Jehoshaphat and Jahaziel

King Jehoshaphat and Jahaziel

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King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah had been told that armies from three different nations were all coming together to attack them. Use this Jahaziel and King Jehoshaphat lesson to teach how God gives directions and protection to His people.

Scripture Focus: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30


  • Clear container, or bowl, of water
  • A clear glass
  • Paper towels

 Geography: Southern kingdom of Judah in approximately 870-850 B.C. in the area of En Gedi

 Background: King Jehoshaphat was the king of the southern kingdom of Judah. We are told in chapter 18 that King Ahab, the king of the northern kingdom of Israel, had died. In 2 Chronicles 19, we learn that Jehoshaphat set up an extensive legal system across the kingdom with directions to fear the Lord in all decisions. Jehoshaphat tried to do what was right in the sight of the Lord.

Jahaziel was a Levite, a worship leader, who was given a prophecy through the Spirit of God during the reign of Jehoshaphat.

Jehoshaphat and Jahaziel

Object and Bible Lesson:

{Show the container with water, the glass, and the paper towels. Ask:}

  • Can you think of a way we can submerge the paper towels in the water and NOT get them wet? [Allow for answers, no matter how crazy they may be. Maybe try a few of the ideas that you know will not work.]

We have a problem we need to solve. We want to put the paper towel into the water, but we don’t want it to get wet.

King Jehoshaphat had a problem as well. A big problem. But he was a king who did things right before the Lord. He is a good role model, an example, for us.

{Read 2 Chronicles 20:1-13. Ask:}

  • Who came to battle against Jehoshaphat? [the people of Moab, Ammon, and others]
  • How did Jehoshaphat react? [He was fearful, but he sought the Lord. He had all the people fast and gathered people together to ask the Lord for help.]
  • What do we learn about God through Jehoshaphat’s prayer? [Allow for answers; lead them to see that the king acknowledged that God rules over all the nations, power and might belong to the Lord, God will hear and save.]
  • What do we learn about the king and the people of Judah through his prayer? [Allow for answers; lead them to see that Jehoshaphat claims they have no power over the armies, they do not know what to do, but that they are watching and waiting on God.]
  • Who stood before the Lord? [all of Judah including little children, wives and older children]

{Show the bowl of water.}

Jehoshaphat had a problem. Right now, we do as well. Our problem isn’t nearly as important and dangerous as the king’s but we still need to have a solution.

{Place the paper towel inside the glass.}

King Jehoshaphat and Jahaziel


One solution for us is to place the towel inside the glass before putting the glass straight into the water.


  • Do you think my solution will work? [Allow for answers]

We will wait and see. The people are waiting to see what God is going to do. They believe He will do something they just do not know what.

{Read 2 Chronicles 20:14-30. Be excited and dramatic when you read. Ask:}

  • Who spoke? [A Levite named Jahaziel]
  • What was the first part of his message from God? [Do not be afraid. The battle belongs to the Lord.]
  • What directions through Jahaziel did God give the king? [Go down to the armies. Position yourselves, be still, and see the salvation of the Lord.]
  • How does the king react? [He bowed his face to the ground and worshipped the Lord. All of Judah followed him.]
  • What did the Levites do? [They stood to praise the Lord with loud voices.]
  • What did the people do as they were going down to meet the armies? [Sing and praise God!]
  • What did God do while the people were singing? [He caused the enemy armies to rise up and destroy each other.]
  • Why were the people able to take so much spoil and valuables? [Conquering armies would strip the dead bodies of anything of value to take back to their own country. Because all of the enemy soldiers were slain, when they arrived, the people of Judah were able to walk right in and take the spoil. It took three days to collect it all. Those were some LARGE armies!]
  • What happened on the fourth day? [The people gathered to bless the Lord.]
  • Why did the kingdom of Jehoshaphat become quiet? [The fear of God was upon all of the countries that surrounded Judah.]

God’s message through Jahaziel was one of direction and protection. God told the king what to do and the king obeyed.

{Pick up the glass with the paper towel in it. Be sure the paper towel is balled up in the bottom of the glass so that it doesn’t fall out when you turn it over. Make sure no paper sticks outside the glass. Hold the glass straight, putting it quickly straight down to the bottom of the container. Then carefully pull the glass out, straight up. If done correctly, the paper towel should be dry. Explain all of these directions as you complete the experiment. Be sure to practice this with the EXACT items you will be using to present the lesson.}



The paper towel is dry! We followed the directions and the paper towel was protected.

Bible Application for Jehoshaphat:

Our paper towel was protected, just like God’s people.


  • Can you think of a time when you realized God had protected you or a family member from something? [Allow for answers]
  • Is there a prayer request you have for God? [Allow for answers. Write down the prayer requests and make a point to revisit them next lesson to see if any have been answered. Discuss how God answered the request. Sometimes He does something unexpected.]

God keeps His promises and protects His people. That does not mean bad situations will never happen to us. We live in a fallen world surrounded by people who are sinners. But God promises He uses whatever we go through in life for our good and His glory.

What is God saying through Jahaziel and King Jehoshaphat? Go to God when you are scared. Believe God will do something. Watch for God, praise Him, and just like the people of Judah, you will see a victory.

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