A Good Reputation ~ Free Acts 16 Bible Lesson for Kids

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Scripture Focus: Acts 16:1-15


Geography: Israel; Antioch; Pamphylia, Derbe, Lystra, Iconium, Galatia, Troas, Philippi

Background: The word of the Lord continued to spread. As for the Jews, they continued to stir up controversy and they attempted to persecute Paul and Barnabas. Paul and Barnabas completed their first missionary journey and stayed in Antioch.

Main Events of Acts 16:


  • Remember when we discussed Stephen? Scripture tells us that he had a good reputation. What is a good reputation? [Allow for answers; a person has a good reputation when other people say nice things about him or her on a regular basis. Discuss behaviors of those with a good reputation and of a bad reputation.]

Sometimes we make choices that cause us to have a bad reputation with certain people. This happened with John Mark and Paul. John Mark went with Paul and Barnabas on the first missionary journey, but he turned back and returned to Jerusalem after just a short time. Evidently Paul didn’t like this.

Paul and Barnabas had been in Antioch teaching and Paul decided to go back to all of the places he and Barnabas had gone to check on the new churches. Barnabas wanted to take John Mark with them again. Paul said, No. Barnabas insisted. This caused quite the rift because Paul and Barnabas decided to part ways. Barnabas chose John Mark and set off for Cyprus. Paul chose Silas and set off for Syria.


  • Paul and Silas went to Lystra. Remember what happened there? [Paul had been stoned and thrown out of the city. He then stood back up and went back into the city.]

In Lystra, Paul encountered a young man named Timothy. Timothy had a good reputation. Not only did Timothy have a good reputation in the town of Lystra, but he was known throughout Iconium as well. Scripture tells us that Timothy was “well spoken of” by the brethren. Paul decided to have Timothy join him and Silas on their journey. As they traveled the churches were strengthened.

The group traveled through Galatia. Paul wanted to go to Asia, but the Holy Spirit told them not to. They tried two times to turn into Asia, and two times the Spirit forbade them from traveling that way. Once they were in Troas, Paul had a vision. A man from Macedonia appeared and pleaded for Paul to come to Macedonia to help them. Immediately, the group went to Macedonia.

Map is from

Paul and his companions went into Philippi. Usually, where did Paul go when he entered a new town? (the synagogue) This time he went to the river where people gathered to pray. It was Jewish tradition that once there were 10 Jewish families in a town, then a synagogue must be built. But in Philippi, people gathered at the river. This tells us that there were probably less than 10 Jewish families in Philippi.

Krenides River in Philippi. photo from
Krenides River in Philippi. photo from

While at the river, Paul spoke to a woman who was a seller of purple cloth named Lydia. Purple was the color of kings and could have been expensive cloth, therefore, Lydia may have been more of a rich citizen in the town. The scriptures say that the Lord “opened her heart” to listen to Paul and then she and her household were baptized. Lydia then invited Paul and his companions to stay at her home.

This was the beginning of the church in the city of Philippi.


Application of Acts 16:{Ask:}

  • What made Paul not want to take John Mark on the new journey? [John Mark had gone back home and had not done much missionary work with them.]
  • John Mark had a reputation with Paul. Was it a good one? [No]
  • Then Paul met Timothy. What did Paul think about him? [Well enough to ask him to join him on the missionary journey.]

Timothy had a good reputation. Not only did he have a good reputation in Lystra, but in the neighboring town of Iconium as well.

  • What types of things would a person with a good reputation do? [Allow children to list their ideas including, being kind to others, not being selfish, obeying parents, honest and faithful.]
  • Is there any way we can do all those things all the time and not mess up? [No.]

This is why we need the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. With their help, we can have a good reputation, even if we mess up because they will help us “fix” whatever it is we did wrong.

  • Why would God want us to have a good reputation? [Allow answers]

If we, who belong to God have a good reputation, then it makes God have a good reputation. We can make God look good, or bad by our behavior. Our words and actions are important. God has equipped us for good works. But if we aren’t doing those good works, then we don’t make Him have a good reputation.

Modification for Older Children:

Benchmarks are special events that take place and we usually remember them well. Can you think of some benchmarks that happen in life? (birth of a sibling, playing a certain sport, winning a contest, graduating from high school, turning 18, getting married, a death, etc.) These scriptures, for Paul, tell us certain benchmarks, or special events, in his ministry. Can you list them?

* Paul and Barnabas split their ministry into two missionary journeys
* Timothy joined Paul
* Paul was told to not go to Asia, but to Macedonia
* The church in Philippi was begun


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