New Lesson Series: The Family Bible Journaling Project

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It’s almost the summer!! And summer is a great time to try something new and different. That’s what I’m doing for Bible lessons this summer: something new and different.

Journaling Project 2I’m calling it, The Family Bible Journaling Project. If you remember how I started my Faith Journal, then you’ll have a glimpse into these Bible lessons.

Each lesson will focus on a metaphor found in scripture, such as:

  • bread,
  • water,
  • sheep,
  • salt, and
  • light.

There will be a total of ten lessons in this journaling project. This is a great activity to do once a week after breakfast on the weekend, or in the evening during a family Bible time. Either way, be sure to involve everyone in the family, even dads!! (They can tap into their inner artist, as well.)

Bible JournalingMaterials Needed for The Family Bible Journaling Project:

  1. One journal or notebook per person
  2. Bible (that’s a given, right?)
  3. Colored pencils, pens, crayons
  4. Stickers and/or rubber stamps (optional)

I hope you will enjoy this fun series. Be sure to tell your friends about it by sharing on Facebook or Pinterest.

Bible journalLet’s get ready to visualize wonderful truths and dig into serious discussions as we journal together as a family!

What is one of your favorite metaphors of the Bible?


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