Drawing the Bible: Genesis through Deuteronomy

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I am super excited to share this wonderful Drawing the Bible teaching method with you!! This method is based on a graduate course I took and one that taught me SO much about the Bible. The concept is to draw the main events of the Bible while telling how God brings about redemption through Jesus.

I’ve been teaching this to my Awana kids and the results have absolutely amazed me! I add a new drawing each week and the kids get so excited about it! They even take notes now during my Bible story time so they can remember the pictures. As a review, I have some of the kids come to my white board and draw the pictures out and they help each other if someone misses something. It’s been awesome!

This is only part 1 of Drawing the Bible. The drawing will go all the way through Revelation. But because of how long the drawing is, I decided to split up the process so it doesn’t become confusing. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple. After all, my kindergarten kids can explain it!

Draw the Bible Chronologically

Materials: a sheet of paper/white board; something to write with; Awana lesson for each picture if you so choose

DRAWING THE BIBLE Genesis Through Deuteronomydrawing1

God came down and created the heavens and the earth. (LESSON)


God also created man, Adam and Eve, and placed them in a garden. Adam and Eve walked with God. They had an amazing, perfect relationship!


Then Adam and Eve made a choice to disobey God and eat from a tree He told them not to eat from. At this point, sin enters the world. God can no longer have a perfect relationship with Adam and Eve because He is holy and man became sinful. (LESSON)


Because of sin, God had Adam and Eve leave the garden never to return. Years passed and sin spread as more and more babies were being born. The people were wicked in God’s sight. He sent a flood to destroy the earth, but God saved Noah and his family. (LESSON)


Again time passed. The people were filled with sin and decided to build a tower to make a name for themselves. God confused the languages at the Tower of Babel. (LESSON)


When the time was right, God came down to the earth and made a PROMISE to a man named Abram.


There were four parts to the PROMISE. 1) Abram would be given land. 2) His name would become great. 3) A great nation would come from his family. 4) All nations in the world would be blessed through him. (LESSON)


Abraham passed this PROMISE to his son Isaac. Isaac passed it to Jacob. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. (LESSON)


Jacob had twelve sons. The PROMISE was passed down through his forth son, Judah. The eleventh son, Joseph, brought the family into Egypt during a famine. They settled into the land of Goshen. (LESSON)


While in Egypt, the family of seventy turned into a few million over 400 years. A pharaoh came on the throne who did not know Joseph and put the Hebrew people in bondage.  The people cried out for a deliverer. (LESSON)


God raised up Moses to deliver the people from Egypt. After crossing the Red Sea, Moses led the Hebrews to Mt. Sinai where God gave the people the ten commandments, directions for sacrifices and feasts, directions to build the tabernacle, and who should be the priests. The tabernacle allowed the people to dwell with God once more. (LESSON)


God directed the people to go and take the land that had been given to Abraham, but they refused. (Except for Caleb and Joshua) As a consequence, the people had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years until the generation from Egypt had died. (LESSON)


At this point, God has been working on His PROMISE. The Israelites now have a lot of people in order to take the land and form a nation, but this will all come in the next section: The Books of History.

Please share this with those who are in ministry. This is a fantastic tool. And not just with kids. It’s a way to explain the gospel and our NEED for a Savior.




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