Paper Folding Salvation Lesson Printable

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One of my most popular lessons is the Paper Folding Salvation Lesson. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to those of you who have tried the lesson out and shared it to make it so popular.

I kept noticing on my stats that people were clicking on the pictures to make them larger to see how to follow the directions. So now I have made it easy for you.

You can download all of the pictures and directions. For FREE. Just click on the image below:

paper folding salvation lesson printable




Paper Folding Salvation Lesson Printable — 8 Comments

  1. Goodness, is there anything you can’t do? You sure are a fun Mom! Have you changed your website address? I wondered why I wasn’t receiving any more of your posts? Good to have found you again. Blessings my friend,

    • I have my own domain now. But I thought my WP followers would still get my posts. I guess not. 🙁 Email subscriptions are the way to not miss anything. Thank you for your sweet words! There are days, like today, when I don’t feel very fun. LOL

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