A Jesus and Lazarus Science Lesson

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  • To list amazing actions that God/Jesus has done
  • To recognize that Jesus has power over everything, including death
  • To recognize that God can, and will, glorify Himself in any circumstance

Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; plate; small amount of milk; food coloring; dish soap; children’s version of the Bible [I used the #2 Milk Trick from this site. I was not able to get my experiment to do like this one, but the initial spreading of the colors was pretty cool and had a “wow” factor to it. Practice before. If you can’t get it to work, choose a different simple science experiment OR show the video.]

Geography: Bethany

Background: Jesus did some amazing things and His ministry grew. The multitudes would come from miles around to have Him heal the sick and diseased. Jesus started preaching and teaching the people about heaven, the Father, and how to live. They didn’t understand though. Even the disciples were quick to ask for Jesus to explain what He had taught.

Main Events of Jesus and Lazarus:

The world around us is amazing, unusual, organized, creative….and God made it all! The study of science is really a study of God. He made the stars. He created gravity. He spoke it all into existence. And whenever you study some aspect of science, you are learning about the creativity of God and one small way He is revealing Himself. God created science. And it is really neat!science experiment{Do the science experiment here.}

This is just a small thing that God has done and it’s pretty cool. God uses these little science projects to display His glory. List some BIG things from scripture that God (Jesus) has done to display God’s glory. {Examples –  parted the Red Sea, walls of Jericho came down, sun stood still, sun moved “backwards”, walked on water, healed sickness, cast out demons, etc.}

There is one thing we haven’t spoken of much yet. Jesus had power over death too. Jesus was God. Jesus IS God. He was with God in the beginning which means Jesus created as well. Jesus, God, created life.

{Read John 11: 1-46 and 53. Be sure to read in a dramatic way. This is an emotional event in history.}

Application of Jesus and Lazarus:

People, you, me, scientists, like to think they have God all figured out. But the Truth is, there is no way we can EVER know enough about God. The more we learn, the more we realize there is more TO learn. In this event Jesus raised someone ELSE from the dead. What about when He raises HIMSELF from the dead? And why would He even care to do that? He didn’t have to hang on the cross. He could have gone **POOF** and disappeared whenever He wanted. But we don’t have a God who is magic, which is why many people followed Jesus. They wanted to see the amazing things He would do. They didn’t want to believe in Him necessarily. But even if their motivations for following weren’t great, some still ended up believing in Jesus and who He was. And then there were the others who went to the Pharisees.

Sometimes we have a hard time believing in Jesus. Life can really stink. Death is awful. But Jesus said that the death of His friend happened so that glory would be given to God. Jesus stayed on that cross because He loves you. And when bad things happen we need to ask the hard question: How will God glorify Himself in this situation? And when God is glorified, people then believe.

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  2. Praise God! I pray all is well with you and your family. I’m so thankful for your web sight. I love everything you have done and everything that you share, (I m learning about Jesus more and more every day , Yes I know about Jesus love the Lord God our Savior, But I just loves to hear more and more about his word each and every day} may God bless and keep you, for sharing his word, I know the children is bless with this but so am I . You are amazing

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