3 Tips for Instilling Thankfulness in Our Children

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Grateful quote

I wonder if John D. Rockefeller ever realized that one of his most quoted sayings would be his answer to the question, “How much is enough?” The millionaire responded, “Just a little bit more.”

I don’t know about you, but I do not want my kids to have that mind set. And when parents themselves struggle with desires for materialism, how are we to begin instilling gratefulness and thankfulness in our children?

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3 Tips for Instilling Thankfulness in Our Children — 1 Comment

  1. Great job! I’ve felt the same way as your daughter sometimes (not about the mail lady, though 😀 ). There’s one catalog Grandma gets that my daughter is allowed to look at as long as she only asks for the dress she’s already been given. Works pretty well!
    In some ways it’s far easier when the kids know our resources are so limited we have to save up for necessities like snow boots. I’ve found there is little complaining or longing for luxuries they see other kids have. Just, a few of my boys wish they could get a job at 6…
    Love the outside focus. So much of God’s ways have to do with what we think about. None of our lives are about “me”. Gratitude is a natural product of remembering this.

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