Blanket of Comfort Object Lesson

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Use a blanket in this object lesson to teach that the Holy Spirit will wrap us in comfort whenever we face difficult times in life.

Holy Spirit Object Lesson

Scripture Focus: John 14

Materials: Blanket and/or stuffed animal

{Hold up the blanket. Say:}

When you look around you have probably seen toddlers carrying around a blanket or stuffed animal wherever they go.

  • Why do they carry these things around?  (Allow for responses.)

Most toddlers feel safer with their favorite blanket or bear. Older people say that those items are a comfort item.  If the toddler loses his or her blanket or bear they may become sad and begin to cry.

Some adults have comforting things as well. Usually this is in the form of food, such as chocolate, or a dish such as macaroni and cheese.

  • Do you have something that is a comfort to you? It could be a bear or blanket or even something else. (Allow for responses.)
  • Have you ever lost your special item? (Allow for responses.)
  • How did you feel when you could not find it? (Allow for responses.)

{Share your own comforting item or activity.}

There was a time when Jesus knew that his 12 disciples, other followers of that time and people today, would be sad.  After spending a lot of time with His disciples, He was about to leave them and return to His father in heaven.

{Have the children turn to John 14 in their Bibles. Have volunteers read the passage. Explain sections as they read.}

Verse 1 says, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.

Jesus was preparing them for what was about to happen. He did not want them to be upset, but to trust in Him that everything would work out for the good, in the end.

Jesus says if we obey God, the Holy Spirit will come as a comforter. He will lead us. We will not be abandoned as an orphan, or in other words, be left without a spiritual guide. Orphans may be sad because they have no parents.  Jesus taught the disciples many things about God. When He left to go back to God in heaven, Jesus knew they might feel abandoned or sad. Just like a child, who had parents and suddenly they were gone, that child would probably feel like no one was there to guide and comfort him.

In verse 27, Jesus says “I am leaving you with a gift- peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give you is a gift the world cannot give.  So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

Jesus was leaving, for a while. But He was leaving the disciples with a gift, peace. They were going to be able to remember all that Jesus taught them, because the Holy Spirit would remind them. They would have peace, too, when presenting the Good News of the Gospel, because the Holy Spirit would give them the words to say.

When we have the Holy Spirit, we have peace in the midst of our everyday struggles.  We can be comforted that we will know the truth. The Holy Spirit will guide us to let us know the path in life we should take. We do not have to feel that we have been abandoned. We do not have to be sad or troubled. We can have peace even if our life seems out of control. So you see, the Holy Spirit is like a blanket. He gives us comfort.

  • How does this make you feel? (Allow for responses.)

My name is Kendra. I live in Ohio. I have been in Children’s Ministry for 36 years.





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