Adam and Eve Object Lesson

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Have you ever had anyone ask, “Why do people do bad things?” Many say there isn’t an easy answer, but is that correct? Those of us with a biblical worldview understand to go to the Bible first when tough questions arise. How would the Bible answer this question? This Adam and Eve object lesson will help.

adam and eve object lesson

** This lesson is adapted from the original found at Mad About Jesus.**

Scripture Focus: Genesis 2-3


  • Candle (Don’t use one like I used. Instead, use a short, fat candle that is not easily tipped over. The kids got really excited during this activity and almost knocked over my candle!)
  • 3 small balloons filled with air
  • 1 balloon filled with water
  • Wet washcloth
  • Candle lighter

Geography: No one knows the exact location of the garden of Eden. But we do know the location of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.


Genesis 1 tells us about Creation and that God made everything. One days one through three, He created the scenery: light, darkness, oceans, atmosphere, and land with vegetation. During days four through six He created the objects that filled the scenery: sun, moon, and stars, ocean animals, birds, and land animals. He also created man on the 6th day. God looked at everything He had made and thought it was good. But when He looked at man, He didn’t say, “It is good.” Instead God said, “It is VERY good.

Bible Lesson for Adam and Eve:

{Put the unlit candle in front of you. Have the balloons beside you out of the way. Read Genesis 2:7-8; 20-22}

In Genesis 2 we are told how God made man. We learn in Genesis 1 that God created all of the other items by speaking. With man, God formed him from the dust of the ground. God then breathed His own breath into the body and humanity was created. He did not do that with animals.

Right from the start people were different from animals and other objects of the creation. In fact, God put people in charge of the animals and the garden.


  • Does this mean we can treat animals poorly and devastate the land? [No.]
  • How would God want us to treat animals? [Allow answers, include, with kindness.]
  • How would God was us to treat the environment? [Allow answers, but help the kids to know we need to be good stewards and use the land responsibly.]

{Read Genesis 3:1-7.}

Adam walked with God in the garden. They had a perfect relationship. Adam named all the animals, but could not find a suitable helper. The Lord caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep and removed one of his ribs. God formed Eve from the rib and presented her to Adam. They lived in the garden and all was peaceful. But there was one tree God said they were not to eat from: The Tree of the Knowledge of God and Evil.

There was a serpent who was crafty, deceitful, and cunning. The snake found Eve in the garden.

{Light the candle.}

adam and eve object lesson

He began to ask her questions and put doubts in her mind as to who God is and what He says. The serpent asked Eve about the fruit on the tree. It was beautiful. It was good for eating.

{Point to the candle.}

Isn’t the candle beautiful? The flame shines and flickers so nicely. Eve saw that the fruit was beautiful, picked the fruit, ate it, and gave some to Adam. He ate it too.


  • What sins Adam and Eve commit? {Allow for answers: disobedience, arrogance, selfishness, pride. As the kids list them, pick up each air-filled balloon and pop it over the candle. Each time the balloon bursts, the candle will blow out. Relight the candle.}

adam and eve object lesson

adam and eve object lesson

{Read Genesis 3:8-19}

God then comes to see Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve hide. They are ashamed. They recognize that they are naked.

{Hold up the rubber of the broken balloons.}

adam and eve object lesson

Their relationship with God was broken. Could Adam and Eve do anything to fix their broken relationship? No. In fact, God had to punish them. They did wrong. They had to leave the perfect garden. Because of the sins of Adam and Eve, women now have great pain when they have babies. So pain and disease entered the world. Weeds, thistles, and plants like kudzu appeared and it was much harder for Adam to garden and work the land. Men now work hard in order to provide for their families.

The snake was cursed as well. God placed hatred between the snake and the children of the woman. In fact, one day that serpent would bite the heel of one of her children, but then that Child would turn around and crush the head of the serpent.


  • Who is the Child that will crush the serpent’s head? [Jesus]

Adam and Eve had babies. Their babies had babies. Every baby that is born has a broken relationship with God. And this is how you and I are. We are born into sin. There is no way we can have a perfect relationship with God because of our sin. This is what it means in the Bible when it says, all have sinned.


  • Can you put the balloons back together? [No.]

Life Application of Adam and Eve:

We can’t fix our broken relationship and God knows that. Right after Genesis 3 happened God began to work on His plan to bring people back to Him.

{Show the water balloon.}

The purpose of the Old Testament is to teach us what God does to fix the relationship problem, to fix our sin problem. The New Testament tells us exactly what to do.


  • What does John 3:16 tell us that God did? [Have the children quote the verse, if possible. If not, say or read the verse to them. God gave us Jesus, His Son.]
  • What do we have to do to have eternal life? [We must believe in Jesus.]
  • What does eternal life mean? [Allow answers. Explain that eternal life means that the relationship with God is no longer broken. We will be with God and Jesus forever.]

God loved the world so much that He sent Jesus. And if we believe in Jesus we will have everlasting life.

{Hold the balloon over the candle. It will not pop.}

adam and eve object lesson

Jesus told us that He is the Living Water. John 7:38 tells us that whoever believes in Jesus has living streams of water that will flow from within him. Jesus lives in us. Like the water in this balloon.


  • If we believe in Jesus, does that mean we never sin? [No.]

{Show the bottom of the balloon. The balloon should be blackened from the candle.}


Christians do sin. And it blackens us. It doesn’t break our relationship with Jesus, but sin harms our relationship with Him. Sin also messes up our relationships with other people. But when Christians sin, we can ask for forgiveness.

{Wipe the black away with the wet washcloth. Not all of it will come off.}

adam and eve object lesson

Jesus is the One who makes us righteous. He is the One who cleanses us from all unrighteousness. We can’t do it. But even though Jesus wipes away our sins, we might have scars left on us because of the consequences of our sins. Then we have to live with the scars of our sin for the rest of our lives.

What can we learn from Adam and Eve? If we want to be a Christian, then we must understand that sin entered the world because of people, and that God fixes the sin problem through Jesus Christ.

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