Teaching Children to be Godly in a World of Idols

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In the movie Mockingjay 2, the Capital abused Peeta physically and mentally trying to confuse him and turn him into a killing machine. After he attacked Katness Everdeen, she realized that Peeta had no concept of the truth. As time passed, Peeta began to ask questions to regain his memory. After each memory flashback, he asked Katness, “Real or not real,” and she would answer accordingly.

At one point Peeta turned to Katness and asked, “You love me. Real or not real.” With emotion she answered, “Real.”

Like Peeta, many of our children have no concept that there is an almighty God who loves them. In fact, they don’t even know if God is real. Or if they know He is real, they have a skewed vision of who God is.

Teaching children to be godly

In a world of air-brushed pictures, double-tongued politics, and a self-righteous church, it is no wonder that children have a false idea of God, Jesus, and Christianity.

When the Apostle Paul was in Athens, Greece, he was surrounded by people who loved to tell or hear new things. The people of Greece surrounded themselves with false gods, but “to be safe” they added an altar for the “Unknown God.” When Paul saw that they were receptive to listening to him, he started teaching Jesus and the resurrection.

Our young people are surrounded by idols. These idols are loud and distract our children, and even us, to the point that we do not know what is real, or not real.

What do we do about it?

Teach them about Jesus and the resurrection.

There are more, but I see three main idols our kids face today. And they need Truth to battle them.

The Idol of Materialism

Whether it’s a “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” mentality, or an entitlement way of thinking, our kids battle a world where STUFF is everywhere. Commercials, billboards, Facebook ads, etc. are everywhere telling our kids what they think they need. And if they don’t get what they think they need, then their friends at school will show them that they aren’t as “good” as they are.

How many toys does your child have? I know the answer to that question for me is, “Too many!” How do we deal with the growing mountain of objects as well as a materialistic attitude?

The Idol of Government

In recent days, the United States has seen crazy things with the government. People are crying foul and others are in protest of those protesting. Attitudes and emotions have been at an all time high. What do we tell our kids about what is happening?

The government, while great for organizing people and leading a nation, cannot save the people of that nation. Yet how do we get our kids to understand the purpose of government, our part in it, and the church?

The Idol of Self

Have it your way!

Just do it!

Pleasure is the path to joy!”

I’m loving it!

It’s everywhere you want to be!

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands!

Because you’re worth it!” and

Reebok’s, “I am what I am.”

All of these famous slogans have us looking at what is best for Self. Whatever feels good, go do it. Say whatever you want, we have freedom of speech. Do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter who you hurt in the process.

With our sin nature, we don’t need anyone telling us to look out for Number One. It’s a part of who we are. However, on top of fleshly desires, we are inundated with lies about who we are: either inflated or deflated. And neither type is godly.

What now? How do we battle this?

Just like Paul did: by teaching Jesus.

We tell our children to, “Look both ways before crossing the street.” However, do we tell them to watch out for moving vehicles? What about spiritually? We want our kids to lead godly lives, but do we explain how to do that?

Walk This Way: Ethics and Sanctification Lessons for Kids (written by yours truly!) includes 20 interactive object lessons that create a fun learning atmosphere while teaching Biblical truth that enhances spiritual growth. These lessons can be taught with large groups or small groups and include retrospectives to help teachers improve their instruction skills.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to define a godly lifestyle so kids gain understanding.
  • Twenty lessons for children in grades K-6 to be used at home or church.
  • Engaging dialogue that gets kids thinking critically about life topics.
  • Tips and retrospectives that help you improve your teaching skills.

It’s time to ENGAGE our children using Bible Lessons that ENHANCE spiritual growth and EXPAND the kingdom! To find out more about my book and all the fun stuff that comes with it, click on the image below!

Walk This Way







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