bible lessons

I think you will agree with me…

Teaching children the Bible can be a challenge.

Finding quality bible lessons for kids that are hands-on, creative, fun, and easy to teach can be a challenge as well.

If you teach children in a multi-age setting, or desire to “go deeper” with some of your older students…

If you want simple Bible lessons that you can practice the night before church (we’ve all been there!) then this is a resource you will return to over and over again. Be sure to Bookmark it!

Below you will find an index of chronological (Old Testament to New Testament) Bible lessons that are easy to prepare and simple to implement, but bring about awesome discussions with your children.

Thousands of Bible Teachers use this site every week as a resource to enhance their Bible Time with kids. Adapt each lesson to fit the needs of your home or church.

Salvation Messages

Lessons from the Pentateuch (Gen. through Deut.)

Books of History (Joshua through Esther)

The Gospels (Matthew through John)

The Acts of the Apostles

Letters to the Church