{Softcover} Walk This Way: Ethics and Sanctification Lessons for Kids

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We tell our children to, “Look both ways before crossing the street.” However, do we tell them to watch out for moving vehicles? What about spiritually? We want our kids to lead godly lives, but do we explain how to do that?

Walk This Way: Ethics and Sanctification Lessons for Kids includes 20 interactive object lessons that create a fun learning atmosphere while teaching Biblical truth that enhances spiritual growth. These lessons can be taught with large groups or small groups and include retrospectives to help teachers improve their instruction skills.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to define a godly lifestyle so kids gain understanding.
  • Twenty lessons for children in grades K-6 to be used at home or church.
  • Engaging dialogue that gets kids thinking critically about life topics.
  • Tips and retrospectives that help you improve your teaching skills.

It’s time to ENGAGE our children using Bible Lessons that ENHANCE spiritual growth and EXPAND the kingdom!

Lessons included:

  • Accepting Advice and Instruction
  • Encouraging Courteous Behavior
  • Dealing With Temptation
  • How to Handle Boasting
  • Being a Best Friend
  • Why Do We Need to Be Godly Anyway?
  • And MORE!

The paperback version of the book includes a coloring sheet for each lesson.

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2 reviews for {Softcover} Walk This Way: Ethics and Sanctification Lessons for Kids

  1. Deborah Webb

    Walk This Way is a wonderful book for teaching children on how to live God’s way in everyday life. The Bible lessons and the activities/games are great.Each lesson includes an object lesson, Bible lesson, and life application activity. At the end of each lesson is a comment box for the teacher to reflect on how the lesson went and what you can do better. I get excited each time I have used it. Anne Marie Gosnell has a gift at writing Bible lessons for kids.

  2. Faith Eves (verified owner)

    This book is a fabulous resource. We are using it in our Awana club and the kids are enjoying the lessons. It is very engaging. I look forward to getting more resources from Anne Marie Gosnell.

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