The Goal of Christ-Focused Homeschooling

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What is your main reason for homeschooling?

What do you want your kids to be like when they are adults?

What do you want your kids to DO when they are adults?

Christ-focused homeschool parenting

What is the Goal of Your Homeschool?

There could be many different answers to these questions. Such as:

“I want my kids to be self-sufficient, all around great people!”   ~ That’s nice.
“I want my kids to know all that they can about God’s world!”  ~ Sure, don’t we all?
“I want my kids to be “marriable” so they will one day get out of my house!”  ~ All joking aside, if you think about it, most parents don’t want their kid living with them at age 40.
“I want my kids to love God and serve Him.”   ~ Ah, now we’re talking.Christian Parenting

What is THE main goal of parenting?
Shouldn’t it be “To see my children saved? To know that my children will be coming to heaven with me for all eternity?”

When I look at my kids I see ETERNAL Beings. Which means they will be spending eternity somewhere.

I don’t know about you, but my desire is to see my children choose to have a relationship with Jesus. To see them deny themselves, repent, and surrender their everything to Him. Can I do this in my own power? Can I make them do this? Absolutely not. Only God can draw all men unto Himself. But in my parenting, in my homeschool, I need to be sure that THIS GOAL is what fuels everything.

So think a minute:

If salvation is the goal for Christ-Focused Parenting and Homeschooling, we need to be sure that everything we do, all the activities our children are involved in, reflects this goal. Does this mean we hide in the classroom of our houses and never show our kids the world? Absolutely not!!

But we do need to immerse ourselves and our children in the word of God and then walk them through, model, how to be a Christian in a dark world. Parents, if we are watching ungodly TV shows, listening to music that glorifies sin, going to places where alcohol is king, or bringing sinful activities into our homes, how can we expect anything different from our kids? If we lose our temper, gossip about others, take a little something that doesn’t belong to us, or pass judgement about someone who is different, how can we expect anything different from our kids?

Remember: WE must change first before we can ever expect our children to change.

Do YOU have a personal relationship with Jesus? Do you know that all the bad things you do is because we live in a world cursed with sin? God loves you. And Jesus died for you. He conquered death by rising from the grave three days after His death. The Bible says that if you believe in your heart that Jesus did these things, then you are saved.

Confess Jesus with your mouth.

Share your belief in Jesus with your children.

Then teach your children to walk in the ways of Christ and have a Jesus Worldview. Serve and love on others with your kids. Model to them what a life with Jesus is like. Show them that His death is worth their lives.

What is your goal in your homeschool?

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