Jesus Healed a Blind Man ~ John 9 Object Lesson

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  • To tell events of Jesus healing the blind man {John 9}
  • To recognize that the Jewish Leaders were plotting against Jesus
  • To consider what is meant by “Putting God in a box.”

Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; play dough; play dough mold

Geography: Jerusalem

Background: Jesus was in Jerusalem to celebrate a feast. More and more people were following Him and bringing the sick and diseased for Him to heal. The words that Jesus taught showed an authority that baffled many and they wondered if He could be the Christ. The Jewish Leaders continued to watch Jesus and engaged in conversations where they might trap Him saying something wrong. Nicodemus, the one who had come to Jesus at night, argued for Jesus and against the Pharisees at one point. The Bible tells us that Nicodemus became “one of them”, which would be a follower of Jesus.

Main Events of Jesus Healed a Blind Man:

{Hold up the play dough and the mold. Have a conversation while you make the mold impression.} What happens if I squish the play dough onto the mold? [It becomes the shape of the mold.] Can I make more than one shape? [Yes, out of more play dough.] Can I put the molded play dough back into the mold? Will it fit? [Yes.] Let’s pretend we are the Pharisees and we have an idea of Who God is. We have studied and studied the scriptures. We want to please God in all things. Now let’s say the play dough is Jesus. The Pharisees wanted Jesus, and expected the Messiah, to fit into their little mold. They wanted Him to do exactly what they thought He should do. The problem is that we are not in charge of this world. God is.

blind man

Over and over Jesus tried to explain to the Pharisees, and whoever was listening, Who He was and Who sent Him. But that didn’t fit the mold. So when Jesus healed a blind man, it caused a real stink.

Jesus and the disciples passed by a blind man who was begging for money. The disciples asked Jesus, “Who sinned? The man, or his parents?” They thought bad things happened to people because of sins they committed. Why do bad things happen in this world? {Because we live in a fallen world, an imperfect world.} Sometimes we do things though that make bad things happen because actions have consequences. But when bad things happen for no apparent reason, we must remember that we live in a world that is fallen.

Jesus explained to the disciples that the man was not blind because of sins from the man or his parents, but that the man was blind so God could glorify Himself. That was the reason why God allowed this man to be blind since birth. Jesus spat on the ground, made some mud, placed the mud on the man’s eyes, and then told him to go wash in the pool of Siloam. The man washed and then came back seeing. God was glorified!

But then people started questioning what happened. “Surely this isn’t the same man?” They asked. “This must be someone else.” They couldn’t believe that such a miracle could happen. They would not listen to the man’s testimony. The people took the man before the Pharisees. It didn’t help Jesus at all that He had healed the man on the Sabbath Day. The Pharisees asked the man what had happened. He told his story once again. The Pharisees claimed that no man of God would heal on the Sabbath Day. {Hold up the mold.} Jesus wasn’t fitting into their mold. The Pharisees called the parents of the blind man before them to see if this man truly had been blind since birth. The parents were intimidated because the Pharisees were going to “put out” of the synagogue anyone who claimed Jesus as the Christ.

The parents told the Pharisees to talk to their son. He was old enough to answer for himself. So again, the man was brought before the Pharisees. He told his story again. “One thing I know,” the man said, “I once was blind, but now I see!” After more arguing, the Pharisees cast him out of the synagogue.

Then Jesus found him. Jesus asked the man, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” The man who was once blind replied that he did believe and he worshiped Jesus.

Life Application of Jesus Healed a Blind Man:

It is so great to know that Jesus will find us when we have been cast away. That man had been telling the truth, but because what happened did not fit into the mold of the Pharisees, they cast him away.

People cannot argue away your personal relationship and experiences with Jesus. They cannot refute it. They can cast you away, ignore you, mock you, and hurt you, but they cannot change the truth that Jesus does things that are unexplained and unexpected in your life.

But sometimes when we have a need, and we go to Jesus with it, we expect Him to answer our prayer exactly how WE want it to be answered. {Hold up the mold.} We try to fit Jesus into our mold. Some people call this “putting God into a box.” But scripture tells us that God wants to do immeasurably more than anything we can imagine. It’s like He wants to do “more than more than” we can imagine. And waiting and watching God do “more than more than” can be amazing!!

Do you have a prayer before the Lord right now? Expect Him to do “more than more than” with your request.

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