What God is Doing Book

Do you teach a multi-age group of children the Bible?

Are they engaged and interactive?

Are they *really* learning what you are trying to teach?


Old Testament Bible Lessons for kids; Sunday School lessons


Discover why the Old Testament is so important.

Our children need to understand how God’s plan relates to them today!

The Old Testament depicts how God brought about His plan of salvation. God worked through imperfect people and used a nation as a channel to provide a way of forgiveness and salvation for all of mankind.

Children will not understand why Jesus is a big deal, until they understand that the events from the Garden of Eden were a big deal.

Here’s what Heidi has to say about What God is Doing: “The object lessons made me feel like a pro at teaching biblical worldview and the Old Testament to my children.

How would YOU like to teach the Bible like a PRO?

Look at the new thing I am GOING TO DO. It is already happening. Don’t you see it? I will make a road in the desert. I will make rivers in the dry land. ~ Isaiah 43:19


We want children to groan when reading time is over because they want to learn more!

Learning God’s Word should be EXCITING and MEMORABLE. It’s time to ENGAGE our

children using bible lessons that ENHANCE spiritual growth and EXPAND the Kingdom!



Softcover and Kindle Versions
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Autographed Softcover Version Old Testament Bible Lessons for kids; Sunday School lessonsDigital Version

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About the Book

What God is Doing: Old Testament Object Lessons for Kids includes 26 interactive Bible object lessons that create a FUN and engaging atmosphere while teaching Biblical truth!


What is a Bible Object Lesson?

A Bible object lesson uses a common item to tie together Biblical truth and life application. Items can include tangible hand-held objects, pictures, science experiments, and drama.

When Jesus taught He used object lessons: a mustard seed, the birds, the lilies of the field, a storm…

If Jesus used object lessons, then perhaps we should use them, too.


How to Use This Book

Each lesson includes a scripture reference, object lesson, Bible lesson, and life application section. The simple lessons tell you exactly what to do, what questions to ask, and how to apply the Bible truth to the lives of your children.

Perfect for HOME, Sunday School, Awana, small groups, homeschool, or Children’s Ministry.


What People are Saying…..

What God is Doing is a fabulous resource for the Christian family. With engaging activities and meaningful lessons, it teaches children biblical truths in a simple but not dumbed down way. I love that it encourages children to get in the Word on their own.” ~ Karen Debeus,

“Anne Marie has written a book that every teacher and parent needs to get their hands on. I wish this book was around back when I was starting in children’s ministry. It’s incredible!” ~ Ryan Frank, CEO/Publisher at KidzMatter

“Object lessons are one of the most impactful ways to teach kids about God’s Word, making What God is Doing a must-have resource for parents and ministry workers. Anne Marie has put together an incredible resource as we strive to help kids experience the love of our most gracious and merciful God.” ~ Kim Sorgius, Not Consumed Ministries

“If you are looking for lessons that will engage kids and help them not only learn God’s Word, but also apply it and live it out, then I highly recommend What God is Doing. It does a great job of incorporating kids’ learning styles and will help them think deep about the truths found in the Bible.” ~ Dale Hudson, Author and Founder of Relevant Children’s Ministry



Table of Contents

How Did We Get Here?
Why Do People Do Bad Things?
Noah and the Flood
The Tower of Babel
The Call of Abram
Abaraham’s Challenge to Sacrifice Isaac
Jacob and Esau
The Ten Plagues
The Passover
Moses and the Law
The Twelve Spies and the Wandering
Samuel, the Ark, and the Philistines
The Divided Kingdom of Israel

…and MORE!


Softcover and Kindle Versions
from Amazon (aff)

Autographed Softcover Version

Old Testament Bible Lessons for kids; Sunday School lessonsDigital Version

Color Poster Pack

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