Victory in Jesus Resource Page

Thank you for purchasing the book Victory in Jesus: Bible Object Lessons about Jesus for Kids.

You will find each lesson listed below with any necessary resources, including the color posters.





CLICK HERE for a map of Israel during the time of Jesus (includes road paths)

CLICK HERE for a map of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus

CLICK HERE for a picture of Herod’s Palace – 1st century

CLICK HERE for a picture of the second temple model in Jerusalem


Lesson 1

Poster for Luke 1:37

Lesson 2

Poster for Luke 2:11

Lesson 3

Poster for Luke 2:52

Lesson 4

Poster for Luke 3:16

Lesson 5

Poster for Luke 4:1

Lesson 6

Poster for Mark 1:17

Lesson 7

Poster for John 2:11

Lesson 8

Poster for John 3:16

Lesson 9

Poster for John 4:14

Lesson 10

Poster for John 5:9

Lesson 11

Poster for John 6:40

Lesson 12

Poster for Matthew 5:3

Hamburger Printable

Lesson 13

Poster for John 9:5

Lesson 14

Poster for Matthew 13:44

Lesson 15

Poster for John 10:9

Sheep Pen Image

Shepherd Image

Thief Image

Lesson 16

Poster for John 13:15

Charoset Recipe

Passover Information

Lesson 17

Poster for Mark 15:37

Lesson 18

Poster for Matthew 28:6

Lesson 19

Poster for Luke 24:32

Lesson 20

Poster for John 21:12

Lesson 21

Poster for Acts 1:8