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How to Teach the Birth of Jesus Sunday School Lessons

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The birth of Jesus can be taught over a series of weeks. There are so many Truths and details you can cover. You can also teach the birth of Jesus only during the month of December focusing on four of the main events that happen. Whichever way you choose, you will find plenty of ideas below to help you teach a creative Christmas unit. 

Themes Found in the Birth of Jesus

Chronologically teaching the scripture is best in my opinion. For the events of the birth of Jesus to really make complete sense, you should begin with Zechariah meeting the angel in the temple.  If you are wanting to read through the birth of Jesus, begin at Luke 1:5. Here is a list of themes you can discuss:

  1. Salvation – Why did Jesus need to come?
  2. God is in Control – many prophecies show God’s hand at work and attention to detail
  3. God Fulfills His Promises – again, many prophecies are fulfilled with the birth of Jesus
  4. God uses the Poor and Weak for His Great Purposes – Mary, a young girl; Shepherds, the poor; a stable; Jesus as a baby…
  5. God Can Do The Impossible – the virgin birth; God in flesh – Emmanuel (God with us)
  6. Wonder and Awe – from the visitation of angels to the idea that THE Messiah was actually coming
  7. Integrity – Joseph choosing to do right when tempted to put Mary away
  8. Know the Scriptures – Do we really know the scriptures well enough when it comes to fact or fiction of the birth of Jesus?

Bible Lessons for the Birth of Jesus

Whether you teach preschool, high school, special needs, or adults, anyone can learn from the birth of Jesus. Most lessons below are for elementary age children. Other ages are designated when appropriate. Here are some great Bible lessons you can use:

^^ Begin with the birth of Jesus and continue into his life and ministry with this 100 page printable pack! Click the image above.^^

The Annunciation:

In this Annunciation object lesson, discuss the conversations Gabriel had with Zacharias and Mary and how God continues to do the impossible.

What can you learn from the genealogy of Jesus? Quite a bit! CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for an Elizabeth and Mary lesson. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for extra fun activities to go with this!

Here is a Christmas lesson plan based on Luke 1.

The Nativity:

In this Nativity Object Lesson take a fun and in depth look at what scripture really says happened the night Jesus was born.

Here is a Joseph and Mary lesson. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for activities to go with this lesson.

This Birth of Jesus object lesson focuses on Joseph and his role in an event that changed the world.

Use this Christmas Superhero Object lesson to discuss different types of heroes and how Jesus is the One True Hero.

In this Birth of Jesus Lesson discuss how did everyone responded to Mary’s news and the birth of Jesus.

The Shepherds:

This Shepherds Christmas Object Lesson will help children to understand that God is motivated by joy and desires to glorify Himself.

Here is a 5 lesson Christmas Curriculum.

Four Lessons from Zachariah’s lost voice to the sweet smell of frankincense, follow the key story of the nativity through these traditional lessons. 

For many different Bible lessons, check out this Christmas Bible Lessons Pinterest Board.

Got Preschool children? Here are some Christmas lessons for under 5s

Illustrations for the Birth of Jesus

For beautiful pictures to add to your story-telling, CLICK HERE to go to FreeBibleImages.

Check out this Pinterest Board for plenty of Bulletin Board ideas.

Use paper or cloth to create a manger scene in your classroom and build this wooden manger.

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Birth of Jesus Videos

Here are some fun videos you can use to reinforce or review your Bible lesson. I highly recommend that you DO NOT use a video as your only means of teaching. There is something about having a real person, with the Bible open, that conveys God’s lessons.

Birth of Jesus Documentaries

Other Activities for the Birth of Jesus

{Preschool/Early Elementary} This Christmas, set out a few strategic toys to help your kids experience a Jesus-focused Christmas, through play. CLICK HERE are some ideas.

CLICK HERE for some awesome decor, snacks, books, and games to throw a birthday party for Jesus with your kids!

Here is another idea for a Birthday Party for Jesus.

Create a small  Bethlehem, and let the kids play in their own version of a nativity they create! CLICK HERE

Here is a play activity about the Invisible Innkeeper.

Prewriting Preschool Christmas Pack


CLICK HERE for a fun Christmas story minute to win it game.

Here is a Shepherd Game. Be sure to scroll to the end for other activities as well.

Christmas Games for Children

Use this game to introduce the story of Jesus’ birth, to teach about getting along with difficult people, or as a team building game.


Thank you for teaching children about the birth of Jesus! 


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