Make a Poster Map of the Roman Empire (Acts)

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As we study the book of Acts, it becomes apparent that maps are helpful. The early church is spreading over the known world. If we want to have a deeper level of knowledge about what was going on, then we need to *see* the scripture as the gospel travels worldwide.

Map of the Roman EmpireChildren need this as well as adults. Many of Paul’s travels make more sense when you know where he is located. Acts 9:26, I think, is the verse where Bible students need to begin pulling out their maps and pens. The church is about to “explode” and it is so fun to watch the map as scripture is studied!

The end of Acts chapter 9 has some small, but important, stories that involve the two main pillars of the early church. Saul managed to escape from Damascus with the help of disciples lowering him down the wall in a basket. He then proceeded to go back to Jerusalem. He tried to join the disciples, but they were scared of him. (For good reason!)

Enter Barnabas, the Son of Encouragement! Evidently, somehow, he knew Saul’s story and he went with Saul and told his story to the apostles. THEN the apostles welcomed Saul into the church and he preached Jesus in Jerusalem. When the apostles found out that there were death threats against Saul, they sent him home to Tarsus.

Peter had been in Samaria and was traveling throughout the country. He healed a paralyzed man in Lydda and then was brought to Joppa when a lady disciple name Tabitha, or Dorcus, had died. Peter, through the power of Jesus, brought Tabitha back to life. Many people believed and Peter stayed at the house of Simon, a tanner.

And now the stage is set. The church is about to spread like wildfire, and there is nothing that can stop the apostles from turning the world upside down for Jesus.


If you need an awesome map, you can print out this one from I wanted a poster size map, and because I don’t use a boxed curriculum, I had to create my own. So I used this map and turned into a poster.

Make a Poster Map of the Roman Empire

1) Enlarge the map: If you have the funds, then you can take the map image to your local office store and have them turn the image into a poster. They can even laminate it for you. Personally, I have found that to be expensive, and I’m cheap.

Map of the Roman Empire
Map used by permission from

My husband found which allows you to take an image, enlarge it, and then print the poster in sections from your own printer. We enlarged the map and it printed into 8 sheets.

2) Cut the map: When the map pages print, there is a small board around the sides.

3) Laminate: At this point, you can tape your poster together and take it to the office store to be laminated. OR if you have a small laminator at home as I do, you can laminate each page. I laminated each, trimmed down the edges and then used clear packing tape to put all of the pieces together.

Map of the Roman EmpireInstant poster map!!

I plan on using this map for the remaining lessons in Acts. So I created little (literally!) Bible men figures to use for Peter and Paul as they travel. I used a male Bible Stick Puppets pattern and turned them into Peter and Paul. {To make them small, like the ones I have, you will need to shrink the pattern on a copier. I happen to have one in my home, but the library is a great source for copiers!}

Map of the Roman EmpireAs we discuss the explosion of the church and Paul’s travels, then the little figures will move around the map.

This activity will allow children to learn map skills, the difference between the Roman world and the maps of today, and Bible knowledge.

You may now find Tarsus on your map!


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