The Shadow of Wings: Family Bible Journaling Project

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Birds are amazing creatures. Humans have always longed to fly, and we still cannot do it without extra help. Birds were created to soar in the clouds with their wings. Why does the Bible say that God has wings?

eagle's wingsIn this lesson of The Family Bible Journaling Project, the phrase “shadow of his wings” is explored. Keep this question in mind: How does the Lord use this metaphor to explain the gospel throughout the Old and New Testaments?

If you are new to this Bible Lesson Series, be sure to read the introduction to answer any questions you might have. Because this is a family activity, gather in an area which allows for you to “circle up” and see each other. We sat at the kitchen table.

Be sure to pray as a group before beginning.

Materials: pictures of eagles (You can print out THIS PRINTABLE)

Time: 20-30 minutes

Background: (for older children or adults) Many times in scripture, when you read the word “wings” it is from the Hebrew word kanaf. This word is used to describe the fringe feathers on a bird. Jewish men in biblical times wore a cloak that had four areas tied up along the bottom. It looked like fringe along the edge of the hem. {reference: The Hem of the Garment (under his wings section)}

Brainstorm: Look at the pictures of the eagles. Discuss and describe these powerful animals. What makes birds different from other animals? How do they move? How do they take care of their young?

Scripture: Read Psalm 17:8.

Think: What do you learn about wings?

Scripture: Read Psalm 63:7.

Think: What do you learn about wings? What does David do?

Scripture: Read Malachi 4:2.

Think: Who are those who fear his name? (believers) Who is the sun of righteousness? (Jesus) What do you learn about wings?

Scripture: Read Matthew 9:18-22.

Think: What was wrong with the woman? What did she do? What did Jesus do? What happened because of her belief? What did the Hebrew men call the hem of their cloaks? (kanaf, or wings)

Video: Watch this news clip showing a mama eagle taking care of her babies.

Think: What did the mama eagle do? What might happen if a baby eagle was not under her wings? What does God want us to do? Why?

Journal: Take 10-15 minutes of quiet time to write out thoughts. Younger children can draw pictures, while older children can write and doodle. Allow for an atmosphere of prayer. When younger children are finished, ask them to tell you about what they put in their journals. You might want to write down their thoughts.

Our Examples of Bible Journaling:

shadow of God's wingsSweet Cheeks (6 years old) focused on the picture of God having wings. During the discussion she made the connection between refuge under God’s wings and Jesus’ words when he stated that he wanted to be like a mother hen who gathers her chicks.

wings1RB (8 years old) had a hard time with this lesson. He had a hard time sitting still, but he answered many of the questions and could tell me that God’s wings bring safety and we are to sing for joy because of that. Once he pushed through his drawing perfectionistic tendencies, his picture shows the Truth of these scriptures so well.

wings2This is mine.

Take It Deeper: (for older children and adults) Read Exodus 25:17-22. What do these scriptures add to your previous thoughts? What do you learn about wings? What is under these wings? How does this show a picture of the gospel?

Watch the following video of “Mercy Seat.” Listen to the words and allow the Lord to speak to you. Run quickly.

I’d love to see examples of your journal entries! If you email your entries to me I’ll be sure to share them with others to encourage them in their own journaling activity! Everyone has different gifts, and I’m not much of an artist, but I know your journals will be brilliant!

Send your entry to [email protected].


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