Jesus in the Wilderness ~ Object Lesson

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So many things in the world tempt us and our kids. There are good things that tempt and evil things that tempt. The goal is for our kids to recognize WHEN they are being tempted and then what to do about it. This fun Jesus in the Wilderness Object Lesson uses candy to discuss the difference between temptation and sin, and how to battle the enemy.

This fun Jesus in the Wilderness Object Lesson uses candy to discuss the difference between temptation and sin, and how to battle the enemy.

Focus Scripture: Luke 4:1-13


  • a package of your favorite candy (mine is M&Ms!)
  • a bowl

Geography: Jordan River

Background: The people wondered if John was the Messiah. But he told them that One would be coming Who would baptize with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and not with water. One day Jesus showed up at the Jordan River to be baptized. John said, “It is I who should be baptized by You!” But Jesus told him that He needed John to baptize Him to “fulfill all righteousness.” After Jesus was baptized, the heavens opened up. The Holy Spirit took on the form of a dove and flew down to Jesus. God the Father spoke from heaven saying, “You are My beloved Son, in You I am well-pleased.

Object and Bible Lesson for Jesus in the Wilderness:

[Open the candy and pour it all into a bowl.]

Mmmmmm…this is my favorite candy. I really love to eat this candy, but because I have to teach my lesson, the bowl is going to have to sit here while I teach.

[Look longingly at the bowl.]

I sure do love this candy. Maybe I can have just one piece. It wouldn’t hurt anything. You wouldn’t even know I took one because there are SOOO many pieces left. But no, I said I’d leave the candy alone until I was finished.

{Read Luke 4:1-4, and discuss it as you go. Ask:}

  • Who is in this story? [Jesus and the devil]
  • Where are they? [In the wilderness]
  • When did this happen? [Just after Jesus was baptized]
  • Why did Jesus go? [He was led by the Spirit.]
  • What has happened so far? [Jesus was baptized; He was tempted by the devil; Jesus ate nothing for 40 days; The devil tells Jesus to turn stones to bread; Jesus gives an answer.]
  • How does Jesus answer? [Jesus used scripture.]

{Read Luke 4:5-8, and discuss it as you go. Ask:}

  • Where are they? [a high place]
  • When did this happen? [Just after Jesus was tempted to turn stones into bread.]
  • Why did Jesus go? [He was led by the devil {Isn’t that interesting!}]
  • What did the devil do? [Showed Jesus all of the kingdoms on the world; told Jesus he would give him authority over all the kingdoms if Jesus would worship him.]
  • How does Jesus answer? [Jesus used scripture.]

{Read Luke 4:9-13, and discuss it as you go. Ask:}

  • Where are they? [the highest point of the temple in Jerusalem]
  • When did this happen? [Just after Jesus was tempted by the kingdoms of the world]
  • Why did Jesus go? [He was led by the devil.]
  • What did the devil do? [Asked Jesus to throw Himself off the top so the angels would catch Him; quoted scripture to Jesus]
  • How does Jesus answer? [Jesus used scripture.]


Life Application of Jesus in the Wilderness:

{Smell the candy.}

Hmmm…the lesson is almost over.


  • Can I go ahead and eat one? Just one? [No. That wasn’t the plan. The lesson must be over.]

We must not budge when it comes to temptation. We must do what is right.

  • How did Jesus succeed? [He quoted scripture.]
  • Do you know of any scriptures that I could use to help me not eat my candy during the lesson? [Allow for answers, but lead the kids to say what Jesus said, “We shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.]

Jesus knew enough scripture to be able to quote exactly the Truth He needed when He needed it. The Holy Spirit was able to bring to His mind what He needed for strength. And what is so amazing is that we have this same help when WE need it!


  • How much scripture do you have memorized? [Allow for answers, but lead the children to recognize that MANY different types of situations can use the same scriptures…but if they don’t have it memorized, then the Holy Spirit doesn’t have anything to work with. He won’t be able to have the scripture come to their minds if it isn’t hidden in their hearts.]

Once we decide to believe in Jesus and live totally for Him, the Holy Spirit resides, lives, inside of us. And whenever we need help, the Holy Spirit is waiting for us. So many times we walk around in defeat, or we continue to try to do life in our own power and defeat temptations on our own. It won’t work.

This fun Jesus in the Wilderness Object Lesson uses candy to discuss the difference between temptation and sin, and how to battle the enemy.

But if you are reading your Bible, memorizing scripture, and thinking about how God can use that scripture in your life, then you are giving the Holy Spirit weapons against the Tempter.

Satan wants you to fail. He wanted Jesus to bow down to him. But because Jesus beat the Devil and rose from the grave, Satan has no power over you…IF you believe in Jesus AND know His word.


  • Did Jesus sin when He was tempted? [No]

The temptation itself is not the sin. It’s the ACT of doing the temptation. Temptation always looks good.

{Show the candy. Ask:}

  • Am I sinning by holding the bowl? [No]
  • Am I sinning by talking about eating the candy? [No]
  • {Pick up a piece of candy.} Am I sinning by holding the piece of candy? [No]
  • Am I being tempted? [Yes]
  • What would I have to do to sin? [Actually eat a piece of candy]
  • Is eating candy sinful? [No]
  • So why would my eating THIS candy be sinful? [Allow for answers, guide the children to see that eating the candy would go against what you said you were going to do at the beginning. You would be untrustworthy because you did not do what you said you were going to do.]
  • If I was to sit here and eat this entire bowl of candy, what would happen? [I’d get sick, gain weight, be a glutton.]
  • What does sin do? [Allow for answers, it hurts those who sin and those around the sinner.]

Temptation can look really nice, fancy, fun, and exciting…but in Truth, it’s yucky, evil, and goes against the heart of God.

What can we learn from Jesus in the Wilderness? Prepare for the battle with Satan by reading and memorizing scripture. Then when temptation is in your face, call on the Holy Spirit. He’ll be waiting for you.

This lesson is a part of The Jesus Storybook Bible Hands-On Activities. To view more lessons from other bloggers that match this children’s Bible, please click the link below.

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11 thoughts on “Jesus in the Wilderness ~ Object Lesson”

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  2. I did the “Jesus in the wilderness” object lesson. I used mini Oreo cookies instead. This was a big hit for the children and me. The children really stayed focus on what was being taught and understood how to resist temptation. Again, I am so pleased with Future Flying Saucers. I like to go to one place and get all the resources I need.

    1. futureflyingsaucers

      Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 I so much want these resources to be helpful to people, so I appreciate the feedback. Thank YOU for teaching kids about Jesus! <3

  3. We did this lesson tonight, thank you!!! We used home made chocolate chip cookies, the smell tempted us all…this was a great illustration. Thank you again!!! Wonderful lesson!

    1. futureflyingsaucers

      Oh Wow! Yes! The smell of cookies is wonderful. What a great way to do this lesson. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. I used this lesson 0n Feb. 4, 2018. So easy to do because of your detailed plans. At this point my class is small–am praying for and trusting God for families and friends to bring children to the Sunday School hour–,but the plans fit a class of one to many. Oh, I used popcorn and Skittles.

  5. Hello
    I really appreciate you sharing your Bible lesson plans. I am preparing to use this lesson in my children’s Sunday school class this Sunday. It is a great lesson plan for many reasons! It is kid friendly, not too lengthy, has an object, the children experience what you are teaching, it can be taught to a wide range of ages and group sizes, and best of all…you walk them through the scriptures! Thank you again so much for your labor and for sharing. May God bless you!

  6. I apologize! I just realized that I posted a comment in the middle of the night your time! I am a missionary in Europe, so I am already into my Friday work day! LOL Sorry and thanks again!

    1. futureflyingsaucers

      LOL! This is one reason why I LOVE having this ministry blog!! People around the world can get the resources they need, when they need them!

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