The Crippled Lamb ~ Christmas Book Lesson

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Books are great conversation starters, and this one is no different. The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado can be found at your local public library or church library.

The Crippled Lamb** If reading this book to a group of children, be sensitive to the fact that this deals with physical disabilities, being an orphan, and feeling left out. Talking about God’s sovereignty, purposes, and goodness can be hard ideas for children to grasp.

1) Read the book: The baby lamb, Joshua, doesn’t understand why he has a crippled leg, spots on his wool, and no mother and father. But his friend Abigail continues to tell him that God has a special plan for those who feel left out. As you read the book, God’s plan for Joshua unfolds.

2) Discuss the book:

For younger children – What was the lamb’s name? Who was Joshua’s friend? What animal was she? Why didn’t Joshua get to go to the new hill with the other sheep? What woke up Joshua and Abigail? Who were the people? What did Mary call the baby? What did the man bring to Mary? What did Joshua do to help the baby? Who came back to the stable? What lesson did Joshua learn? What have you learned?

For older children – Describe Joshua. Why did Joshua feel lonely? How did the other sheep treat him? Has anyone treated you that way? Have you treated others that way? What truth did Abigail repeat to Joshua? What was the dream that Joshua dreamed? Why did Mary say that the baby was the answer to his prayers? What lesson did Joshua learn? What have you learned?

3) Discuss the biblical solidarity of the book – This book has one thing that is incorrect. When the shepherds arrived at the stable, where was the baby Jesus? Use your Bible to figure out “where” Jesus should have been to make the story biblically accurate.

Activities for The Crippled Lamb:

Day 9 at Hubbard’s Cupboard

Lamb Hand-print Activity

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