Ideas and resources to help your family celebrate a Christ-filled Lent and Easter! Decorating, activities, adult bible studies, children's lessons, movies, and more!

The Huge List of Free Resources for Lent and Easter for Kids

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The seasons of Lent and Easter are upon us. Perhaps you already celebrate Lent with your family. As for my family, we are not Catholic, nor do we belong to a denomination that usually celebrates Lent. I also do not condone the actions of people at Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. But I do want to make the Easter Celebration just as exciting as we do Christmas. After all, Christmas would mean nothing without an empty tomb.

So this year I am finding new traditions, decorations, waiting calendars, etc., to help my family anticipate Easter. And here are some of the resources that I found.

Decorations for Lent and Easter

Sights and Sounds of Lent
Easter Resurrection Coloring Pages
FREE Inspirational Printables for Easter
More Easter Coloring Pages
Free Printable Resurrection Set
DIY Easter Door Cross

Lenten Home Decor
Lenten Trees
How to Make a Jesus Tree

He is risen signBooks

Best Books for Lent
Christ-Centered Children’s Books for Easter
Easter Books That Focus on the Cross
A Sense of the Resurrection ($)
So Much Bigger Than the Bunny ($)
5 Books to Read at Easter


Easter Tangram Story
40 Ways to Celebrate Jesus
Cross Centered & Meaningful Easter Art Projects
Resurrection Eggs Copywork
Christ-Centered Easter Ideas
The Easter Story Free Printables
Religious Easter Printables
Preschool Easter: Caterpillars and the Wordless Book
Easter Resources for Children’s Ministry
Easter Printables

salvationHow to Make a Palm Cross for Palm Sunday
Walking Through Lent With Small Children
How to Make a Lenten Sacrifice Jar
Printables to Make a 3-D scene
Jesus Had a Holy Week Site Word Reader
Resurrection Craft
Printable Resurrection Eggs
Printable Easter Story Trivia Game
Resurrection Day Puzzle Unit
Resurrection Day Writing Prompts
Resurrection Day Copywork
Resurrection Day Coloring Pages
Resurrection Day Placemats
Jesus Tree
Ideas for Lent

Boy coloring Easter coloring sheet


Calendar and Journal
Holy Week Calendar
Holy Week Calendar Printable
Printable Calendars for Lent
Easter Cross Countdown (includes fulfilled prophecies!)
Simple Holy Week Banner
Another Holy Week Banner
Children’s Easter Bible Study


Paper-folding gospel presentation of Easter
Easter Sunday School Lesson
Jesus and the Last Supper – A Passover Lesson
The Passion of Jesus
Family Easter Dinner with Printable
Jellybean Devotional
Lent With Kids
Easter Object Lessons
Resurrection Day Unit Study

girl coloring Easter coloring sheetAdults Need to Celebrate Lent and Easter too…

Praying Psalm 51 for Lent {Free Scripture Cards}
More Than Fasting: A Deeper Look at Lent
Lenten Disciplines
10 Ideas for Lent
5 Week Lenten Study
“What Should I Give Up for Lent” worksheet

Movies to Watch

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (not for preschoolers)
Jesus of Nazareth
The Passion of the Christ (not for young children)
‘Twas the Night Before Easter (VeggieTales)
Top 7 Easter Movies for Kids and Families


Ideas and resources to help your family celebrate a Christ-filled Lent and Easter! Decorating, activities, adult bible studies, children's lessons, movies, and more!


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