How to Encourage Courteous Behavior

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Many people do not realize it, but Jesus spoke about heaven quite a bit. In one of his sermons he teaches us that certain behaviors are required in order to enter heaven. Encouraging courteous behavior will help our children take a step in the right direction on the narrow path of godliness. {Deuteronomy 5:32}

godlinessScripture Focus: Matthew 25:31-46

Materials: print out the Game Show Cards —> HERE

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Free Poster:  Click on the image below and print.

Week 6 Poster smallBackground: During the last few weeks of Jesus’ life, he took the disciples aside to teach them. There was so much they needed to know, questions to be answered. One day, while Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him and asked, “What will be the signs of when you will be returning?” From that question, Jesus begins a long teaching about the end times, tribulation, the second coming, heaven, and the judgement.

Courtesy Game Show:

{If you happen to have an adult volunteer who has a fantastic game show voice, ask him to help you play this game with the kids.}

  1. Cut apart the Game Show Cards and give them to your “Game Show Host”.
  2. Divide the children into two equal groups. You can have the children number off 1, 2, 1, 2…or some other random way. Name one group the “Sheep” and the other group the “Goats”.
  3. Tell the sheep that no matter what question is asked of them, their answer will always be, “Yes!” Tell the goats that no matter what question is asked of them, their answer will always be, “No!”
  4. Pretend you are the game show host. You can really have a lot of fun with it!
  5. Read the first question. Point to one group for the answer. Then point to the other group.
  6. Continue with all 8 questions.
  7. At the end, ask, Who wins? The sheep or the goats?

Bible Lesson on being Courteous:

{Once the children have settled down, read Matthew 25:31-46 to them. Then ask these questions.}

  1. Where will the Son of Man sit? (on the throne of glory)
  2. Who will be with the Son of Man? (the holy angels)
  3. Who is the Son of Man? (Jesus)
  4. What is gathered around in front of him? (all the nations)
  5. Does that include you? Are you a part of a nation? (Yes)
  6. What will Jesus do with the nations? (He will separate them and put the sheep on his right and the goats on the left.)
  7. What had the sheep done? (These fed the hungry, gave water to the thirsty, helped strangers, clothes the naked, helped the sick, and visited those in prison.)
  8. What had the goats done? (Nothing)
  9. What is the reward for the sheep? (They will inherit the kingdom, eternal life)
  10. What is the punishment for the goats? (These will go into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.)

Life Application for Being Courteous:

{Remind the children that you have been playing a game, but that there is a serious point to the game. Also, as the kids begin to understand the Bible truth, be sure to tell those who were goats that you are not saying they are “goats that are going to hell”.}

Who wins the game show? The sheep or the goats? (The sheep) Doing all those nice things, being courteous to others, while they do not give us eternal life, they are required for eternal life. What does John 3:16 say? (Have the kids quote it if possible.)

Believing in Jesus is what gives us eternal life. Good works will not save you. But the book of James tell us that faith without works is dead. If a person REALLY does believe in Jesus, and desires to live a godly life, then courteous behavior will be seen. That is what faith and good works look like.

But if a person disobeys parents, uses bad words, knocks over his brother, cheats on a test, causes strife, is difficult in all things all the time……..and then claims to love Jesus, that doesn’t jive.

If you claim to be a Christian, then we are to act “Christ-like”. We are to attempt to be godly. Does that mean we will never mess up? never sin? Absolutely not! But when we do mess up, we ask forgiveness of all involved, including God, and try to not do it again.

Hell is a real place. Jesus will separate the nations into two groups. You have to decide if you are a goat or a sheep. When you help other people, you are helping Jesus. When you choose to NOT be courteous to others, then you are NOT being courteous to Jesus.

If you believe in Jesus, but you are acting like a goat, change your ways!

What can we learn from the sheep and the goats? If we want to be godly, then we must choose to be courteous and help others.

{Display the poster in the room throughout this series and read it each week.}

This lesson has been UPDATED and is a part of my book Walk This Way: Ethics and Sanctification Lessons for Kids. CLICK ———> HERE for more information.

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