The Chocolate Sauce Bible Lesson

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Use chocolate sauce Bible Lesson to teach about sin and salvation. Pour a little into your hand. It's sticky, it spreads, and it's like sin.I encourage you to do this Chocolate Sauce (or use corn syrup) Bible Lesson. Trust me. It’ll be fun…and educational. Go to your pantry and find your stash of chocolate sauce. {You know you have some!}

Pull it out and pour about a quarter size drop into your hand. Now leave it there. Let’s think about the chocolate sauce for one minute. (If you use corn syrup, the description will be slightly different.)

  • What does it feel like?
  • What is it doing?
  • What does it look like?
  • Is it running through your fingers yet? {Get to the sink quick, but don’t dump it.}

If your chocolate sauce is anything like mine was, it was dark, and had an odor. It was sticky. And it spread as time passed. Even if you attempted to keep it in the middle of your hand, it still moved and leaked through your fingers.

The Chocolate Sauce Lesson

Consider sin. Jesus was nailed to a cross because of it. Nails. Right through His hands or wrists. Right where you have that chocolate sauce. Sin is sticky. It stinks. It is dark and doesn’t enjoy being illuminated. Sin spreads. Not only will sin spread in your life, but it will affect those you care about the most.

  • Do you feel sorry about your sin?
  • Do you want to stop sinning against God?Use chocolate sauce Bible Lesson to teach about sin and salvation. Pour a little into your hand. It's sticky, it spreads, and it's like sin.

You can turn on the water now and wash your hands. Watch the chocolate as it is washed away. That’s what belief in Jesus does. That’s what happens when we ask God to forgive us for all the wrong we have done. It washes the sin off of you. When you repent of your sin and believe that Jesus walked this earth, died on the cross, and rose again after three days, then you can stand washed and sinless before a HOLY God. Will you sin again? Absolutely. But you are forgiven and the price has been paid. Chocolate sauce. Sin. Cleansing.

When I sat through this object lesson, I was at the Women’s Retreat with a group of ladies from my church. What you just read was my take on the object lesson, not the original one we went through. But you get the idea. And instead of us washing our hands at the sink, we had two of our Sisters in Christ wash our hands for us. Isn’t that a great picture? Jesus washes us clean.

Use chocolate sauce Bible Lesson to teach about sin and salvation. Pour a little into your hand. It's sticky, it spreads, and it's like sin.Jesus cleanses us from sin at the point of salvation, however, there is continued heart searching and cleansing that takes place as God transforms us into the image of Jesus. It’s a process. A life long project. Dealing with sin is not fun.

Washing my hands of the chocolate sauce wasn’t exactly fun. Even after my friend wiped my hands, I still had to go use soap and get the sauce off my rings and from between my fingers. Sin likes to hide. And we would rather shove it aside than deal with it. Because dealing with sin means self sacrifice.Use chocolate sauce Bible Lesson to teach about sin and salvation. Pour a little into your hand. It's sticky, it spreads, and it's like sin.Jesus was serious about sin. Don’t cheapen what He did on the cross so you can continue doing whatever you want to do. You, AND I, need to be serious about our walks with the Lord. I’m dealing with a sin right now that I really don’t want to give up. But I have to. I must! Because I want to please Jesus. And my desire to please Jesus MUST be stronger than my desire for this sin. And so I read my Bible. I pray. I am trying to spend more and more time on my relationship with Him. I fail at this all the time, but I try again and again.

God’s mercies are new tomorrow. Dealing with this sin will take place tomorrow. But God will extend His grace to me, and slowly, but surely, this sin will loosen its chains on me and I will be free! Even if it doesn’t happen on earth, it will in heaven. That Chocolate Sin will be washed away permanently!!

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32 thoughts on “The Chocolate Sauce Bible Lesson”

  1. What a great visual lesson. I will totally use this later especially with my girls. We read a book recently that compared sin to a python. You think it’s your little sweet pet sin that makes you happy- but it is deadly. No matter how much you love it, pet it and think it loves you back. It is a killer and some day will suffocate you while you trustingly sleep beside it.

    Thanks for this great reminder today.

    What a great place to share a wonderful message!

  2. I’ve done this one with mud, actually. Basically, the gist of it is that the mud is sin. If they try to remove the mud themselves, they can’t do it.
    If their friend tries to remove the mud (even if their hands are clean), they can’t do it (and the longer they leave it on, the harder it gets, which also impairs mobility).
    Only Jesus, who’s the living water, can remove the mud and make you clean.

    (and the kids love the mud). 🙂


  4. Wow that’s great moomaw. People have some creative and great ideas at pintrest. What age Sunday School do you teach? I teach the toddler/preschool group for ages 1-kinderagarten.

  5. I really like this lesson. I am in 8th grade and lead a bible study group at my school. Reading through this it really opened my eyes to my faith. I am sharing this with my bible study hoping that it will help them too. I have become closer with God now because I understand more about sin. Thank you for this lesson!!

    1. futureflyingsaucers

      You have made my day!!! Way to go to be leading a Bible study when in the 8th grade! You keep on spreading the gospel. God will use you mightily in His kingdom!!

  6. When I read through this I also thought about how the sauce tastes. Especially when talking to kids, I think it would be helpful to also point out that if you licked the sauce, it would taste good and your hand would appear to be clean. Sin often disguises itself as pleasing to us, and we often think we can hide it. Even though you can lick your hand, it’ll still be sticky, and every time you sin you will have more sauce to lick up. What happens when you eat too much? You get sick. Even though the sauce(sin) tasted good at first, it left you with a stomache, sticky hands, and a messy mouth. You can’t hide it and it caused pain. The only way to avoid this, is to let Jesus wash it clean. We can’t get rid of the sin, we can only get lost deeper in it. The sauce appears to be cleaned off of our hand, but in reality, we actually just put it in our stomach(out of sight, out of mind).

  7. I am going to try this tonight with my youth Bible Study. I pray that they will truly understand the impact sin has and that we can overcome it.

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  9. What an interesting way to think about sin…we are often lured because it seems good, but it stains everything we touch. Thanks for the idea. A version will be used for our children’s sermon.

    1. futureflyingsaucers

      Yes! Go down to the end of the post and there should be a button that says “share”. Click there and the option to print should be listed.

  10. At the end of this lesson, I included the chocolate syrup and milk illustration (Chocolate stains the pure white milk) a little changes the milk, a little more it taste better, and soon it is really dark (no longer resembles the milk, you can’t see the white milk for the ugly stain, it’s too sweet, over powering, and can make you sick. Then, I share the chocolate milk with the little ones!

  11. Looks good on paper and from the comments of those that have tried it; seems to get the point across. My concern with chocolate sauce (not the mud substitute version though) is that some child will eventually get the idea that it is chocolate that they can then EAT IT.

    Such a small change could make a big difference. It would clean-up the sin more effectively (and deliciously) than with water washing just by simply eating it and licking up the residue. This would turn salvation into a works oriented illustration, one that says it is more fun and possible to save yourself with no need for Jesus (the Living Water). I know it will not be taught that way, but eventually, some kid will likely come-up with that alternate plan. For this reason mud might just be better IMO.

    1. futureflyingsaucers

      Thank you for your comment. Perhaps, but in my experience, even if the chocolate sauce is “licked” there is a sticky residue that is left. And in the end, hands have to be washed. 🙂 It’s definitely a conversation a teacher can lead kids through though.

  12. Really going to use this lesson and also how sin is dequised as sweet, good, and fun,but will leave a bad aftertaste and too much will make you sick.

  13. I like this object lesson. It’s simple, straight forward and easy to grasp . Will try it with my church kindergarten children during outreach to them and also to my Sunday school children.

  14. I actually used this at a Women’s Retreat in 2014 with a good response. The women were most moved by the hand washing. For me, I was reminded of when my mother washed my hands when I was too young to reach the faucet. The Almighty, El Shadai, who nurtures us! It was good to understand God in this way.

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