The Chocolate Sauce Bible Lesson

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I encourage you to do this Chocolate Sauce (or use corn syrup) Bible Lesson. Trust me. It’ll be fun…and educational. Go to your pantry and find your stash of chocolate sauce. {You know you have some!}

Pull it out and pour about a quarter size drop into your hand. Now leave it there. Let’s think about the chocolate sauce for one minute. (If you use corn syrup, the description will be slightly different.)

  • What does it feel like?
  • What is it doing?
  • What does it look like?
  • Is it running through your fingers yet? {Get to the sink quick, but don’t dump it.}

If your chocolate sauce is anything like mine was, it was dark, and had an odor. It was sticky. And it spread as time passed. Even if you attempted to keep it in the middle of your hand, it still moved and leaked through your fingers.

image close up of hand with chocolate sauce pooled in the middle


The Chocolate Sauce Lesson

Consider sin. Jesus was nailed to a cross because of it. Nails. Right through His hands or wrists. Right where you have that chocolate sauce. Sin is sticky. It stinks. It is dark and doesn’t enjoy being illuminated. Sin spreads. Not only will sin spread in your life, but it will affect those you care about the most.

  • Do you feel sorry about your sin?
  • Do you want to stop sinning against God?

You can turn on the water now and wash your hands. Watch the chocolate as it is washed away. That’s what belief in Jesus does. That’s what happens when we ask God to forgive us for all the wrong we have done. It washes the sin off of you. When you repent of your sin and believe that Jesus walked this earth, died on the cross, and rose again after three days, then you can stand washed and sinless before a HOLY God. Will you sin again? Absolutely. But you are forgiven and the price has been paid. Chocolate sauce. Sin. Cleansing.

image with chocolate sauce bottle, the title of the bible lesson, and a hand with chocolate sauce in the middle

When I sat through this object lesson, I was at the Women’s Retreat with a group of ladies from my church. What you just read was my take on the object lesson, not the original one we went through. But you get the idea. And instead of us washing our hands at the sink, we had two of our Sisters in Christ wash our hands for us. Isn’t that a great picture? Jesus washes us clean.

Jesus cleanses us from sin at the point of salvation, however, there is continued heart searching and cleansing that takes place as God transforms us into the image of Jesus. It’s a process. A life long project. Dealing with sin is not fun.

Washing my hands of the chocolate sauce wasn’t exactly fun. Even after my friend wiped my hands, I still had to go use soap and get the sauce off my rings and from between my fingers. Sin likes to hide. And we would rather shove it aside than deal with it. Because dealing with sin means self sacrifice.

image Christmas chain of names of Jesus click here for product

Jesus was serious about sin. Don’t cheapen what He did on the cross so you can continue doing whatever you want to do. You, AND I, need to be serious about our walks with the Lord. I’m dealing with a sin right now that I really don’t want to give up. But I have to. I must! Because I want to please Jesus. And my desire to please Jesus MUST be stronger than my desire for this sin. And so I read my Bible. I pray. I am trying to spend more and more time on my relationship with Him. I fail at this all the time, but I try again and again.

God’s mercies are new tomorrow. Dealing with this sin will take place tomorrow. But God will extend His grace to me, and slowly, but surely, this sin will loosen its chains on me and I will be free! Even if it doesn’t happen on earth, it will in heaven. That Chocolate Sin will be washed away permanently!!


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