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I think you will agree with me…

Teaching children the Bible can be a challenge.

bible lessonsFinding quality bible lessons for kids that are hands-on, creative, fun, and easy to teach can be a challenge as well.

If you teach children in a multi-age setting, or desire to “go deeper” with some of your older students…

If you want simple Bible lessons that you can practice the night before church (we’ve all been there!) then this is a resource you will return to over and over again. Be sure to Bookmark it!

Below you will find an index of chronological (Old Testament to New Testament) Bible lessons that are easy to prepare and simple to implement, but bring about awesome discussions with your children.

Thousands of Bible Teachers use this site every week as a resource to enhance their Bible Time with kids. Adapt each lesson to fit the needs of your home or church. Everything posted is 100% FREE with additional resources for sale in the Store.

If you are interested in leading yourself, your child, or a group through an inductive Bible study with these lessons, here is a simple organizer that you may use. Click the image below for your study sheet.

Bible Lessons



Special Salvation Messages:

Cool Paper Folding Salvation Messagesalvationobjectlesson Use one sheet of paper to create words and symbols as you tell the gospel.
The Chocolate Sauce Lesson
Use chocolate sauce to teach about sin and salvation. Pour a little into your hand. It’s sticky, it spreads, and it’s like sin. 
Un Mensaje de Salvación Usando Papel (Paper-Folding Salvation Message)rp_Mensaja-de-salvacion-1024x1024.jpg Spanish Version of the most popular salvation message on FFS.
Valentine’s Day Salvation Message
Valentine's Day
Use a picture of Jesus and valentine hearts to tell the gospel.
Salvation Story Drawn on a Napkinnapkin You never know where you might be when God calls on you to present the gospel. Scripture tells us to be ready and willing at all times to spread the good news. Here is a simple way to illustrate the gospel message using a pen and a napkin.
Simple Names of Jesus Christmas Salvation MessageJesus' Birth Use Adornaments to present the gospel and the different names for Jesus.
How to Counsel a Child for SalvationSalvation So you’ve completed the gospel presentation and children begin to respond. WHAT DO YOU DO NOW??? This is when a lot of adults back away and give the kids over to the pastor for counseling. THERE IS NO NEED TO DO THAT! You just need to know what to do. (Based on CEF resources.)
Teaching Biblical Truth to Children – A Young Child’s Catechism Jesus' Trial A question and answer format, a catechism of sorts, to teach children Biblical foundations and theology. It’s very simple and age appropriate for young children. It’s not all inclusive, but it does cover the main truths of Christianity.
How to Draw the Bible – Part One (Genesis through Deuteronomy)Draw the Bible Draw the main events of the Bible while telling how God brings about redemption through Jesus.
How to Draw the Bible – Part Two (Joshua through Esther)
How to Draw the Bible – Part Three (The New Testament)

Old Testament Bible Lessons for Kids:

Creation Object Lesson
Creation Object Lesson
There are times when Christians are accused of not thinking logically. Christians are accused of not looking at evidence. What these accusations are really doing is pointing out that Christians have a different worldview. Instead of looking at the world and then making decisions, Christians look to the Bible first and then make decisions about the world around them.
Creation in 6 Days ~ Genesis 1 Object Lesson
  • to summarize the first chapter of the Bible
  • to explain that there is a difference between the scriptures and fairy tales
  • to consider that animals, man, and dinosaurs lived together, peacefully, in the garden
  • to state that 1 day = 24 hours
Adam and Eve Object Lesson
adam and eve object lesson
Have you ever had anyone ask, “Why do people do bad things?” Many say there isn’t an easy answer, but is that correct? Those of us with a biblical worldview understand to go to the Bible first when tough questions arise. How would the Bible answer this question? This Adam and Eve object lesson will help.
The Fall in the Garden~ Genesis 3 (Object Lesson)
The fall2
  • to summarize the fall of humanity
  • to explain that Satan can cause us to doubt
  • to tell examples of sin
  • to explain that all have sinned and humanity is born into sin
Cain and Abel Object Lesson
Cain and Abel
Sin is a big deal. People don’t like to admit that, but it is true. If it wasn’t such a big deal, then why did Jesus give up His life for us? Even during the beginning of civilization, blood sacrifice represented forgiveness and redemption. Knowing the difference between the offerings of Cain and Abel helps us to understand Jesus a little better.
Sin Will Touch Others ~ Genesis 4 Object LessonCain and Abel Genesis 4
  • to summarize the spread of sin through birth
  • to explain our sin can hurt others even if we think we haven’t bothered anyone
  • to list examples of sin and how they affect others
  • to explain that life is in the blood
Genealogies are Awesome! ~ Genesis 5 Chart Lesson

Biblical Genealogies
  • to summarize the purpose of genealogies
  • to explain that history, language, math, and science are all created by God
  • to discuss that genealogies help us to see that God used real people who lived and died
Why Should We Follow Directions?
follow directions
Helping our children understand why following directions is important is a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness.

Use Genesis 6 and 7 and the story of Noah to teach following directions.

Noah and the Flood Object Lesson

The story of Noah isn’t a beautiful poster of a man with cute animals. The flood event was the response from God after the people had grossly sinned. This Noah and the Flood Object Lesson will help our kids describe why God flooded the Earth, how God saved humanity, and why God always chooses a remnant.
Noah and the Flood ~ Genesis 6-8 (Gospel Presentation)

  • to summarize that Noah was human and sinful, but God considered him to be righteous in faith
  • to explain that God hates sin
  • to discuss that Jesus’ blood covers all of our sin
Languages Spread ~ Genesis 11 (picture book lesson)babel
  • to describe the Hebrew language
  • to explain why God confused the language
  • to explain what happens when people try to elevate themselves to God’s level
 The Tower of Babel Object Lesson
Why are there so many languages if all people came from Noah’s family? Where did Ham, Shem, and Japheth end up living? And why should we care about this today? The Tower of Babel is more relevant than you might think.
Languages + Fast-Forward to Moses (Genesis 10 and 11, etc)Tower of Babel
  • to summarize the book of Genesis
  • to explain that God’s plan cannot be thwarted by man
  • to discuss the importance of language, reading, and writing
The Call of Abram Object Lesson
The Call of Abram Object Lesson
Promises. We all make them. We all break many of them. Yet God has made hundreds of promises to us and not once has He broken them. Trusting God to be Who He says He is and that He is going to do what He says He is going to do is vital to our foundation of faith. This Object Lesson on the Call of Abram and His Flight to Egypt will encourage children to trust in the One True God.
Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac Object Lesson
Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac
Sacrifice. It isn’t something people like to talk about, let alone live. This lesson based upon Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac will help children to understand the meaning of sacrifice and why God asks us to be a living sacrifice.
How to Deal with Cheating {Growing in Godliness Series for Kids}
Use the story of Jacob and Esau to teach how to deal with cheating. Includes a FREE teaching poster!
Jacob and Esau Object Lesson
Sin always hurts. It might be fun or pretty at first, but sin always hurts. It might harm you, or it might harm others. This object lesson based on the manipulation of Jacob and Esau will help children understand that choosing forgiveness and Jesus is better than choosing the ways of sin.
Jacob Wrestles with God Object Lesson
Jacob wrestles with God
Wrestling with God. Fighting with God. Everyone does it. And everyone will encounter God at some point in their lives. This Jacob Wrestles with God Object Lesson will help children to understand that we must surrender our sinful lives to then be blessed with eternal life.
The Story of Joseph Object Lesson
God makes many promises in the Bible. But sometimes we are so busy that we either miss them, or expect those promises to happen quickly, in our time. God doesn’t work that way though. He makes wonderful promises and fulfills them when HE wants them to happen. This story of Joseph object lesson will help your children understand that they can still be lights in the darkness, even when God is not in a hurry.
The Ten Plagues Object Lesson
ten plagues object lesson
The people of a nation are affected by the heart condition of their leader. This Ten Plagues object lesson helps children describe why God sent the plagues He did and how they affected the Egyptian and the Hebrew people.
The Passover Object Lesson
passover object lessons
Why is Jesus sometimes called the Passover lamb? This Passover Object lesson will explore the main events of this horrific incident in history as one nation is destroyed while another is born.
Moses and the Law Object Lesson
ten commandments object lessons
With a GPS, these days it can be difficult to get lost. However, relying on technology that *could* be incorrect might steer you in the wrong direction. This Moses and the Law object lesson teaches children the purpose of the law and what Jesus expects from those who follow Him.
How to Encourage Cooperation
Encouraging cooperation will help our children take a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness.

This lesson focuses on Exodus 17, Moses, Aaron, and Hur.

The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20 + Motions)ten commandments2
  • to list the Ten Commandments
  • to explain that the law shows our need for a Savior
  • to use hand motions as a memory helper
The Tabernacle (Elementary Level – Picture Object Lesson)Tabernacle
  • the students will become familiar with the terms and looks of the Hebrew tabernacle
  • the students will discover that the tabernacle is a picture of God’s relationship with humanity and Jesus
The Twelve Spies and the Wandering Object Lesson
We like to exaggerate situations at times. We claim we cannot do something because the task seems huge and daunting. This Twelve Spies and the Wandering Object Lesson will help our children to understand that with Jesus we have already won the victory even if life seems hard.
Joshua Takes Command Object Lesson
FEAR. You can’t see it, but you can sure see the effects of it. In this Joshua Takes Command Object Lesson, use a simple science experiment to help children understand that God asks us to make hard decisions and that He is with us wherever we go.
Be an Encouraging Person
Helping our children know how to encourage others is a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness.

This was a new generation of people who were ready to possess the Promised Land. But their Leader died. Now what? Focus on Joshua 1:1-9.

The Book of Judges Object Lesson
The cycle of sin. What is it and how do we deal with it? This Book of Judges Object Lesson explains the cycle of sin and compares the Israelites’ cycle with our own.
Samuel. the Ark, and the Philistines Object Lesson
Do you ever blow the dice before a game? Does your favorite team rub a rock before charging down a hill to play football? What habits of “luckiness” exist around you? In this Samuel, the Ark, and the Philistines Object Lesson children will learn that God is not a good luck charm and that blessings come from obedience.
How to Deal with Boasting {Growing in Godliness Series for Kids}godliness Use the story of David and Goliath to teach how to deal with boasting. Includes a FREE teaching poster!
Anointing King David Object Lesson Many children think that if they act good on the outside, then it doesn’t matter what’s going on in their hearts on the inside. But God cares quite a bit about the heart. In this Anointing King David object lesson, children will learn that God sees their hearts and they have to decide what they want Him to see.
Dealing with Jealousy
It begins with a seed of discontent. A thought of insecurity. Jealousy is a green monster that must be slain. Helping our children understand why jealousy is harmful is a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness.

Focus on King Saul and David in 1 Samuel 18:6-16.

Solomon Asks for Wisdom Object Lesson
Solomon Wisdom
Education is important. But what good is knowing how to do something when you make poor choices? In this Solomon Asks for Wisdom Object Lesson kids learn what wisdom is and how to get it. It’s not that hard, yet it means going to The Source of wisdom and not doing things OUR way.
How to Accept Advice and Instruction {Growing in Godliness Series for Kids}godliness series for kids Use the story of Jeraboam and Rehaboam to teach how to accept advice and instruction. Includes FREE printable poster!
The Divided Kingdom of Israel Object Lesson
How important is a nation’s leader to the spiritual well being of his nation? In this Divided Kingdom of Israel Object Lesson, explore that question and the examples of kings, prophets, and the people.
Zerubbabel Rebuilds the Temple Object Lesson
Sometimes being a Christ-follower is difficult because we can be mocked and discouraged by other people. Use this Zerubbabel Bible lesson to teach children that when God gives them a task to do, it is much better to obey Him, than to listen to discouraging people.
How the Become a Secret Initiative Servant
godliness initiative
Based on 2 Kings 22 and 23, use the story of King Josiah to help our children know how to take the initiative.
The End of the Old Testament ~ Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
  • to explain the reason Judah was exiled
  • to explain that Ezra went back to rebuild the temple and Nehemiah rebuilt the wall
  • to describe the events surrounding Esther
Brief Review of the Old Testament from the Ten Commandments to JesusOld Testament Review
  • to recognize that other events in history fit into the Biblical timeline
  • to explain that the Old Testament shows humanity its need for a Savior
  • to use drawings to represent the main events of the Bible

New Testament Bible Lessons for Kids:

SShhhhh….400 Years of Silence
  • to list the events that take place during the inter-testimonial time
  • to explain the differences between six types of Jewish groups
  • to recognize that the four gospels all tell the same story, but in four different ways to four different audiences
Biblical Sacrifice ~ Why? {Object Lesson}
Biblical Sacrifice
  • To review the purpose of the Old Testament and the sacrificial system
  • To list events of animal sacrifice
  • To describe how Jesus is the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world
The Means Used to Bring About Salvation ~ {Picture Object Lesson}
The means used to bring about salvation
  • To review the purpose of the Old Testament
  • To list events of the Old Testament which God used to bring about Jesus
  • To explain the main events of the gospel
Years of Silence, Then the Messiah Comes! (The Gospels) {*Gospel Presentation*}
  • to list different political groups that formed during the years of silence
  • to describe how the influence of the Greeks and Romans would help spread the gospel
  • to describe the events of the gospel
The Annunciation Object Lesson
In this Annunciation object lesson, discuss the conversations Gabriel had with Zacharias and Mary and how God continues to do the impossible.
Splitting the red sea and walking on dry land…city walls falling down…chariots of fire? The Bible is filled with impossible sounding events. Angels? Talking to people? In this Annunciation object lesson, discuss the conversations Gabriel had with Zacharias and Mary and how God continues to do the impossible.
When God Wore a Costume: A Halloween – Christmas Story {Object Lesson}Christmas Story
  • to list the events of Jesus’ birth
  • to explain the difference between Truth and tradition
  • to confess that Jesus is God and human
The Christmas Superhero ~ Luke 2 Salvation Object Lesson
  • To list events of the birth of Jesus based on Luke 2
  • To recognize that Jesus was God and human
  • To confess that Jesus can do anything
John the Baptist and Jesus’ Baptism ~ Matthew 3 and Luke 3 Object LessonJesus Being Baptized
  • To list characteristics of John the Baptist
  • To state the message and events of John’s preaching and Jesus’ baptism
  • To recognize true repentance
Being on Mission Takes Effort
Mission Effort
What is our purpose in life? What was the purpose of Jesus? Helping our children know what Jesus’ mission was is a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness.

Use building materials to teach Luke 4:17-19.

Jesus in the Wilderness ~ Object Lesson
Jesus in the Wilderness
  • To list events of the temptation of Jesus
  • To recognize that we can be tempted and not sin
  • To understand the importance of scripture memorization
The Temple and Nicodemus ~ John 2 and 3Nicodemus1
  • To list events of Jesus in the temple and His visit with Nicodemus
  • To put John 3:16 into context
Jesus Calls the Twelve Disciples ~ Object Lesson (Hand Motions)Jesus Calling Discples
  • To tell events of Jesus finding the twelve disciples {Matthew 4:17-22; Mark 1:14-20;2:13-17; Luke 5:1-11; 27-32; John 1:35-51}
  • To list the twelve disciples by name
The Woman at the Well ~ Object Lessonwoman at the well
  • To tell events of Jesus and the woman at the well {John 4:1-42}
  • To verbalize how Jesus is the Living Water
  • To explain that the fields are still white and ripe for the harvest
Jesus’ First Miracles ~ Object Lessonwater
  • To tell events of Jesus’ first two miracles, or signs (John 2:1-11; 4:46-54)
  • To claim that Jesus has power over nature
  • To claim that Jesus has power over sickness
Jesus Healing the Lame Man ~ Object LessonJesus healing
  • To tell events of Jesus healing the lame man at the pool {John 5:1-18}
  • To recognize that the Sabbath was made for man
  • To claim that Jesus has power over sickness
Jesus is the Bread ~ {Feeding the 5,000} Object LessonJesus is the Bread
  • To tell events of Jesus feeding the 5,000; walking on water {John 6}
  • To recognize that Jesus is the Bread of Life
  • To recognize that Jesus is omniscient
The Hamburger of Happiness~ A Beatitudes Object Lesson
  • To list the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:1-12
  • To recognize that the church behaves differently than the world
  • To recognize that persecution will take place in a Christian’s life
Jesus Healed a Blind Man ~ John 9 Object Lessonblind man2
  • To tell events of Jesus healing the blind man {John 9}
  • To recognize that the Jewish Leaders were plotting against Jesus
  • To consider what is meant by “Putting God in a box.”
Jesus is the Good Shepherd ~ Book and Comparison ActivityGood Shepherd
  • To tell events of Jesus’ message about being a Good Shepherd {John 10}
  • To list characteristics of sheep and shepherds
  • To compare the Good Shepherd to the thief and hired hand
 A Jesus and Lazarus Science Lesson ~ John 11: 1- 46
  • To list amazing actions that God/Jesus has done
  • To recognize that Jesus has power over everything, including death
  • To recognize that God can, and will, glorify Himself in any circumstance
How to Encourage Courteous Behavior
Encouraging courteous behavior will help our children take a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness.

Play a game show based on Matthew 25:31-46.

Jesus and the Last Supper ~ Passover Object Lesson
  • To list activities that take place during the feast of Passover
  • To recognize the connection between the Exodus, the Passover, and Jesus {John 13-17, Matthew 26:14-30
  • To experience the Passover meal
The Passion of Jesus
  • To list events from Luke 23:26-56 and John 19:17-42
  • To recognize that Jesus willingly went to the cross
  • To compare and contrast the thieves and Jesus
The Mystery of Jesus: The Road to Emmaus
  • To recognize Deuteronomy 29:29
  • To list events of Luke 24: 13-35
  • To describe what God does when He “opens” someone’s eyes

The Book of Acts:

On Fire for Jesus ~ Acts 1 and 2 {Object Lesson}
Acts 1 and 2 {Object Lesson}
  • To explain who the Holy Spirit is
  • To list events of Acts 1 and 2
  • To describe a spirit-filled life
The Beginning of the Church ~ Acts 2The Beginning of the Church
  • to compare the tabernacle of the Old Testament to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  • to describe the Old Testament covenant with the New Testament covenant
  • to explain the gospel to someone else
Walking and Leaping and Praising ~ Acts 3 {Object Lesson}
Acts 3
  • To explain prayer as a way to ask God to bless us with what is best in each circumstance and to praise Him when he does
  • To list events Acts 3
  • To describe God’s best for us does not mean we receive it immediately
Embezzlement ~ Acts 4-5 {Object Lesson}
Acts 4 and 5
  • To explain that we cannot deceive God; God will not be mocked
  • To list events Acts 4-5
  • To describe that honesty is a character trait that God desires
Thanksgiving and Suffering? ~ Acts 5:12-42
Thanksgiving and Suffering Acts 5: 12-42
  • To explain how thanksgiving through suffering produces assurance of salvation
  • To list events from Acts 5:12-42
  • To describe the attitude of the disciples after they suffered for Jesus
The First Martyr ~ Acts 6-7
Stephen Acts 6-7
  • To explain the definition of “deacon” and “martyr”
  • To list events from Acts 6-7
  • To compare the character of Stephen and the character of the “enemy”
A Sorcerer and an Ethiopian ~ Acts 8
Acts 8
  • To explain that the death of Stephen began the persecution of the early church
  • To list events from Acts 8
  • To compare the characters of the Sorcerer and the Ethiopian
Saul’s Conversion ~ Acts 9 Object Lesson
Acts 9
  • To explain that we are all to be vessels for God
  • To list events of Saul’s conversion
  • To share the gospel
Make a Poster Map of the Roman Empire (Acts)
Roman Empire
 As we study the book of Acts, it becomes apparent that maps are helpful. The early church is spreading over the known world. If we want to have a deeper level of knowledge about what was going on, then we need to *see* the scripture as the gospel travels worldwide.
Peter and Cornelius ~ Acts 10
  • To explain that God shows no partiality; all people are to hear the gospel and are accepted by Him through Jesus Christ
  • To list events of the meeting of Peter and Cornelius
  • To share the gospel
Peter, Angels, and King Herod ~ Acts 12
  • To explain that prayer is powerful
  • To list events of Peter’s escape and Herod’s death
  • To discuss angels and how we perceive them versus what the Bible says about them
Paul Begins the First Missionary Journey ~ Acts 13
  • To explain that people will either choose God or Satan. Not choosing one or the other equals not choosing God.
  • To list beginning events of Paul’s first missionary journey and the meanings of the colors of the Wordless Book
  • To discuss how people will try to stop us from telling others about the gospel
The Perseverance of Paul ~ Acts 14
Acts 14
  • To define perseverance
  • To list the events of the last half of Paul’s first missionary journey
  • To discuss that the gospel will be accepted by some and not by others
Are We Under the Law? or Under Grace? ~ Free Acts 15 Bible Lesson for Kids
Acts 15
  • To define the law
  • To list the events of Acts 15
  • To discuss that the results of The Jerusalem Council
A Good Reputation ~ Free Acts 16 Bible Lesson for Kids
Acts 16
  • To define a good reputation
  • To list the events of Acts 16:1-15
  • To discuss “benchmarks” in life
Paul and Silas in Prison ~ Free Acts 16 Bible Lesson for Kids
Acts 16 Paul and Silas
  • To explain the bondage of sin
  • To list the events of Acts 16:16-40
  • To discuss the power of God and the gospel
Preaching the Gospel ~ Acts 17 Bible Lesson for Kids
Acts 17 Paul in Athens
  • To compare three ways people can respond to the gospel
  • To list the events of Acts 17
  • To discuss how Christianity turns the world “upside down”
The End of the Second Missionary Journey ~ Acts 18 Scrambled Timeline Lesson for Kids
Acts 18
  • To create a timeline
  • To list the events of Acts 18
  • To recognize that the places Paul visited were real locations still found today
Acts 19
  • to locate Ephesus on a map
  • to communicate the main events of the first 2 years of Paul’s 3rd missionary journey and his stay in Ephesus
  • to define repentance
  • to describe the actions of a heart changed by belief in Jesus
Acts 20-21:13: Going to Jerusalem
  • to locate Macedonia, Greece, Tyre, and Caesarea on a map
  • to communicate the main events of the last 2 years of Paul’s 3rd missionary journey
  • to define sacrifice
  • to describe how a Christian must be willing to surrender and sacrifice his life for Christ
Jerusalem ~ Acts 21:14 – 22:30
  • to locate Jerusalem on a map
  • to communicate the main events that happened when Paul returned to Jerusalem
Trials Begin ~ Acts 23
  • to locate Jerusalem on a map
  • to communicate the main differences between the beliefs of the Pharisees and the Sadducees
  • to vocalize how many soldiers are under a Centurion
  • to explain perseverance during trials
THREE Trials ~ Acts 24-26
  • to locate Caesarea on a map
  • to recognize the names of Governor Felix, Governor Festus, King Agrippa, Caesar Nero
  • to recognize the importance of a single testimony and belief in the resurrection
  • to verbalize that God has a plan and He is in control
Ship Wrecked! ~ Acts 27
  • to locate Ceasarea, Malta, Italy, Rome and the Mediterranean Sea on the map
  • to communicate the main events that happened when Paul journeyed to Rome
  • to verbalize that the wonderful adventure stories in the Bible literally took place with real people
  • to verbalize that God does what He says He is going to do
The End? ~ Acts 28
  • to locate Malta, Italy, Rome and the Mediterranean Sea on the map
  • to communicate the main events that happened when Paul journeyed from Malta to Rome
  • to verbalize that God’s word cannot be stopped despite the efforts of those who hate Christians
  • to verbalize that God always keeps His promises


Galatians 5:22 (Fruit of the Spirit)
fruit of the spirit
  • to list the Fruit of the Spirit
  • to explain, simply, how a tree works
  • to explain how a Christian is like a tree
Ephesians 6:10-17 (Armor of God)armorofgod
  • to list the parts of the armor of God
  • to explain how a Roman soldier used his armor to prepare for battle
  • to explain how a Christian uses his armor to prepare for battle
  • to tell who, or what, Christians battle against
How to Live Life Before Jesus Returns ~ Romans – Revelation
  • to describe how all the families in the world have been blessed
  • to describe the purpose of the expository letters
  • to list some of the events that will take place when Jesus returns














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  1. This is truly awesome, I can’t wait to use these in my Sunday school class.Sorry not to savvy on the facebook and twitter stuff.

  2. Thank you so much for all these wonderful lesson guides… I must say though that when I saw Teaching Biblical Truth to Children – A Young Child’s Catechism, it gave me pause, as we are not Catholic (and have opted to home school because the “public” board just wasn’t cutting it anymore and we chose not to send the kids to the Catholic board. Anyway.. I got away from topic… sorry…) I am SO happy that The Lord directed me to look at the lesson… it has NOTHING to do with Catholic Church … I am delighted to say, that I have copied it into word and the kids and I will begin this lesson set this week.

    Again Thank You for all the hard work and presumably many long hours you have put into all these lesson plans for us. May God continue to Bless You Abundantly!

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement Kathleen!!I’m so glad you chose to investigate that resource!! 🙂

  3. This is a wonderful teaching source. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. Do you know whether there is anything similar for a teen girls’ class?

    • Hey Kathy! I know that some Bible teachers have used my book Walk This Way: Ethics and Sanctification Lessons for Kids with middle school and high schoolers, especially those with no church background. I am not aware of any other online resource similar to mine that might be for teens.

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