How to Create a Faith Journal

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Language is so important. I find it fascinating that the God of the universe chose to use words to communicate his love for us. He spoke and the world came into existence. He speaks continually through the Bible if we would but listen.

I attempt to have a quiet time. It’s hard with little kids in the house 24/7, so I’m trying a new strategy because I really do want to *hear* what my God wants to tell me.

Faith JournalI’ve started creating a Faith Journal. You might find it strange, but I’m not a journal or diary writer. I have notebooks filled with sermon notes and lists of prayer requests, but nothing that really reflects my relationship with Jesus.

One day I will die. So will you. What type of legacy will you be leaving? How will they know what you believe? I have a friend whose brother-in-law recently passed away. When going through his things they found his journals. ALL of his journals. What a blessing to have such tangible evidence of a person’s faith!

Why Should You Have a Faith Journal?

1. To record what God is teaching you
2. To remind you to pray
3. To  keep track of encouraging and meaningful scriptures
4. To write down Truth to remember during rough moments
5. To help you heal during times of hurt
6. To visually see answered prayers
7. To make your faith active
8. To help you focus on what God is saying to you by listening in your spirit

How Do You Keep a Faith Journal?

1. Materials: Notebook (of any kind, spiral, book, lines, no lines, large, or small); fun, colorful pens; highlighters; stickers! (some people even use fun decorative tape or watercolors)

DSC_02052. Content: Be creative as you read scripture, pray, listen to praise music, or sit in the silence. DO NOT make up rules about journaling. If it becomes drudgery, then you will quit. You do not have to journal every day. Here are some ideas:

  • Write a favorite Bible verse from your daily reading
  • Ask yourself questions about the Truth God is teaching you
  • Record things, people, or events for which you are thankful
  • Write your prayers
  • Write, or talk, to yourself
  • Record song lyrics
  • Write down powerful quotes

Examples of Faith Journaling

God made you to be you. So allow your personality to come out when having conversations with the Lord. You may want to write while others doodle, or draw, or paint. It doesn’t matter what you put in your journal. What does matter is that you are in conversation with Jesus.

Here is an exercise for your first journal entry, if you so choose. Think about a tree. What does a tree look like? How does it behave? How does it grow? Of what is it made? What does it need to be healthy? What happens if it breaks?

treeRead Psalm 1.

Now you are ready to journal! Begin by praying and allowing God to talk to you. I love how God uses scripture to talk to his children and tell them Truth!

Here are some examples of journaling through Psalm 1:

Journal CollageOne scripture equals many different ways God speaks to our hearts. Do you see the tree that was made by a child? Even children can keep a Faith Journal.

We are to delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night. Keeping a faith journal is a simple, delightful way to spend time with the God who loves you!

PS. My daughter wanted me to show you her first Faith Journal entry:

JournalingIf a 6 year old can do it, we adults have no excuses!!

For more examples of Faith Journaling, see Devotionals for Moms on Pinterest:
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