Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors {Softcover}

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Do you…

…Teach a group of children of various ages?

… Have a low budget?

… Want the prayers of your children to move beyond, “Thank you for my dog. Thank you for my toys.” type prayers?


Discover how to practically teach your children how to pray.


About the Book

Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors is a prayer guide that helps adults explain to children the power of prayer, how to pray, when to pray, and more! The last half of the book is filled with printable scripture cards that will help you lead children to practice prayer for many different types of situations.

What are scripture cards?

A scripture card includes one scripture about a particular topic or situation that can be printed out on your home printer or pulled out from the book. You can use regular paper, or card stock for a more firm card, if printing. (Laminate them to make them last longer.)

Once you have chosen a few of the cards that your child needs at this point of life, the book guides you through how to turn the scriptures into a prayer.

Read through the cards on a regular basis to form a habit of prayer, such as at bedtime, or first thing in the morning. As life changes, go back to the scripture cards and pull out ones your child needs as he or she grows.

1 review for Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors {Softcover}

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    My children and I absolutely love this book! The teachings and stories are practical and easy to start implementing. My children and growing in their prayer life with the help of this book.

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