Brief Review of the Old Testament from the Ten Commandments to Jesus

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Old Testament Review


Materials: drawing; timeline cards


Israel and the surrounding nations (Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome)


God has given the Israelites the law. They have told God they would do “everything He asked them to do.” Will they?

Main Events of the Old Testament:

{This is my transition lesson from the Old Testament into the New Testament. We will begin The Life of Jesus next week. A review is always good. I am pulling from a previous series called How to Draw the Bible and I am adding timeline pictures.}

Begin with GOD on the white board and talk through the first 5 books of the Old Testament. Be sure to focus on the fall and that God is the only one Who can fix the sin problem.


Draw the Bible

Then add the Books of History showing how God has a plan all throughout the scriptures to save the world.


Draw the Bible

Other world events during the books of history: {Add pictures of these events to the timeline as you draw.}
Early New Kingdom in Egypt
Reign of Tutankhamon
Phoenician Civilization and the Alphabet
Greece Colonized
Roman Republic Developed
Persian Wars
Alexander the Great Conquers Egypt
Architectural Advances in Rome
Rome Rises to Power

Life Application of the Old Testament:

Many people think that the Old Testament is obsolete and has no word of Truth for people today. This is false thinking. The Old Testament tells us exactly WHY the world is the way it is today. Sin spreads and it still needs to be dealt with by humanity. Those who place their belief system in Jesus deal a death’s blow on sin and accept God’s power over sin and death. The Old Testament tells us God’s story for salvation and those He used throughout history to bring about His plan. The only way to understand the New Testament fully is to learn the truths of the Old Testament. ALL scripture is useful for teaching!!

What Truth did you learn from this lesson?



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