fluff” Bible lessons that are hands-on, creative, and fun. With 30 years experience, let me help you:

  • Teach multi-age groups
  • Use budget-friendly supplies
  • Focus on Bible teaching and Christian worldview

Creative and Quality


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Books filled with simple to use object lessons for parents, church leaders, and teachers.


For more Bible Study, printables include inductive activities, scripture memorization, and more.

Sample of Printable Bible object Lesson
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This online course includes:

  • 5 Bible teacher training videos
  • 5 instructional text sessions
  • downloadable notes
  • personal interaction with instructor
  • bonuses and more! 

How to teach an object lesson

Step 1

Choose a Future Flying Saucers Bible object lesson

Step 2

Gather your materials, read, and practice the lesson

Step 3

Implement an unforgettable Bible lesson that teaches scripture 

Are you ready to take your Bible Teaching seriously?

Ready to change things up? Not sure where to begin? Want to ignite bible learning and heart change? Let us help you start teaching the Bible one object lesson at a time.

You CAN equip yourself with resources that are memorable, engaging, interactive, hands-on, and…FUN!

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What to teach next spiral?

Here are three lessons from the Gospels you can use to jump start your object lesson Bible teaching plan. All you need is a funny joke, a baby picture, a white board, and this download.