Using a Jesse Tree in Your Children’s Ministry

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Recently I did a review on a great version of The Jesse Tree. However, that book needs someone who is crafty to create the cute ornaments and the tree.

That’s not me.

But I really love the concept of the Jesse Tree and I wanted to figure out a way to teach the truths and prophecies to the students in my children’s ministry. How would you use a Jesse Tree in your children’s ministry?Jesse Tree in your Children's Ministry

The Jesse Tree can be considered more of a “Catholic” or “Orthodox” type tradition. But because of how it communicates the Truth of Jesus, to me, it’s a Christian tradition that should be used and explored.

How I Made the Jesse Tree:

  1. I found a flat piece of cardboard and covered it with neutral paper.
  2. I printed and cut out all of the lovely colored pictures of the ornaments from Jen’s ebook.
  3. I laminated all of the lovely ornaments.Jesse 1
  4. Then I worked on the tree. I had my children trace and cut out their hands. I needed a few more, so I traced my own hands as well. I used brown paper to cut a stem.Jesse 2
  5. After gluing down the tree, I placed all of the ornaments where they needed to go and in the correct order. I decided to start the ornaments at the bottom and work my way to the top of the tree. Jesse 3
  6. Once I knew how the ornaments would fit, I used velcro squares to secure the ornaments to the tree. I put the velcro on a few ornaments at a time so they would all be in the correct space.Jesse 4Jesse 6
  7. As I took off the ornaments, I numbered them so I would remember the order while I taught the lesson.Then I put all of the ornaments into a ziplock bag.Jesse 7Jesse 9

How I Used the Jesse Tree:

My goal was to get the kids excited about the links between the Old Testament and the New Testament. For all of the ornaments of the Old Testament, I focused on how they represented Jesus. For all of the ornaments from the New Testament, I focused on the prophecies they fulfilled. Many of the resources below include explanations for each ornament and devotionals.

I used the Jesse Tree for 2 days over a 2 week span. Normally, in a home, you would begin the Jesse Tree on December 1 and add an ornament each day. I did 14 ornaments the first week, and then reviewed and added the remaining ones the second week. After I talked about each ornament, I would stick it on the tree.

This caused me to have to talk really fast, and get the kids involved in guessing the meanings and the symbols. The speed made the kids listen well, and they were all interacting with me. It was great!

Other Resources for The Jesse Tree:

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Jesse Tree Ornament Patterns

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Jesse Tree Ornaments, Printables and More

Have you ever used a Jesse Tree in your home or Children’s Ministry?


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