Simple Names of Jesus Christmas Salvation Message

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Names of Jesus

Materials: small Christmas tree; Adornaments 

[As you go through each name of Jesus, add the ornament to the tree.]

Why are names important? [They tell you what to call something; they describe something] Names in Bible times were very important. Most of the time, family names were passed from father to son. Many times names were given to a baby to describe physical or personality traits. Some names even referred to what the child would be like in the future. Can you think of some people in the Bible who had their names changed? [Abram-Abraham; Sarai-Sarah; Jacob-Israel]

One person, in scripture, who is called by many names, is Jesus. He even called Himself by many names. And all of the names of Jesus teach us more about who He is.

Names of Jesus Object lesson1. Immanuel – This means “God with us.” Jesus left His glory in heaven and came to this earth to take on our human form. We start out as a baby, so He did as well. We grow up. So did He. Because he went through many of the same physical developments we do, He can empathize with us as we grow.DSCN1466 He was perfect. We are not.

2. The Door – Jesus called Himself “The Door” because He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Him. We must believe in Him and walk through the door to receive the gift of eternal life.

DSCN14673. The Vine – He is the vine. We are the branches. If branches are cut off from the vine, they die. Jesus is what gives us life eternally.DSCN1468

4. The Giver of Living Water – Jesus told the woman at the well that if she drank from the Living Water that she would never thirst again. How long can people live without water? [not very long; 2-3 days] Water gives life. Without it we die. Jesus gives life. Without Him we die apart from God.

DSCN14695. The Light of the World – Jesus is the Light that shines in the darkness of a world full of sin. What happens when a light is turned on in a dark room? [the darkness disappears] Only Jesus is the One who can make the blackness of our sin go away.DSCN1470

6. The Bright and Morning Star – Who followed the star to Bethlehem? [The Magi] Who are we to follow? [Jesus] We are to follow His ways, read and know His words, and follow His commands.

DSCN14717. The Lion from the Tribe of Judah – Jesus was a descendant of Judah, Jacob’s son, to whom the promise of God was passed through generations before Jesus was born. Jesus was the answer to that promise. What is a lion like? [strong; king of the jungle; majestic; protective; a royal symbol] It is important for us to remember that Jesus is holy, majestic, strong, and protective of His children.DSCN1472

8. The Lamb of God – What story of the Bible do you think of when you hear this name? [The Passover] The Hebrews sacrificed the lambs and put blood over “The Doors.” The lamb was to be without blemish, perfect. Jesus was perfect and when He died on the cross He was sacrificed for our sins.

DSCN14739. The Good Shepherd – Why do sheep need a shepherd? [sheep aren’t very smart; they cannot find their own food or water; they get eaten by predators] Jesus is our Shepherd. He knows things that we don’t. We aren’t too smart sometimes. We can make bad decisions. If we listen to His voice through the Holy Spirit, then He can guide us onto the paths He wants us to go. We just have to follow Him. DSCN1474

10. King or Kings and Lord of Lords – Historically and Biblically, who is usually named as the greatest king ever? [Solomon] But Jesus is even greater than Solomon because Jesus is God. There is no person greater than Jesus. He is the Only King. And all other nations and leaders will bow down to Him one day.

DSCN149311. The Bread of Life – How long can people live without food? [maybe a week] Food gives our bodies what it needs to work properly. Without food or certain nutrients, our body can become sick. If we don’t read God’s word and take it into our hearts, then we can become spiritually hungry. We will lack what we need to survive in this world. We are to read the word; taste and see that the Lord is good. DSCN1475

12. Savior – Are you excited about opening presents? [yes!] There is one gift you need to know about. Why do people need a Savior? [because we are sinful and cannot have a relationship with God because of that sin.] For God loved the world so much that he GAVE His son…to take our place on the cross. All you have to do is accept God’s gift of Jesus by believing in Him. Confess with your mouth that Jesus will be your Lord and King and you will be saved.

DSCN1476DSCN148913. Good News – The angels told the shepherds the “good news of great joy!” A baby had been born who would be the Messiah, the Savior of God’s people. When Jesus went up to heaven, He told his disciples to go out and preach the gospel (Good News!) to all people. If you have Jesus in your heart, if He has saved you from your sins, then Christmas is a great time to tell others about the Good News. Jesus is not a gift for us to keep for ourselves, but one that we freely give to others.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!! The real gift is you!!



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