How to Accept Advice and Instruction {1 Kings 12: 1-20}

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Why is it that we have such a hard time accepting advice and instruction? Pride? Arrogance? Self-righteousness? This lesson will explore the Bible story of Rehoboam (1 Kings 12: 1-20) and what happened when he refused sound advice. Being able to handle correction with a good attitude will help us take a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness. {Deuteronomy 5:32}

How to Accept Advice and InstructionScripture Focus: Proverbs 10:17; and 1 Kings 12: 1-20

Materials: blindfold; chair

Free Poster:  Click on the image below and print.

How to Accept Advice and InstructionBackground: 1 Kings 11 tells us about Solomon and some bad choices he made. It also explains who Jereboam was to Solomon. Ahijah was the prophet who told Jereboam what was going to happen in Isreal. Because of the prophecy, Solomon wanted to kill Jereboam. Jereboam fled to Egypt for safety.

Object Lesson for 1 Kings 12: 1-20:

Chose a child to leave the room and put on a blindfold. Tell the remaining children that they will be giving instructions to the blindfolded child directing him to a chair and to sit down. They are not allowed to use the word “chair”. Have the blindfolded child enter the room. Tell him to listen well and that he will not be led astray. Have the children give the directions as the blindfolded one follows. Once the child is in the chair, ask, “Was it easy or hard to listen? Did you trust the information being given to you? Why or why not? Did you succeed, or not?{NOTE: I had one class succeed and one that failed. It made for interesting discussion. Capitalize on it!}

How to Accept Advice and InstructionHow to Accept Advice and InstructionHow to Accept Advice and InstructionBible Lesson for 1 Kings 12: 1-20:

Chapter 12 of 1 Kings tells us that King Solomon died and his son Rehoboam was made king. Jereboam, who had fled from King Solomon, was urged to come back by the people of Israel. He and the people stood before Rehoboam and said, “Your father was very hard on us. Please lighten the load of service and we will serve you.” Rehoboam told Jereboam and the people to give him three days to think about it.

King Rehoboam consulted all of his father’s wise men, the elders. Their advice: Lighten the load and the people will serve you forever!

But King Rehoboam refused this advice and turned to the young men, his friends, with whom he had grown up. Their advice: Tell the people that your little finger is thicker than your father’s waist!

Three days later, Jereboam and the people stood before King Rehoboam. The king answered the people roughly and did not listen to the elders. When this happened, the people responded with, “To your tents, O Israel!” Which means, Revolt! And the people followed Jereboam and not the king. Only the tribe of Judah stayed with King Rehoboam. The other 10 tribes split and became the nation of Israel.

Life Application for 1 Kings 12: 1-20:

King Rehoboam was a new king. The young men were also new to kingdom leadership. When you are “new” to something, that means you don’t know how to do whatever it is very well. The elders had been around a while. They had advised King Solomon and had gained years of leadership experience.

When giving the blindfolded person directions, he had to listen carefully and then follow what was said, or he would fail. Did Rehoboam succeed, or fail, as a king? [Fail]

Rehoboam did not listen to the correct advice and he failed. The same thing can happen to you. Your elders (parents, teachers, Sunday School leaders, Awana leaders) have been around a while and are experienced with life. Even better…they WANT to see all children succeed. They WANT to see you walk the path of godliness that Jesus set up for us.

This is only possible if you have decided to make Jesus your Lord and Master. Salvation is not the end to having a Christian life. Baptism isn’t the end. All of that is just the beginning. God wants to turn each person into the image of Jesus, and he does that by making you more *godly*, or “more like God”. This is something the God wants to do everyday.

But the only way he can work on our hearts and help us “walk a straight path to the chair” is for us to listen to him. God speaks through the Bible and through our elders. At times he can speaks to us through friends your own age, but they are new to life as well, so you have to be careful.

Do you want to succeed in life? or fail? Be sure to listen to advice and instruction.

{Go over the poster with the main verse on it. Explain what it means and have the kids read it 2-3 times with you. Display it in the room throughout this series and read it each week.}

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