9% of Adult Christians Have a Biblical Worldview ~ Do you?

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There are many “churchy” words thrown around at times. One of them is WORLDVIEW. There are many different worldviews. What is it? Why is it important? Join me as we work out our salvation and discover the true meaning of a biblical worldview.

I read a statistic that stated only 9% of adult Christians hold a biblical worldview. That means less than one out of every ten Christians claims to have a Christian worldview.


biblical worldview

What is a Biblical Worldview?

A biblical worldview (Christian worldview) states that there is absolute Truth and it is based on the Bible.

Imagine, if you will, a pair of glasses.

My eyes aren’t the greatest. I began wearing glasses in high school. Objects that were far away were fuzzy, and I got headaches from reading too much. I put on glasses and suddenly the objects had definition and they were clear. It was great! I could see the world as it was supposed to be through these glasses.

That is what a worldview is for a person. We all have some sort of a worldview. We put those beliefs on us, and we look at everything in life through those glasses. Things that were fuzzy before, now are seen clearly in light of the principles of the worldview chosen. And a biblical worldview allows people to see reality through the glasses, or lens, of the Bible, absolute Truth.

A worldview is how you interpret the world around you. It is how you think. It is how you see life.biblical worldview

The church’s battle is not against the social evils of the world, such as abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, promiscuity, drug usage, etc., etc. No. The battle is against the worldviews that say these actions are OK. All of these issues began with an idea. And that idea is based on certain beliefs. Worldview.

Why is a Christian Worldview Important?

Everyone has a worldview. That worldview will answer three basic, important questions.

1) Where did humanity come from?
2) What is wrong with the world?
3) How is this fixed?

Ask anyone these questions and the answers will tell you his worldview.

How would a Christian answer these questions? Good question. Unfortunately the term “Christian” could be used to describe anyone who believes in God. However, not all who call themselves “Christian” believe in a biblical worldview. Remember, having a biblical worldview means these three questions are based on absolute Truth from the Bible. I would like to think that anyone who claims to love Jesus would have the same answers to these questions. But remember…If only 9% of Christian adults have a biblical perspective on life, how would the other 91% answer these questions?

Let’s answer these questions using scripture.

1) Where did humanity come from? God. Genesis 1:26-27
2) What is wrong with the world? Sin. Genesis 3
3) How is this fixed? Salvation and Redemption. John 3:1-21

These are simplified answers, but think about how you would answer these questions and then read those scriptures.

Zan Tyler from Apologia explains that a worldview gives us a focus and direction in life. A Christian Worldview places God in the center of your world, and the world of your family. Do you have a Christian Biblical Worldview? If so, then are you reflecting these answers to those around you?

Christians are to be mason jars.

Once upon a time there was a lady who loved to can vegetables and fruit. One day she called out to her husband and asked him if he would walk down to the shed and bring her back some mason jars for canning peaches. He loved to serve his wife, so he walked out the back door and down to the shed.

He found the boxes of mason jars. He knew that the best cans for peaches were the wide mouthed ones. He searched and found a box of jars for peaches. The dirty, filthy jars were standing up in the box that he moved to the side as he rearranged the remaining boxes so they would not fall over.

The man then quietly picked up the box of dirty jars and walked back to the house where his wife washed the filth away with hot water and then filled them to the brim with sweet, yummy peaches.

mason jars1Was there a plan for the jars? Yes, the lady was going to use them.
What did the man do when he found the box of mason jars he wanted? He placed them apart from the other boxes.
Where the jars ready to use? No, they were dirty.
When were they used? After they were washed clean.

Christians with a biblical worldview are to be those mason jars for the peaches. God has a plan He is working out in the world. Those who hear His voice and are called by His name are to be holy, or set apart, from the rest of the world. We are found dirty and sinful, but Jesus died on the cross while we were still sinners. When we first accept Jesus as our Lord and Master, we are beginning the wash cycle.

mason jar2As the dirt and grime is washed away, our biblical worldview is formed and we begin to put those Christian Worldview glasses on. The world looks different to us. And because the world looks different, we must respond in a way that displays the glasses we are choosing to wear.

What do those responses look like?

How to Develop of Christian Worldview

I don’t wear contacts. But I have plenty of friends who do. And I am told that every now and then, over the years, you have to have the prescription changed to fit the changes in the eyes. I also have had friends whose contacts have slipped, or won’t fit correctly. Then they must get some new ones. What about having a lost contact lens? Has that ever happened to you?

Developing a Christian worldview is like having new contact prescriptions. Spiritual transformation does not happen over night. But it does change as we walk with Jesus, and as we walk with Jesus, we learn to be holy. As we walk along the road, and learn more about Jesus, and see more of the world, we realize that our contacts are crooked, or don’t seem to fit quite right. They need to be adjusted.

Developing a Christian Worldview is similar. As the Holy Spirit fills us, teaches us, guides us, corrects us, rebukes us, and convicts us, we change. Or at least, we’re supposed to change, if we are obedient to the Lord as He teaches us. Our contact prescription is updated. Our Christian Worldview is slightly more clear as God reveals a little more of Himself and His plan to us. And through this process we are a “little bit more” holy.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” ~ Romans 12:2

We need to THINK biblically. Being in the word of God, daily, is critical to having a Christian Worldview. The more we feed our souls, the more our hearts are open to the Lord, and the more we understand His ways. The more we understand the ways of Jesus, the more we desire to be like Him, and therefore, we are more holy as He is holy.

Read God’s Word.
Learn God’s Word.
Apply God’s Word.

Are we perfect? No. But allowing the Holy Spirit to continuously teach us righteousness will cause us to live out, or work out, our salvation experience. And it’s this “working out our salvation” that can change the world.

Set Apart From the World

Think about the mason jars again. Once the peaches are eaten, and the jar is empty, there is sticky juice in the jar and it must be washed before it can be reused for fresh peaches. It is emptied, washed, and then reused. The jar is filled, spilled out, emptied, washed….the cycle goes on.

Christians are to be filled with the Holy Spirit, spilled out, and broken as we serve those whom God calls us to serve. As we empty ourselves through service, God washes our hearts clean of sin, selfishness, greed, pride, prejudice, and then He fills us again with Himself to be ready to serve the next person.

But there is a One Word Worldview that is permeating our society and it should bother us.


Whatever you want goes. Whatever you feel is right. Whatever you do is fine.

What an apathetic view of life.

God didn’t create us for “whatever.” He created YOU and ME specifically for a purpose. You have a calling. I have a calling. They are different callings, but woe to us if we decide to wear a “whatever” type worldview.

Like the mason jars that were set apart from the rest, we must be set apart. Those other jars were not needed…and so they sat. Dirty.

If we want revival…truly want revival in our nation, then we must look at the book of Malachi:

He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction. ~ Malachi 4:6

Readers, I cannot tell you the cry of my heart right now. We MUST be intentional in giving our kids, SHOWING our kids, a REAL BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW! We must! We must turn our hearts toward our children. We must focus on relationships and not be distracted by the things of this world. Our children need to see us pouring our lives into what really matters.

What glasses are you wearing?
How important are those glasses to you?
Have you changed your contact prescription through sanctification lately?

Having a Christian Biblical Worldview is not a popular life quest. But it is what Jesus calls us to have. Make sure you are surrounded by those who have a solid Biblical Worldview. They will encourage you and hold you accountable in your walk. And then, when Jesus sends you out to serve Him, you are standing on the solid rock of the One who loves you.

**The 3 questions are based on Chuck Colson’s questions from How Now Shall We Live.



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