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The kids (4.5 and 3 years old) and I enjoy reading chapter books while they eat lunch. We’ve read around 4-5 so far this year. We just started Little Pilgrim’s Progress by Helen L. Taylor yesterday and we are loving it!

Pilgrim's ProcessTaylor’s book takes John Bunyon’s classic book, Pilgrim’s Progress, and rewrites it into everyday language and the characters are children instead of adults.

So we are reading about Little Christian and his journey to the Celestial City to see the King. Along the way he meets many characters, some who help and some who hinder, his journey.

Most of the resources I found were for older kids and adults, but I will adapt and see what happens. I’ve found these resources for help. I like FREE resources, but I know there are some out there that can be bought.

1) Activity pages for K-6 (Scroll down to find) written by a church for their Sunday School Curriculum.

2) Coloring pages

3) A COLOR! Copy of the map that shows Christian’s journey.

4) A Homeschool Unit of Bunyon’s original story.

6) Pilgrim’s Progress Lapbook Guide

6) The John Bunyon Story DVD from the Torch Lighters Series. Under resources, the website includes a Teacher and Student guide to the video along with other fun items.

It’s a start! Off we go to journey to the Celestial City to see the King!!

**Update: The kids really did love this book, although I think the deeper Truths are harder for them to pars out of the reading. The story aspect of this book is phenomenal and the kids enjoyed it. Once the kids are older, we will read the book again.

I used many of the coloring pages and had the kids color them and put them into a notebook as we read the book. That was simple enough.

We watched the Bunyon DVD *after* reading the book, and the kids found it exciting that they new about the story Bunyon had written.

*** The image used in the title image is from the Coloring Books from Bunyon Ministries


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