Walking and Leaping and Praising ~ Acts 3 {Object Lesson}

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Acts 3


  • To explain prayer as a way to ask God to bless us with what is best in each circumstance and to praise Him when he does
  • To list events Acts 3
  • To describe God’s best for us does not mean we receive it immediately

Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; 3 non-seethrough cups (label them 1, 2 and 3); 1 quarter; $1 bill; $20 bill

Geography: Israel; Jerusalem

Background: On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit swooped down onto the disciples in power and over 3,000 people were added to the newly formed church.

Main Events of Acts 3:

{SET UP: Without the students watching, place the three cups upside down on a table. Under one place the dollar. Under another one place the $20. You will play a version of “Let’s Make a Deal.”}

Acts 3 lesson

{Give the students the quarter.} You, as a group, have one quarter. How much is that worth? (25 cents) Would you like to have something better? Something that is worth more? (Yes) I have three cups in front of me. You don’t know what is under them. If you want to, I am going to let you choose which cup you would like, BUT you have to give me the quarter. You lose it when you give it to me. You do not HAVE to choose a cup. You CAN keep the quarter.

{If the group decides to choose a cup, take away the quarter, and here are the options for what to say. Allow the students to continue “trading” until all of the cups have been turned over.}

Empty cup{If chosen first or after the $1 or $20 bills} You exchanged your (quarter, $1 bill, or $20 bill) and received NOTHING! Oh no! This was a bad decision. It was a risk you took and unfortunately it did not turn out well for you.

$1 cup{If chosen first, or after the empty cup} This is better! Instead of (a quarter or nothing), now you have $1 bill! That is better. But is this the BEST that can happen?
{If chosen after the $20 bill} Oh no! You already had the BEST thing! And now you lost it. Well, $1 is better than nothing or a just a quarter.

$20 cup{If chosen first or second.} WOW! $20! That’s better than a (quarter, $1, or nothing). I wonder if this is the best you can do? What else could be under these cups?
{If chosen as the last cup} WOW!! You now have the BEST! A $1 bill is better, but a $20 bill is best.

After the day of Pentecost, Peter and John went to the temple to pray around 3:00 in the afternoon. At the same time, a lame man was being carried by some people and placed at his normal spot to beg for money, or alms. He was a poor man, lame from birth. The lame man saw Peter and John and asked for alms.

Now think a minute: What does God want to do for us? Give us something better? Or give us His best? (Give us His best)

The man called out for alms and Peter replied that he had no silver or gold. How disappointing for the lame man! He needed money so he could eat, and to have a place to live. Imagine how disappointed him might have felt. He didn’t even had a quarter to exchange. He had nothing! {Hold up the cup that had nothing under it.}

Peter continued, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I will give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and WALK!” And Peter grabbed the hand of the lame man and pulled him to his feet. The bible says that strength came immediately to his feet!

Jerusalem - The Eastern Gate *photo by Ray Gobert, used by permission
Jerusalem – The Eastern Gate

The lame man wanted something better than he had. He wanted money for his immediate needs. But what Peter gave, what GOD gave, was something that was BEST! The lame man could walk, fend for himself, get a job, everything any other person could do. The man was so overjoyed that he went walking and leaping and praising God all the way into the temple with Peter and John.

And everyone around knew who the lame man was and praised God with him. He had sat in that begging place for years and now he was healed!

Peter noticed how all of the people were in awe and he started to preach just as he did on the day of Pentecost. He taught about the Old Testament, Jesus, Jesus dying and being raised from the dead.

Application of Acts 3:

In the name of Jesus, Peter healed the lame man. {Hold up the $1 bill.} He was seeking something better than what he had. {Hold up the $20 bill.} But God wanted to give the lame man what was best for him: healing.

There are times when we pray to God asking him for something better in our lives and we are seeking a specific answer. Usually its an answer that we really want. It could be anything. A good grade on a test. A better friendship with someone. An awesome present at Christmas time. Maybe for parents to stop fighting. Perhaps, you want to be able to read better, or work math problems better. Perhaps someone is bothering you at school. Whatever it might be that we ask from God is fine. It’s good. It is good to ask. But what if it isn’t God’s best for us? Should we pray differently?

What if instead of asking God to do something specific, we gave Him the issue and asked Him to handle it His way? This means we have to trust God with the understanding that He loves us and desires to do what is best for us. This also means that we might have to wait for an answer. The lame man was healed immediately, but that does not mean God will answer our prayers immediately. He might, but we can trust Him that He WILL answer.

Because of what God did, the man went walking and leaping and praising God. Do you do that when God blesses you? Do you thank God for the good things in your life? Not just material items, but what about your family? school? church? the nation you live in? your health? the fact that you CAN walk? What about thanking God for your weaknesses? That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But scripture over and over tells us that through the weakness of people, God is strong.

Modification for Older Children:

When you swapped cups, you took a risk. It was risky to trade the quarter and $1 bill. It was not so risky if you had nothing. Serving God is risky. We don’t know what He is going to do when we come to Him with our prayers, but we CAN trust Him completely. He is the only One who is completely faithful. Sometimes because of our own sin choices, we come to God with nothing and all we can do is offer ourselves….and that is what He wants. Everything!

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