Abraham’s Sacrifice ~ Genesis 22 (Salvation Message)

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Materials: small model or picture of a ram; CEF BibleAbraham's sacrifice object lesson, or gold, black, red, and white construction paper


Geography: locate the land of Canaan


God promised that He would 1) give Abram land; 2) turn his family into a great nation; 3) make his name great; and 4) bless all the families of the world through him. God made a blood covenant with Himself, promising these things to Abraham.

Main Events of the Genesis 22:

Abraham and Sarah are old, but God still brought about the promised son. Sarah has a son and they name him Isaac. One day God told Abraham to take Isaac to a mountain and to offer him up as a sacrifice. The scriptures tell us that God wanted to test Abraham’s faith. Remember the covenant that had been made? Scripture tells us that Abraham was obedient. The very next day Abraham packed up the donkeys with everything that was needed, took two men, and Isaac, and they left for the mountain. After three days Abraham saw the mountain where God wanted Him to go. He told the two men to stay with the donkeys until they returned. Abraham loaded the wood onto Isaac’s back, he took the fire himself, and off they walked to the place where God told him to go.

Along the way Isaac asked, “Father? We have the wood and the fire, but where is the sacrifice?” Abraham answered, “God will provide it.” At the place where God told him, Abraham built an alter, put on the wood, and laid Isaac on it. Just as Abraham raised the knife to sacrifice Isaac, the Angel of the Lord stopped him. He said, “Now I know you fear God and will not withhold anything.” Remember the blood covenant? When a person makes a blood covenant, part of the deal is that neither side will withhold anything from the other person. So in this case, Abraham was upholding his part of the blood covenant even though he did not actually make the covenant. (People cannot be perfect in their promises, right? But in this, Abraham did well.) He was trusting God. Abraham had such faith in God that God considered Abraham to be righteous. After the Angel stopped Abraham, he looked up and saw a ram (Hold up the ram.) caught by the horns in a thicket. God had sent a substitute for Isaac. Abraham and Isaac sacrificed the ram.

Life Application of Genesis 22:

We can be considered righteous as well. (Show the gold page.) God is holy, glorious, and perfect. (Show the black page.) But we are black with sin. We cannot have a relationship with God because of this sin. All of us have fallen short of the glory of God. We are like Isaac. We must die because of sin. BUT! (Show the red page.) God sent a substitute for us! (Hold up the ram.) Instead of us having to die, God sent JESUS to die and take our place. JESUS is the One who fixes the sin problem that we have. If we believe in the Lord Jesus, then instead of God seeing us black with sin…(Show the white page.) He sees us as being clean and righteous, like Abraham was because of his faith in God. The Bible tells us that if we believe on the Lord Jesus, then we will be saved. And that is one of God’s promises. Would you like to be white as snow tonight? Would you like all of that sin to be washed away?

***Allow a time of prayer and for the children to respond to the gospel presentation. See How to Counsel a Child for Salvation.***

** Clipart is from http://www.christiancliparts.net


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