Want Your Kids to Read the Bible? Try This!

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It’s boring. The words are too hard to read. I don’t understand what I’m reading. These are all valid excuses for why children refuse to read the Bible on their own. Even the Ethiopian eunuch, a major leader in his country, needed Phillip to help him understand what he was reading. Do you want your kids to read the Bible? Then try this.

Read the Bible icb

Missionaries spend YEARS of their lives writing the scriptures in the heart language of different tribes and peoples. Why do we think that our children would be different? Children do not have the vocabulary, or reading skills, that we parents and teachers have. Why not give them a Bible that is true to the scriptures and in their heart language?

I was given a copy of the International Children’s Bible by Tommy Nelson Publishing, and the kids and I are loving it! (Hardback $16.99) I want my children to enjoy reading the Bible, but I do want the scriptures to be translated correctly.

This is the newest version of the ICB and there are some fun changes that have been made. My son owns the 2010 version and I wanted to show you the updates and what great features have stayed the same. Let’s explore!

icb 1

Right away you can see that the cover seems more “kid friendly.”

icb 2

As you can see, my son’s Bible is beginning to fall apart. Isn’t that what we want to see?

The ICB is written on a 3rd grade reading level and can be used for home or church studies. It is not a paraphrase Bible, but a faithful translation of the Hebrew and Greek texts and original languages.

This version of the scriptures is perfect to give to kids when they are baptized, or join the church, or when they claim salvation!

For even more information about the features, watch the video below:





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