Feeding the 5,000 Object Lesson

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Jesus is the Bread


  • To tell events of Jesus feeding the 5,000; walking on water {John 6}jesus_ministry
  • To recognize that Jesus is the Bread of Life
  • To recognize that Jesus is omniscient

Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; a roll, or small loaf of bread {I used a bagel. It was all I had!}, two fish

Geography: Sea of Galilee, Capernaum

Background: Jesus left Cana and went back to Jerusalem for a feast. While there, Jesus went near the pool of Bethesda. Jesus walked by the pool and noticed a lame man. He had been lame for 38 years. Jesus asked the man, “Do you want to be healed?” The man responded that yes, he did want to be healed, but that no one would help him into the pool when it stirred. Someone would always get there ahead of him. Jesus replied, “Take up your bed and walk.” The man did just as Jesus said. After this the Leaders persecuted Jesus because He had done things on the Sabbath.

Main Events of Jesus is the Bread:

Jesus went back to the Sea of Galilee.  In fact, He went across the Sea of Galilee. Jesus went up on the mountain and taught the disciples. A large crowd began to form because they had heard about the healings Jesus had performed. Jesus asked Philip, “Where can we get bread for these people?” Philip responded by saying even 200 denarii would not be enough to feed them all. Andrew then told Jesus that there was a boy in the crowd who had 5 loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus told the disciples to seat the people.

Sea of Galilee1

Five thousand men sat down. That number does not include the number of women and children who were there to see Jesus. {Hold up the bread.} Do you think this bread would be enough to feed all of you until you were full? [No.] Jesus took the lunch, gave thanks for it, and then distributed it to those who were seated. {Break the bread.} Only the Creator of the bread and fish could do such a thing! They ate as much as they wanted of the bread and fish. Afterwards, Jesus told the disciples to gather up the leftover bread. They filled up twelve baskets!! The people were amazed and said that Jesus was the Prophet who is to come into the world! But Jesus knew they were only interested in the signs and wonders. He knew they wanted to grab Him and make Him king. Therefore, Jesus withdrew from the crowd.

That night the disciples got into a boat to go across the sea to Capernaum. The water was rough and the wind was strong. They were about 3-4 miles out from the shore when they saw Jesus walking towards them on the water. Needless to say, they were scared!! Jesus told them, “Do not be afraid. It is I.” They took Him into the boat and immediately the boat was at the land where they wanted to go. {That’s pretty cool!}

Sea of Gaililee3

The next day, the people went back to find Jesus, but He wasn’t where He had been the day before. They got in boats and went across the sea to Capernaum to find Jesus. After they found Him, they asked when He had gone to Capernaum. But Jesus knew their motivation. He told them, “You aren’t seeking signs and wonders any more. I fed you yesterday, so now you want food. Don’t ask for food that perishes, but food that endures. I am the bread. Whoever comes to Me shall never hunger and will never thirst.”


Life Application of Jesus is the Bread:

What strange words! Remember what Jesus said to the woman at the well? [I will give you Living Water.] What happens if you do not drink water? [You die.] What happens if you do not eat food? [You die.] So food and water are pretty important. If Jesus IS the bread and GIVES the water…does that mean Jesus is important? [Yes.] I wonder if Jesus was sad for the people. They didn’t come to seek HIM. They came after Him because they wanted something from Him.

Why do you seek Jesus? Why do you go to church? Do you go just to be with friends? Or you go just because your parents take you? Jesus knows your motivation. He knows everything. If you are looking only for miracles, or for Him to get you out of a mess you created yourself, then He knows you don’t want Him because of Who He is.

When you worship this Sunday, check your reasons for being in the pew.

** Map is used with permission from http://www.bible-history.com/

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