Victory in Jesus: Bible Object Lessons about Jesus for Kids {Paperback}

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This book is perfect for parents, Sunday School teachers, volunteers, church leaders, homeschooling, chapel services, and anyone else who teaches the Bible to children from ages 5 to 12.

Victory in Jesus creates interactive learning through 21 object lessons with dialogue and questions that cause kids to think critically about scripture. And the lessons are…FUN!

Each lesson includes: Materials, Geography, Background, Object Lesson, Bible Lesson, and Life Application.

10 reviews for Victory in Jesus: Bible Object Lessons about Jesus for Kids {Paperback}

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    Amanda Adams

    I enjoyed going through these object lessons. They were simple and were easy to understand. I love how Anne adds in the background information and the geographical places for each lesson. This helps make it a well rounded bible lesson. I gave it a 4 star because these are short lessons. Our children’s church classes are one and a half to two hours long. If we were to use these lessons we would have to find more activities to fill the time with. However, being a homeschooling mom; I am going to use these lessons with my kids at home because they are perfect for a morning devotional time together.

  2. Jamie P.

    I really love Victory in Jesus: Bible Object Lessons about Jesus for Kids. I like that implementation of the lessons are simple and do not require me to have lots of supplies in my home. I use this to teach within my family, in hopes that someday we will be able to share these lessons with others. Our family really appreciates the author’s authenticity, direct teaching from God’s Word and thorough lesson plans. I appreciate that she provides a comment box at the end of each lesson for the Bible Teacher to reflect on what went well, what could be tweaked or changed for next time around. It really creates so much joy when you have a quality curriculum to share with children, because it provides ample time for the teacher to self examine themself and pray over the lesson. We have purchased all of Anne Marie’s books, they have been a great source of encouragement and spiritual growth in our home. I pray it will do the same for you. We started using her books when our child was 5 years old.

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    Robin Rexroad

    If we do not explain the purpose of Scripture to children, then you & I have failed as Bible teachers.” This quote from Victory in Jesus describes this book in a nutshell. Anne Marie Gosnell has a heart for the next generation. This book is an awesome tool to help children’s ministry workers introduce children to Jesus in a fun,creative way. The lessons are easy to understand, with great applications for each lesson. It’s not enough for a child to understand the Bible story, but to be able to apply the principles to his or her life. Victory in Jesus is easy to understand, with creative object lessons that are easy to do.
    Victory in Jesus will be an awesome addition to your children’s ministry!

  4. Heidi Miller-Ford

    Anne Marie Gosnell from Future Flying Saucers has done it again! She has created an amazing Bible study for kids ages 5-12. This time she is teaching about the life of Jesus. I love that she uses object lessons making the concepts more concrete. My children always learn better this way.

    Two of my favorite lessons are the nativity and the timeline of Jesus as a child. So many people have the wrong facts about the birth of Jesus and this does an excellent job of helping children see the facts straight from the Bible. The next chapter helps lay out a visual timeline of these events, which gives a clear picture of how they played out.

    Every chapter has a free poster, which can be downloaded from her site to use alongside the lesson. There are also geography and life application lessons included to make them meaningful to the child’s life.

    Not only does Victory in Jesus teach your children about the Bible, but it’s also a great resource for Sunday School teachers and homeschool parents to improve their teaching skills. There is a section to reflect on how the lesson went and what can be better the next time.

    If you are looking for a Bible study for your class or homeschool, this one is fantastic! I loved Walk This Way and was excited to try Victory in Jesus. It’s a toss up, but this one might be even better.

  5. Laura Baker

    This book of perfect for mixed age groups! Our church has kids from ages 3-12 in our children’s church time and their favorite thing is object lessons. They love the visual representation of the lessons and the discussion questions can go from simple to complex depending on your group ages. The book gives clear, easy directions and minimal prep time which is an A+ for my busy teachers. The older kids can dive deeper with the geographical information provided. My favorite feature is the Life Application of the lessons. It’s sometimes hard to relate Bible time themes to today’s kids, and the author makes that a piece of cake! This is a great addition to my library!

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    Victoria Davis

    This is an excellent book for teaching children’s church or Sunday school kids about Jesus. I have purchased previous books from this author and cherish each one. This new book doesn’t disappoint. This book has a very simple format. There is a brief description of what the main objective of the lesson is, the object lesson, the Bible connection and then a life application. There is even a comments section at the end of each lesson to help you improve in teaching it in the future. My favorite part of the book is the Life application part. The author does a wonderful job of bringing the Bible account to life and offers a practical application that is easily understood by kids. I highly recommend this book if you are a Children’s ministry teacher!!!

  7. Serena Wade-Harrington

    There are many lessons that children need to learn as they go through life. In my opinion, one of the most important lessons for a child to learn is who Jesus is. This book tackles that task in a way that is easy for both parents and teachers to use. The book is set up as a teacher’s guide and provides plenty of information to help the user teach the lessons. It includes tips on how to teach the lessons, additional resources and an overview of the purpose of each section.

    Each lesson about Jesus is broken up into 5 parts. It starts with introductory information for the teacher. This provides the context for the lesson including the geography and background of relevant events. The next section is the object lesson. These object lessons are easy to setup, easy to understand and still able to hold a child’s attention. The bible lesson is the next part. In this section, relevant scripture is read and the summarized. There are also discussion questions to help engage the children and increase their understanding. The final section for the children is the life application. This connects what was learned in the lesson to real life. This is an awesome way to make sure that the children see the point behind the lesson and know how to use it after they have finished the lesson. The final section of each chapter is a place for teachers to reflect on how the lesson went.

    Overall I believe that this is and excellent resource for teachers that could also be used for family bible studies. The time to implement and setup is minimal and the resources needed are either easy to find such as a picture or provided digitally such as the posters.

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    Nicole W.

    This book is an invaluable resource!! Anne Marie has taken the footwork out of leading Bible lessons for children by providing all the resources needed to get children engaged in God’s Word in a tangible way. She provides you with the pictures and historical background needed in order to teach thoroughly and effectively. Each lesson has a “what is needed” section, the verses that are used in the teaching, background, object lesson, questions to help children think about what God’s Word is saying and to help the teacher know if the children are grasping what is being taught as well as an area to jot down notes for things that worked/could be done differently, etc. I have used Anne Marie’s Object Lessons in all grades – Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade and they are always enjoyed and I have seen many “a-ha” moments with the older students. This book will be a blessing to you and your ministry.

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    There are a number of things I love about this book! It’s simple and straightforward, very doable to teach! The questions are engaging and challenge critical thinking. What I love most about these lessons are that every lesson points to Jesus and salvation, the most important concept we can teach kids. I can tell a lot of time and thought has been put into writing these lessons and they are biblically sound.

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    Karen Waide

    I love that this Bible Study uses object lessons to teach about Jesus. To me this is significant because Jesus himself was always using object lessons and parables to teach the lessons he wanted the people to learn.
    Victory in Jesus: Bible Object Lessons About Jesus for Kids is the first book I have read by Anne Marie Gosnell, and I am really enjoying using it with my children, and hope to be able to use it in our church. I’m also hoping to have a chance to get my hands on some of her previous releases.
    There are a total of 21 lessons plus introductory information at the beginning of the book, and helpful information at the end, such as how to lead a child to Christ. The lessons themselves span from the Annunciation to after Jesus’ death and resurrection when his disciples were to go out and make disciples of the nations. They can take around 20-30 minutes to complete, and are appropriate for children ages 5-12 years old. My children are 7, 9, 11, and 12 years old, so I can attest to the fact that this is an appropriate age.
    The lessons all follow the same format and include background information to set the stage, geography information to help you figure out where the story is taking place, the object lesson which uses common objects, just like Jesus used, the Bible lesson with the Scripture focus, the Life Application section that helps the children connect the lesson to their lives and see how the object lesson applies, plus each lesson concludes with a comment box where you, as the teacher or parent, can record your thoughts on what went well and where you could have done better.
    The questions that are asked during the Bible lessons help the children to think through what they have heard in the Bible reading. I appreciate that the author includes the answers in italics.
    I think this book is a great way to teach children about Jesus and the salvation he gives us if we believe in him. You will read Scripture, and the author makes sure to impress upon the reader that you should allow the children to find the Scripture, to see that these events happened in the Bible. And Anne also helps you to explain what is happening in the Bible events.

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