Creation Object Lesson

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There are times when Christians are accused of not thinking logically. Christians are accused of not looking at evidence. What these accusations are really doing is pointing out that Christians have a different worldview. Instead of looking at the world and then making decisions, Christians look to the Bible first and then make decisions about the world around them.

Christians should have a different worldview. This Creation Object Lesson will help you teach a foundational worldview lesson to children.

Scripture Focus: Genesis 1


Create a Lego creation. I had a helicopter and a boat made for me. Then have a bowl of loose legos.

Geography: None

Background: The Creation Story is the source of much discord and many arguments in our world. It is important to realize that one’s view of creation will either enhance or destroy a faith in God.

Object Lesson:

{Show the children the spelling letters. Spread them out on the table and move them around to spell the word, “CREATION.” Then pick up the letters.}

Creation Object Lesson

I am going to drop these letters and the word CREATION will be spelled again.

{Drop the letters. They should be in random order.}

creation object lesson


  • Did the letters spell the word CREATION? [No]
  • Why not? [Allow for answers.]
  • How can we get the letters to form the word again? [Use our hands and brains to spell the word.]

Those letters could not rearrange themselves to make any sense. We had to do that. We had to know the order of the letters so the word would be correct. A word is created because of letter rules and vocabulary. Chaos cannot create order.


Creation object lesson

{Show the created lego model and ask:}

  • Did someone make this? [Yes.]
  • How do you know? Did you see the person make it? [Allow for answers. They will probably say that they know because the model could not be made by itself.]

I want you to make one of these Lego models. I want you to make your own Legos and then make the model.

{The children will argue that they cannot do that. Show the bowl of loose Legos and ask:}

  • Can you make legos out of nothing? [No]
  • If you speak to this pile of Legos will they create the model? [No]
  • Try it. On the count of “3” I want everyone to say, “Legos make a model [whatever the model example is]. Ready? [Allow children to say the words.]
  • Why did this not work? [Allow for answers.]

You have to use your fingers and materials, such as legos, to create something. You have to use your brain and imagination. You are a designer because you can create objects or paintings, or pictures.

God is the ultimate Creator. He is all powerful!! God created with Intelligent Design. Everything God created has a purpose and everything has its place.

Bible Lesson for Creation:

We need agree to a set of basic rules before we begin this lesson. First, we need to state that God exists. (Psalm 14:1) Second, we need to state that the Bible is from God. Not some parts, but all parts. (2 Timothy 3:16) Lastly, we need to state that God is all-powerful. (Matthew 19:26)

{As you list each truth, ask the children if they agree with it. Explain it if needed.}

These foundational truths are important because the scriptures that tell us about how the world was made and how people were created are pretty unbelievable. In fact, they are so unbelievable that many people say that Genesis 1 and 2 are descriptive like a poem and are not factual.

Many scientists state that creation cannot be correct because it does not reflect scientific fact.

Let’s go back to our basic rules and we need to think logically. If God exists, and the Bible is from God, and God is all powerful, then let us read what Genesis tells us about how the world was created. It must be true.

{Read Genesis 1:1-27. Use the ESV Bible if possible. Draw on the board what happens as God creates it.}


  • Does the Bible tell us exactly how God made everything? []
  • Does the Bible tell us Who created the universe? []
  • How long is one day? [24 hours]
  • For each day, the Bible says, “And it was morning and it was evening.” Why? [God wants us to know that it took Him 24 hours to create on each day.]
  • Where people around when God created the universe? [No.]
  • If people were not around when God created the universe, then how do we know what happened? [If you believe the Bible, then you know what happened. If a person does not believe in the Bible, then they do not know what happened.]

Christians are accused for not thinking about creation in a scientific manner. What many people do not understand is that Christians look to the Bible first and then at science because God created science. Science does not create God.

Life Application:

There have been many scientists over the years who knew that there was a God and that He was the Creator. Examples are Isaac Newton (laws of motion), Johannes Kepler (laws of planetary motion), Albert Einstein (theory of relativity), and Werner von Braun (NASA’s moon project).

{Pick up the created model.}

These scientists understood that something that is created must have a Creator. This Lego model while it might be difficult for some people to design cannot compare to how difficult it is to make a frog, or an eyeball, or a mountain.

The book of Romans tells us that all of creation tells us that there is a God. Unfortunately, many men choose to worship nature and not the God who made it.

Make sure that you are a person who knows the Bible. Make sure you are a person who asks questions. Do not believe something because an adult tells you it is true, even in church. Read your Bible. Figure out the answer for yourself.

Be a person who thinks.

What can we learn from the creation account? If we want to be a Christian, then we must understand the importance of having a Biblical worldview.

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