Languages + Fastforward to Moses (Genesis 10 and 11, etc)

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Tower of Babel


Materials: map of fertile crescent including Africa and Mediterranean countries; timeline pictures from Tower of Babel to Moses; cards with Greek words (tele, therm, micro, metr, and scop)


the fertile crescent, Ur, Egypt


Noah was found to be righteous in God’s eyes. The Lord told him what he was going to do. There was going to be a flood and Noah was to build himself an ark. Everyone and everything died. But Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their wives were spared.

Main Events of Genesis 10 and 11:

After Noah and his family disembarked from the ark, God told them to multiply and spread across the earth. Time passed. Babies were born. Families were formed. And…they were still in one place. Read Genesis 11:1-9. How many languages are there in the beginning? (one) What does God mean when He says, “Let US go down?” (God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit were all there.)

God is not a God of chaos. He is a God of order. There was confusion when the language was changed, however, the languages were changed by families and clans. Read Genesis 10. These are the nations which were developed at the tower of Babel. There were around 75 different clans, or nations. The family of Shem stayed in the land where they were. They spread out some, but mainly stayed put. The family of Japeth moved north and west into the coastal areas around the Mediterranean Sea. The family of Ham moved West and South, settling Egypt and other countries in Africa. {Show these places on the map.} DSC_0036 (2)

Over the years, people spread and languages changed. Even our English words come from other languages. {Show the Greek cards to the children. See if they can build the English words out of the Greek ones.} Language, vocabulary, reading, and writing are important!!

{Hit on the main points of the remaining chapters of Genesis. Use timeline cards.}

1. God spoke to Abram and made a covenant with him. God would give Abram a great Name, Nation, Land, and all families of the world would be blessed through him.
2. Abraham’s son was Isaac. Isaac’s son was Jacob. Jacob had 12 sons. The next to youngest was Joseph.
3. Joseph was hated by his brothers and sold into slavery in Egypt.
4. After warning Pharaoh about his dream, Joseph was made number 2 leader in the land.
5. The famine hit  and Joseph’s family came to Egypt seeking food.
6. Family was reunited. Pharaoh allowed the Israelites to live in the land of Goshen. This was the best land in Egypt.
7. The family grew. 400 years go by.DSC_0039 (2)
8. A new kingdom, a new Pharaoh ruled who did not know Joseph. He enslaved the Hebrew people.
9. Moses was born, pulled from the river by the Egyptian princess, and raised in the palace.
10. Moses ran away to Moab, God called him back to lead the people out of Egypt.
11. Moses went to Pharaoh. He refused to let the people go.
12. God sent 10 plagues.
13. Pharaoh set the people free…and the Exodus took place.

Life Application of Languages:

Wycliff Associates tell us that there are about 7,000 languages in the world today. They also mention that under 2,000 have the written scriptures. The written word is so important. Why? because God chose to speak to us through words. Language! Throughout the ages there have been those who have tried to wipe out the Bible. Books have been burned. Bibles were not allowed to be translated. But the word of the Lord stands forever! God’s plan to save the world cannot be stopped.

What Truth did you learn from this lesson?

*** Another great resource: The Tower of Babel and Language Translation at the Bible-Science Guy

****The lovely clip art is from Masaru at Christian Clip Arts.


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